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How To Learn Sign Language


Micky, I don’t know what to do. I really need my viewers to think that I’m amazing with languages I’m really not but I need them to think that Well, I don’t need their validation, but they’re always asking me if I’m a super polyglot like all those people selling e-Books But how do I get rid of attachments? But I might fail Hello language enthusiasts today. I’m going to play the great language game this idea is totally original I didn’t get this idea from Pewdiepie or Jaxsepticeye No, I had this idea long before them in this game I’ll hear some samples of languages, and I will have to guess what languages. They [are] at the end of the game I’ll get a score [that] reflects my ability to guess the languages This is kind of like the mystery languages videos that I’ve made like these ones right here Except that. I’ll be guessing the languages instead of you, so I’m ready to fail and embarrass myself for your entertainment. Let’s go [alright] here. It is the great language game. I’m clicking play right now Select a [low] [bar] aguado content a en Una English a she own, [economica] Sheesh Kansas sound quality get any worse for otro lado remember Malocchio say cool agarró, La voce Como de La Comisión [Tae] [ik] [a] Spanish yes, you got it. Okay. That wasn’t too hard The guy killed Coco a setup ridiculous machine the process is so produce 2.0 Cai que voy Para La Da Rippa Machida Miss Bella to lay This [once] finish. I really don’t know the sounds have finished that well, but it wasn’t there a big it wasn’t Chinese It wasn’t vietnamese so by process of elimination [I] know, it’s finished You got it, okay? Indeed [O] [puja] [now]. [go] you going [summoning] to key management area and [ah] yo, okey Dokey, sumida Good in Tokyo Denver and Humberto pepito and [kajal] you got it okay, so this is Korean [I] Don’t speak Korean, but I hear korean a fair bit living here in Japan there are a lot of Korean visitors So I know a few words, and I know the sounds of Korean. That’s this one Okay as a foreman [bo] adams, go idiot Tito or sepal warning in their hands deckard sunset to Krishna They already [come] closer to the ombuds business on mallory there Okay, [Constanza] symmetric this sounds like your widget. Take it to this one Nice, okay. He happy but [creepy] of antep eyewear Judy [cursory] italic aki Buddhist belief negotiator [chided] me it started to But I’ll do it go Okay, this one [is] not Vietnamese. It’s not [polish]. It’s not Korean, so it’s either hindi or marathi [I’m] not sure which one, [but] I’m just going to go with Hindi because that’s the only one I’ve really heard I’ve [heard] marathi a little bit, but not really Can you you got it? Okay? Yeah, need lolita. School called for and see some s times [after] [Vigo] Lavinia study through Kiera Cameron and Sunday from Daraa daggubati flock Tire Softly dog are sustainable and [Needly] Yeah Sounds like Norwegian to me Nice, okay. We heard that one before [Nike] of gelato store even poem – we [should] eat a million if so every buddhist religious, no political slaves from stubble an Opera bull a bogus calmly [Kupah] Ridiculous is considered oscillatory. She shows no no blue do a [levitated] ocean ocean a postma Linear Coco – Hmm. Well the sounds slavic to me, but it doesn’t sound russian I don’t know specifically what the difference is but I’ve never really Encountered much polish, so I’m gonna say polish because it sounds slavic, but not russian to me could be wrong would see It was russian what you know? Official meant a substantially quest a motive as sione multi-part La no dI Una machina dance, okay? Well that one’s pretty easy because I’m studying Italian So I hear it quite a lot Italian yes, okay, you can [value–] you will build authentic [Cuatro] Arrow Responsible plasma socialization get me shoot okay, so that one is portuguese So I heard some romance vocabulary in there that I recognized even though I’ve never studied portuguese You got it, all right? Yeah, datum. Yeah – Keaghlan [Shanky] Tiana B to Annoy your tongue Ambassador King Bundy Mokuba New [Loulou] Union say You’ll win tyson louie for that bank and get me inside comfort – Okay, I think this is Vietnamese I hear some tones in there, and I’ve been to Vietnam And I’ve heard the language before I think that’s the one all these others None of these other ones have tones as far as I know Here we go good knowledge tht much to do this out of [Arcadia] product He’ll leave you your leave you really [bel]. Swish Maggie’s VP is not to [send] [oh] yeah. It’s automatic It makes students are so into investment spending some hope that I will really Taboo Baguette activity that you engage yeah The Cottonwood legitimate and just telephone little bit muddled up with the really because we get it let me [has] it again adults to HQ arms to be the saddest talking be a product you’ll review your Really really those fish Maggie’s be be able to furniture. It’s also think it makes [students] [also] investments [thing] I don’t know what this language here is aesthetic But it doesn’t sound like any of the others to me, so I’m going to choose that [one] huh, Turkish Sorry Okay Next sleeping up is [fifty] Simon distally means good ball. Yeah, [hayek] Control or no some health oh, yeah [Miss] [Thomas] [in] [a] girl for fast you think I had tango somewhere so peaceful to you as if you have we have bought for this to be a port for stability more Sydney at I are used I Don’t understand what the hell they’re saying so I think it’s danish. I think you got it all right, but okay Cube I Turn that down How can a Georgian take a farmer I had a head I’m going to boko Haram with some book I teach Yoga bunka, Family [Belynda] [Doujin] Muhammadu buhari. [I] took a Golden day in [Ashokan] Okay, hey, give me more come on a canadian. [take] a farmer. I had a head I’m going here boko Haram with some book. I teach Yoga [Bunka], Family Belynda [do] [their] muhammadu buhari I heard something about boko Haram. [it] doesn’t sound like Chinese doesn’t sound like [Norwegian] or polish or Spanish Or ukrainian. I don’t know about who’s back But because of the content, I think it’s hausa Nice, okay, good The York Bank a billionaire claude I just know you [Mazey] team’s leader moon Deimos and apricot the Master, please no here leave me alice. We made as I was taught me rick nope liquid the vanilla nash webpage exam or release demo show multiple [karate] [for] [McKinley] [cool] double when I believe Australia Yarn barn [Key] Gillian Elkwood [Edge] technology Major [Themes], Lee Demo [by] [Muslim] apricot, the Masochist [novo] Here league Niassa the measures of starting Eric [no] [preclude] The sounds definitely slop it to me, but I’m not sure if it’s russian or ukrainian Let’s see I’m Gonna Pick Ukrainian kind of a crapshoot You got it. Yes alright luck of the draw What you will you are [not] Macario [Kucha] one moto now What do I know that were [poor] new ones who were [aef] who you you guys you have a my moya? Original are clearly [gemma] Bossy [PMI] Moya actually challenge 82 meditech, Asana But accidents of machine Dhaka matter to Mecanim on a gang member, Olih myself Hmm [ok] I think that once swahili. It doesn’t sound like any of the others and something about the tomber sounded Swahili to me Yes, all right Got it Next [row] [so] [Italiano] [olks] [La] most a mobo – so mohammed and [Derek] Emma’s the der loser who Clara blanche oh, La noche Human Rights watch – Kilo Davekeli Steve fair lovely idea Oh snitched on the Coc Mazzaglia for some jicama Buddha Belma’s leaky air sister She who I’m getting tired at focus, okay? Project ask a lot of aquila Steve Furlough fletcher who’s beaten the Coc Mazzaglia Portion jicama good Data burma’s Leaky air sister She knows a Catfish Monarda Mazel tov slow terrible Okay I think it’s back mainly because It doesn’t sound like any of the others and some of the pronunciation sounded like it had Russian influence And I know that was Becca Stan has been influenced by Russia. So let’s say who’s back Yes, all right. [I] was right When we got one life left, this is nerve-racking neo combi [Coon] deal icelandic State no seeker now pundit of a sunni [Dennis] client a Kuba, rant [Coupon], [Yokosuka] cinema [nah], Mariebee name equality uh Chamblee or Shia Houdini but God, I think this is swahili again Yes, okay? Some I heard some words that sounded like they were borrowed from [arabic] and they’ve retained the arabic pronunciation And I know that’s why he we had some arabic words, so that helped me to guess [whose] [community] they meet he terrible of cebu bully me Japan’s good you went on what if it’s okay? That was French I know some French Yes, okay? What’s next? They can new militate men who go too far. I’m is obviously they presented him who chose this way What if embed his emissary in Via [daily] today in the big issue analysts who I need to focus? Every time I get one right that kind of relax, and I think [go], okay now I can stop focusing But I need to think about the next one okay wake up Paul wake up focus some students Do you like to [disperse] more you’re in the city busy total scotsman for doing mere place neither coming in the [states] enemies they need? I think it’s danish again because I don’t understand what they’re talking about correct Whenever I have no idea. What any of the words are it’s damaged That’s because of the porridge in their mouth porridge in the throat You have the capital with a booming English Bob Bruce location to [school] We must open up the court that she’s not that I will attend law school. Go greased lightning He needs Substitution stress which to work about the prayer resisting, but it’s a beginner simple safe place to know. What [is] the cylinder? so many prick Pop through and I can play that again because I could see other together with Obama named bubbles Location so strong we must talk about record. She’s mad that No website a [mosque] Alicia came in he needs sufficient [rest] [vegetable] about the prayer resisting [budget] said Huh, well that sounds Slavic again to me Russian, or this one ascetic Which must be a slavic language which one eenie meenie miney moe catch a tiger by the toe? Russians more common go with that You got it [ok] I? Gotta look into this language, ascetic. I don’t know what it is I’ll probably get a lot of comments telling me what you don’t know what ascetic is, but I don’t Mm-Hmm [order] Teamily members come after my potatoes oh Janey strigoi Tuna new utrecht opens Fulanita Personal with an ordinal Battalion like the sound quality [Kenny] worse come on fucking clear samples You see between all the [chemical] [a] [bomb] [burst] [em] after my potato [saying] is recruiting Yet [Rakatans], fulanita How was an ellipse and I got a Nabatean in Civil? [Susie] on a wood [I] will soak I know either one is [connected]. [I] [mean] Okay, well, I think it’s acetic this time You got it, okay, right? Cha minho name is attracted Bharat raha Buddhist Mantra like a Pro voltages radke nice, ooh crew [Varco] Petrukha [Roku] Bataya [t] [Ambika] K-Rock McCoy Parivartana [Unana] [Kaki] is pikake anti-rust recently [to] [know] Kelly Butcha [Manik] banana. Oh shocker Chinky Sarkar Coquina A Fighter a camel who nemesis Algebra traje with this mentality provoked a Jihad kini Shukla Varco Patrick aruku Bhatia Ki Amrita a [Rock] McCoy Perry wasn’t swahili again [no], what was it hindi whoops okay? I heard some words that sounded like arabic to me, so I thought they were swahili words. I guess hindi Has some words like that too? Well there it is my score is 950 See my knowledge of languages is not perfect sometimes It’s a guessing game And I’m just looking for little pieces that I can analyze and try to figure out what’s going on even [if] I’m not sure I? Hope you enjoyed this video and they also hope that you learned a thing or two Why don’t you try the great language games and leave your score in the comments down below? Maybe you’ll beat me be sure to follow leng focus on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and once again Thank you to all of my patreon supporters Especially these magnificent people right here on the screen for their monthly pledges. Thank you for watching and have a nice day

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