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The Disability Challenge | TSL Vlogs

We… Are… The… Smart… Local… (Off-Camera) Tell me what you think is gonna happen today We’re gonna experience what it’s like to be disabled… (Off-Camera) Fauzi… Audrey, who’s going to be helping me… Annabelle… And Xenia. And those are our three facilitators! Hi, I’m Debra! Hi, I’m Ryan! (Off-Camera) And that is Daniel… I’m Huishan. And I am behind the camera. So, we’re gonna walk to Bukit Timah to have lunch… Oh my God! I’m going to die… (Off-Camera) Are you stressed that you cannot hear anything? Stressed? (Off-Camera) Yes… Stressed… Thomas, am I close enough to kick you? (Off-Camera) Yes… Song: Everybody wants kungfu fighting… (Off-Camera) Hah! I lied! (Off-Camera) Actually, I have a question for you guys… Blindness, right? As far as I’ve read… That feeling when you open your eyes… When you’ve close your eyes for too long. That’s right. That’s the thing about blindness… If you guys really know… What blindness is… It sounds way more painful than usual. How do I go down like that? (Off-Camera) I “princess-carry” you ah. Don’t.. Please don’t. (Off-Camera) You want? Don’t. So what would you guys advise right now? (Off-Camera) Oi! You must listen to him talk first! Wheelchair users have to take a longer route.. As compared to like the usual abled-body. So, that really increases their time. (Off-Camera) But the question is really… How are you getting down this, Fauzi? Errr… (Off-Camera) I’ve had a friend who was wheelchair-bound once. When he sees stairs, he actually wheelchairs down the stairs. Oh my God! I’m just stating an option which is not very viable. How do I manoeuvre through here? (Off-Camera) Turn the right hand more, And pull the left hand back. NOOO! I cheated. (Off-Camera) What I realised is that there are no brailles here… So that’s like low-key dangerous for you. No… But what’s super scary is that… Like small things like slopes you can feel. (Off-Camera) You hear that Annabelle? Yes, I hear that. That’s your cue to cross the road. (Off-Camera) It immediately starts blinking. Oh my God! (VO) It was at this moment that he knew he $%@$^ up. AHHH AHHH! Ah! My God! (Off-Camera) Fauzi, you tired ah? This is so tiring! (Off-Camera) OK… So Thomas is now taking over. The bus-stop… Does not have enough space to fit a wheelchair. So, you can’t wheel it through… So, I have to go by the back… Through the ESSO station now. Yup… Fauzi’s pushing me for now. Oh my God! It’s so bumpy. And it’s very dangerous, I would imagine. Let’s say if you would have to push yourself on this road right… Like scary lah! (Off-Camera) Xenia is usually one of the bubblier people around (Off-Camera) Yah, and then she’s so quiet! (Off-Camera) Fauzi, you want back on or? Errr… I’ll just push you. (Off-Camera) Guys, help! The lift isn’t working. (Off-Camera) Thomas, the lift isn’t working! Ryan’s recceing the other route I have to take if I’m on a wheelchair. (Off-Camera) This. (Off-Camera) And then… Up there. (Off-Camera) I think there’s a zig zag behind… And then go up. There’s a wheelchair-accessible table at the hawker centre. But because somebody else is taking it. People like us who are able and walking right? We just choose whatever table we want. I didn’t even know these tables existed. I don’t like the idea of having someone, you know? Care for you every time. Having your ability taken away from you, And then, you have to rely on somebody else. It’s a tough thing ah… So, how would you order a meal with… A lot of specifications as a deaf person… That is unable to articulate your words clearly. I am going to order… Fishball Noodles – Dry, Meepok, No chilli, A lot of ketchup. When Xenia was trying to point to the noodles… So the auntie even went in and took out the noodles and… Asked what she wanted. So that is something small we can do to make life better. For persons with disabilities. Just small steps. (Off-Camera) Where’s Fauzi?! Hi guys! So we’ve just finished eating lunch now. And we’re heading to a supermarket… To handle a new challenge. And we’re switching it up! I hear cars moving behind me! It’s quite scary! This is more tiring than my touch rugby training. Feels like my world just shut down. I feel so dependent on Audrey now. I’m very thankful that she’s here. Awww… Because I really wouldn’t know what to do, seriously. Oh my God! HAHAHA! HAHAHA! Why?! Wait! Is there… No more, no more! Ok, this is two dollars. This is the shortest note. You don’t tell me I will try to guess ok? Test me now. This is… Five dollars. (Off-Camera) Nice! (Off-Camera) How did you get it? Two dollars. (Off-Camera) Here, in front. Are you… Are you kidding me? (Off-Camera) Faster what is it? This is five dollars. (Off-Camera) We have a challenge actually, we need to buy all these things. (Off-Camera) You ready, Fauzi? Yup! OOoh! I love that! You know the fish skin? (Off-Camera) But you cannot reach… (Off-Camera) I can help you Xenia! Ok! Tag team! Ok, come! Crispy fish crackers? So, it turns out that Fauzi is a member of NTUC. So, he’s going to try to find his card now. This one – the black one. Cannot leh! I felt very emotional in the middle of the mall. You just struggle to even get one thing. So right now, we’re going back to their office! We’re about to learn sign language from Daniel and Debra. YAY! My name is… Oh my God! AAHHH! Wait… AHHHH! (Music) I think it was very interesting in the sense that… You were put in their shoes. You don’t realise how tough it is… To live your life with a disability. It really forces me to rethink how I see the world… And how I see people with disabilities. Because… They have it tough. And I felt super excluded when I’m deaf. Most of the time I don’t even know what you guys were talking about. That’s what people with disabilities feel in our society. I think it’s really important to know that… One small action of ours… Can really make their lives a lot easier or a lot harder. If you want more information about Society Staples… You can go down to the description box. Take a look at all their stuff! They’re looking for volunteers… So if you’re interested, do write in. Do your part to help raise awareness about inclusion in Singapore. And as always! Thank you for watching this video! You can like, share and subscribe! And watch our other videos over there! And until next time, bye guys!

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