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The Nightly Show – Women’s History Month Report: Black Lady Sign Language

H ere with her thoughts
on Women’s History Month isNightly Showcontributor
Robin Thede. -(applause and cheering)
-Thank you. Thank you. -Welcome to the show, Robin.
-Thanks, Larry. Now for Women’s History Month,
I just wanted to shed light on a phenomenon that can help
people understand women better. Oh, that’s great.
Uh, what is it? Black lady sign language. -(whooshing)
-(laughter) -There it is.
-Wow. Okay, this is kind of cool. So what is black lady
sign language then? Well, you might have noticed -that black ladies use a lot
of hand gestures. -Right. -You know, non-verbal
communication. -Right. Chances are there’s a black lady
in your office, -and she’s probably named
Rhonda. -Mm-hmm. -(laughter) And you might misunderstand
her sometimes, right? Like, you might think Rhonda’s
being hostile when she’s not, or you might think she’s not
being hostile when she is. -(laughter) -Oh, wow. I can see
how that would be problematic. -Right.
-Yes. So, think of this as my public
service announcement so you can understand Rhonda
a little bit better. -That’s great. Okay, so how does
it work? – Yeah. Okay. -All right, let me give you
a few examples. -All right. Number one–
the single hand clap. -(whooshing)
-All right. -Now this can be used to express
happiness or anger. -Mm-hmm. And learning
to tell the difference can actually save your life.
All right, watch. -Oh, okay, great, great. Okay.
-All right. -Oh, it’s my song!
-(applause and cheering) -Oh.
-Right? Right? Wow. Okay. It’s very different from,
“Bitch, what’d you say to me?” (laughter,
applause and cheering) WILMORE:
Okay. Uh, uh, uh, I know. At first
glance, they can look the same. -But weren’t those the same?
-No, no, no. -No, no, not at all, Larry.
-Oh. Okay. Now, here, just watch it
in slow motion. -All right.
-All right. (slowly):
My… song. -WILMORE: Okay.
-Versus… (slowly):
“Bitch…what?!(laughter) See, the finger roll is
the subtle difference. Yup. -Oh, my God!
-Yup. I would never know
to look for that thing. -Yes, yes, yes.
-It’s the finger thing. That’s right.
Now you will. -Now you will.
-Wow. That’s fascinating. -Black lady sign language.
-Thank you. All right. All right, well, let’s move on
to our next gesture, okay? -Sure. Okay.
-This is the double hand clap -versus the double hand clap
on syllables. -Mm-hmm. -(whooshing)
-All right. -Okay. Now, this one’s easier to spot,
but it can be deceptive. -Right. Okay. All right.
-So check this out. All right. Yay! Great job
on your performance. -Oh. Yeah, that’s good. Yeah.
-Yeah. See, that-that just looks
like regular applause, right? -Well, that’s correct,
because it is. -Oh, okay. But compare that to the double
hand clap on syllables. WILMORE:
Syllables, okay. -What did you say to me, Larry?
-(laughter) (applause and cheering) Um… I didn’t… I didn’t
say anything. I was just… Don’t interrupt me, Larry. -(applause and cheering)
-All right. -I’m just kidding.
I’m just kidding. -Oh. Oh. -I’m just kidding.
-Okay. But now you can see how
effective it is, right? -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Oh, wow. Yeah. -Man, I was… I was scared.
Yeah. -The double… Yeah. The double hand clap
on syllables is used to emphasizes a point. Yes. -Wow. That was so effective,
Robin. -Yeah. That’s, um… It really
emphasizes an angry point. -Right? Uh-huh. -Oh, yeah, well,
not necessarily. -Oh, okay.
-It’s tricky because it can be used
for anger or excitement. Such as, “Oh, my God,
these shoes are on sale!” -(laughter, cheering)
-You got it. You got it, yeah. Nice! That’s crazy, man.
That’s great. Okay, now, we’re only…
we’re allowed to do that. -(laughter)
-Oh. Oh, I’m sorry. Okay. It’s cool, but, uh,
don’t let it happen again. -(laughter)
-All right. -Okay. -(applause and cheering)
-Yeah. -Got it. Got it. -Okay.
-Got it. All right, so,
time for our final -black lady sign language
gesture. -Okay. -Now, this-this is a big one.
-Mm-hmm. The double hand wave versus
the double hand wave pullback. -Mm-hmm. Ooh.
-(whooshing) Wow. That sounds complicated. -It is complicated.
-Okay. -But you’ve been doing well
so far. -Okay. So, all right, let’s start
with the double hand wave. -Okay, double hand wave.
-All right, all right. -So, see, I’m just waving
both hands. -Oh. Just double hand wave. Hi!
It’s cute, right? -Oh. Oh, yeah, I like that.
That’s good. -Say hi! -Yeah. Hey! Hey!
-Right? Right? Right? Right? -Great.
-Yeah, that’s nice. -But if I do the double
hand wave pullback… -Okay. Who saidwhatto me? (applause and cheering) (Wilmore clears his throat) See-see this is a woman
who’s at her wit’s end. -Yeah. Mm-hmm.
-She’s not in a space to reason. -You should probably leave
the room. -Wow. -(laughter) I think I saw that on WorldStar
once, that double thing. -Yes. -Yeah.
-(laughter) -Absolutely. Very good. -It was
very… It was a scary moment. -Yeah. Okay. -It… Yes, no,
it can be quite a thing. All right, well, so, let’s
wrap this up by showing you -all three in action, all right?
-Oh, great. This is what I like to call -the black lady sign language
combo platter. -(whooshing) All right, to better understand
the wonderful black ladies in your life,
you have to pay attention and say good-bye to all
your preconceived notions. And if you ever get confused,
just rewatch this segment. -(applause and cheering)
-Do you hear me, Larry? -Yes, yes.

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