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How To Learn Sign Language

The Hidden World of Sign Language in VR

[SIRACHA] Oh, hi! How are you? He doesn’t talk, but he’s actually hearing [IKENNA] Okay
[SIRACHA] I- I gotchu Yes, this is my friend, dude- He knows so many f**kin languages. It’s crazy [IKENNA] Are you doing like… sign language? [S] Mm-hmm. [IK] Ah, that’s so sick.
[S] That’s my major [IK] So there’s a virtual reality version? Because I know you can’t say everything with it, right?
You can’t do all the- [S] Yeah, I do have a lot of deaf people on here [IK] Yeah [S] -like he’s just mute, like he just doesn’t talk,
but I do have a lot of actual deaf people that are my friends and they um,
they play this game so It’s a little bit hard. But we kind of like–
so he uses this one: So this is how you sign “same”? [IK] Okay? [S] And this dude was signing it. Well, he was doing the rock and roll sign and he was going like that But that means “I love you”. So the whole time he was going like that. I was like, why do you love me? Like what do you mean? [both laughing] “What are you saying?”
Like he got so pissed, He was like: “It’s not that!” Yeah, there’s like a lot of different ways that you can sign on here like they’d go like that or do an “M” or an “I” [IK] So cool!
[S] They do that as well– “N”, mm-hmm [IK] So you can genuinely communicate through VR Chat. Wow, that’s incredible [S] I think it’s awesome
[IK] That’s very very cool [S] It’s a cool language, I mean it’s pretty essential especially in like IRL [PLAYER] Where do you find all the deaf people? [S] So there’s actually a world here for the deaf community and there’s like posters everywhere They teach you the sign language that they use here and the IRL sign language that you could use [IK] That is so cool. I might just have to
learn some of that [S] They have classes on here and everything it’s super cute. I love it. I think it’s like the cutest thing ever [IK] So how does it how does it normally work with sign languages? Do they sign the individual letters and then- Occasionally they have like some gestures that mean bigger things? [S] Almost every word has a sign to it It’s only little things that you have to fingerspell so like you could technically- sign, like, “bus” but People just usually fingerspell that cuz it’s just a three-letter word. or you can fingerspell like a name Names only have signs if a deaf person gives it to you. So, like, example: You use a black avatar. So when I see you, I won’t be like, “Oh hi, Ikenna” and like fingerspell the whole thing I would automatically be like I’m not gonna– don’t think this is racist But I would be like: “Hey black!”
You know what I’m saying? They see something that they would like remember you, like my sign is- So the sign for funny is you put these two together and you go like that to your nose so my sign is with a V like actually like this and V because my name is Val and they thought I’m like really funny. So that’s my sign. [IK] Yeah. [S] Yeah, and you can have a lot of different signs It’s really cool. It’s a really cool language. It’s really nice.
[IK] That’s fascinating. I never knew how it worked, until…essentially today But it’s so weird that there’s almost like a sign for every single word because I would think like you couldn’t do that– physically for example this goose… does “goose” have a sign to it? Or would you just call it a duck or would you… [S] How do you sign goose? I know there’s a sign for goose, but I know you fingerspell geese, so— I do have a dictionary. I am a nerd, okay?
I have a book. So there’s a lot of ways. There’s this— Just pretend this is one hand. You go like this, “goose”. [IK] Okay.
[S] So close to your mouth. It’s “goose” You can do “goose” as well, like over here. Like that? That’s cute There you go [IK] Wow, that’s fascinating [S] You too, buddy “I love you” [IK] Do you have words… do you have signs for like… specific websites? Like if you wanted to say like Google or YouTube. [S] Yeah, they have Instagram. you get the “i”– at least this is how we do in Orlando So it could be different in a lot of different states but in Orlando you get the “i” and you go like that–
so kind of like– “Instagram” [IK] That is so cool. [S] They have a sign here for “dirty”, “lewd” I think this is a lewd. Yeah, “lewd”. You can like walk up to somebody be like: “me… you…” “…question mark?” and they can be like: “YES” Or they can be like “no, that’s disgusting, get away.” [IK] How do you say yes and how do you say no? In sign language? So yes with your fists like this, so “yes”.
[IK] Okay? and you move your head along with it or you have “no”, it is… heh… With your thumb out Kind of like touch it You know like close the two so it would be like if this was your thumb it would be like, close it and it would be like “no”. [IK] That is so cool.
[S] You want to see the world, the sign world? [IK] Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Take me there [S] *GASP* Okay Welcome. Hi. I’ll be your tour guide for today No, I’m kidding
[both laughing] So if you press the green it will take you to the signs Yeah so, Laurent Clerc. He was a deaf teacher, right, cause ASL came from France. Now I have you look to your left– no, I’m kidding
[both laughing] Gallaudet– so he was the one that created Gallaudet University, which is the first deaf school in America. And it all started because he when he lived in France There was a deaf girl That lived next door, and he wanted to talk with her. So basically he brung it to America he got one of the deaf teachers from France and he was like “dude, you should do this in English” [IK] Fair enough.
[S] And then he made a school Mm-hmm. If you come over here, this is like my favorite thing ever. It’s like beginning, beginner [IK] Wooooow…. I kinda wanna learn it [S] If you click “no” right here you’ll see a video on the–
[IK] Oh, oh yeah. [IK] Oh that is sick! That is so cool [S] You can click “good bye”, “good morning”… [IK] “Good afternoon”? Yooooooo, wow [both laughing] If there is a deaf person that you do want to talk to and you can’t sign – there is right here you guys can talk to each other so I can be like Hi enter Alright so Today we’re all gonna learn how to sign Your mom [both laughing] Oh Shut up! Oh my god, now I feel like a teacher Parent, dad, and moms As you know, students, from then nose down is all female pronouns from the nose up is all male pronouns So “dad”, “mom”, “parents”. Right, “born”. Oh, this is my favorite one, “dead” “Dead”. [IK] Ahaha, yeah, like someone falls over That’s interesting.
[S] Uh-huh Divorce. You’re gonna make two “D”‘s [IK] Mm-hmm [S] Divorce [Ikenna laughing] How do you sign it? I sign it like this: “divorce”.
Alright, screw you. Different signs Alright, we got different signs [laughing] Yeah index and you put it on your chin and your chest area “Birthday”. And celebrate? We’re celebrating because we’re done with the lesson right? You take these two and you go “Celebration!”.
[IK] Okay. [S] Yay! We’re done. [IK] There you go. Yeah, you would be a good teacher! [S] I love teaching to all of you, amazing students [IK[ It might be like fifty thousand people that you just taught. [S] That would be amazing [IK] Yes? Okay Oh, that like not all signs that were in that you showed were correct or like norm or yeah, okay. Okay, I got you. I got you This thing probably be the disclaimer in the video. So That’s so cool though that even with even with a Like a sign language you can still have different dialects So to speak and different changes that you you put on like based on location. That’s so cool. I want to start that This is so cool. [S] Oh my god, dude you don’t notice how many deaf people there until you start really getting into the community and you go out into the real world and You’re like, oh my god That’s crazy. I was gonna say it’s good for a job, but you already know so many languages so screw you [both laughing] [S] Noooo, I was right with my goose! Well for “goose” I was right, okay? I’m a Puerto Rican woman, I’m always right [both laughing] Welcome to the American Sign Language in VR chat [IK] Thanks. That was that was a great tutorial great class Normally, I’m not really into the classroom setting but this one was a little bit different I think when it’s anime characters, it makes everything a little bit. Uh Easier to digest but that was perfect. Thank you so much That was a dope-ass tutorial and make sure that you subscribe as well. So you can see when the video is out. [S] Ikenna [IK] Yeah, it is the same as my name. Yeah the same as mine my name right here. Yeah, you got it? Take care guys.
[S] Byeeee!

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