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How To Learn Sign Language

The Issaquah School District’s Dual Language Immersion Program

Learning another language at a young age is
beneficial in so many ways: It promotes academic growth and mental development. It opens up opportunities throughout life. And it helps students to understand and connect
with different cultures. Supported by a voter-approved levy, the Issaquah School District has launched a new
Dual Language Immersion program. [student] … es verde! [teacher] Ahh! Increíble, muy bien! Kids in the program learn the same curriculum
as other students in the district but they learn in Spanish for
half of the day, and English for the other half. Kids who speak Spanish at home and kids who
speak English at home learn together in one class so that all students can help
promote each other’s language skills and form valuable relationships. [Student] Necesitas el medio de este Thank you to voters for making this Dual Language
program possible and helping our students become bilingual,
biliterate, and bicultural!

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