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The Magic of Motion Sense on Google Pixel 4 | Inside Story

Ivan: There’s a very famous saying that
any advanced technology becomes indistinguishable from magic. That’s one of the things we talked about
with Soli it’s a sort of magical sensor. Baratunde: I did it! I touched without touching! Jamie: Radar has a lot of very interesting
properties that would be very useful for human computer interaction. You can shrink it down. B: All of this is now in there? Jamie: That’s right, yeah. It can sense through materials, it’s extremely
sensitive for motion. Leo: So we built this new interaction paradigm
based on the understanding of body language, distances, and gestures. Ivan: How can we make a language interaction
with technology closer to what we do naturally in the real world. Leo: Then of course, we really need to test
to distinguish between intentional and unintentional gestures. Just because I wave on top of the device… Baratunde: Yes Leo: Doesn’t mean I want to skip a song. Leo: If I pick up coffee cup, this gesture
is very similar to a swipe, and this is really important. Baratunde: Ok Leo: And then I can do this Baratunde: Whoa Leo: And it actually works Baratunde: Hmmm Leo: With Soli we can try to understand more
about the implicit behavior that happens around the device. Baratunde: The phone knows earlier what your
intention is. Leo: Exactly. Let’s say the alarm goes off. SFX: Phone beeping Leo: Really annoying. Baratunde: Yep Leo: As you reach, we can lower the volume. Baratunde: Ahhhh Leo: The phone is more polite. And then you can just go gesture to shut it
off. Baratunde: Laughing Leo: This moment of understanding each other
happens all the time between us. But it never happened with technology. What we can do with radar is to actually capture
aspects of non-verbal communication. And as a first step with Pixel 4 with Motion
Sense is to get as close as possible to the intuitiveness of verbal interaction. Baratunde: Silence!

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