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The difference between Sunday and Awesome in ASL

Hi guys, Laura here. So I want to wish all
of you a Happy New Year! I cannot believe it’s 2018 what happened to this last decade?! It just flew by! I mean, who am I kidding, I remember 2000 like it was yesterday. I guess I’m getting older but we’ll just
skip over that. Anyway, we had, so I took the last two weeks off with my kids and we had a fantastic time just hanging out together unfortunately it was bitter cold the
whole break it was around minus twenty-one Celsius which is about minus
six Fahrenheit so we didn’t get a chance to go out skating or tobogganing or doing
much of anything outdoors it was so unpleasant. But we did get a lot of board
games for Christmas so we played a lot of games, we did crafts, we watched movies, we read books, we baked so we just had a lot of great time together. And, oh, we got
to sleep in my kids this is the first year that they’ve started sleeping in so
I guess the older they get the longer they do sleep which was kind of nice
because I got a chance to sleep in too! But it meant that it was a bit of
a torturous wake up on Monday morning the first day back. Anyway, we had a great break I hope you did too please share with me anything that you did that was
exciting over the break. We didn’t do anything we just stayed home pretty much. We did little day trip saw a movie went to an arcade but we didn’t go go
anywhere so tell me what you did over the break. And I decided today that I was
going to teach you how to sign the words Sunday and awesome so the difference
between Sunday and awesome. I think probably twenty or more of you have
asked that so I thought no this is a good one to start the year with because
a lot of people really want to know the difference between those two. So that’s a
great question because obviously a lot of people are wondering. So the sign for
awesome is like this. So think it’s awesome. Okay if my daughter watches this video I’ve just mortified her but whatever I
guess that’s my job as a parent so awesome so that’s how I think about it
arms in the air and pump twice awesome. And then Sunday, I know three
different ways to sign it, so again we talked about regional differences in
past videos so the way that I know it one way is a Sunday. So you take your
hands flat and you move them in a circle, like that, Sunday. And then I also know
Sunday like this so out and then up. And then I also know Sunday so almost
reverse up and then down like that. So you have Sunday and awesome or Sunday and awesome or of course Sunday which, you wouldn’t really confuse awesome and Sunday if you signed it this way it’s more I think when you sign it this way.
Sunday, awesome. So I hope that that helped clear up the difference between
the two. I have a list of a bunch of other words
that people have asked what the differences were between them so I will
get to that video in the next couple of months. I have a bunch of videos planned
coming out but after that I will to answer that. If you have any questions or
any words that you want to know the difference between then please leave
them in the comment section I’m always happy to answer them for you. And please be sure to subscribe to my channel to be notified when I post new videos. Now I
just found out and I know this is old news but you have to click on that bell
button which right now is down there but YouTube’s always changing so it might be here one time, I don’t know, look for the bell. Click the bell and then you will get notifications when I post new videos. And as always guys, thanks for watching
and have a great day, bye for now!

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