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The Daily Moth 9-6-19

Hello, welcome
to the Daily Moth. It’s Friday, September 6.
Ready for the news? Hurricane Dorian made landfall
on North Carolina’s Outer Banks as a Category 1 storm
this Friday morning, causing serious flooding
with winds up to 90 mph. There are hundreds of people
who are trapped by flooding on Ocracoke Island and
first responders have been sent to rescue them. More than 400,000 homes
and businesses lost power in the Carolinas and Virginia. The hurricane spawned several
tornadoes that damaged homes and businesses, but there are
no reports of severe injuries of deaths. Hurricane Dorian is expected
to continue moving parallel to the northeastern U.S. coast
and then made landfall in Nova Scotia, Canada
on Saturday evening. The death toll in the Bahamas
has increased to 30, and there are still hundreds and
possibly thousands of people who are still missing
in the Grand Bahama and Abacos islands. Officials have warned that
there might be a staggering death toll. Over 200 body bags were sent
to the islands in preparation. The U.S. Coast Guard has
rescued over 200 people. There is a viral picture
and video of a red Jeep that is stuck on the beach
in Myrtle Beach. The owner said he allowed
his cousin to drive on the beach to take a photo of the sunrise
before the hurricane came, but he went too far
and became stuck. Police said they would remove
it when it’s safe to do so. There are now three confirmed
deaths from people using vaping products, with
a fourth possible death under investigation. There are reports of over 450
vape users with lung injuries. It is not known exactly
what is causing the illnesses and deaths. The majority of those sickened
are young males who use THC products. The Washington Post
reported that state and federal health officials
are focusing on a chemical that is an oil derived
from vitamin E, which was found in cannabis
(THC) vaping products in samples collected from
patients who became ill. The oil could cause
respiratory issues. But there are nicotine vape
users whose products did not show anything unusual –
yet they became ill – so health officials are
confused on what is causing the illnesses. The Centers for Disease
Control (CDC) said while their investigation is
ongoing, people should consider not using e-cigarette products. There was a viral video in
the Deaf community of two hearing women who acted
like an emergency official and an interpreter making
announcements in a parody video, in an attempt to be funny. Here is the video, which was
posted on a Facebook page called “Houston Deaf Politics Views,
Comedy, News/Events.” A Deaf artist and activist from
Georgia, Amy Cohen Efron, said the skit was in “very
poor taste” and was able to track down who the interpreter
actor was and identified her as Tamra Whitted, who according
to her Facebook profile, is a 911 Emergency Services
Dispatcher in Lumberton, North Carolina. The other woman
is Cathy Hammonds, who also works for the city’s
emergency services. Efron emailed the City of
Lumberton Emergency Services to complain and pointed out
that the highest ethical and moral conduct should
be expected of her because she is a 911 dispatcher. The director of
Emergency Services, Bill French, responded to
Efron via email and sincerely apologized for his employees
publishing the “offensive Facebook post and remarks.” French shared a statement
from the two women, who said they deeply
apologize and said they didn’t think
before they acted. They said they should have known
not to make fun of the deaf and hard of hearing. The Daily Moth emailed French to
ask if the emergency department will take any steps to
possibly educate and train, or re-train, emergency staff. We did not get
an immediate response, but if we do, we will
add it in the comments. Efron told “The Daily Moth”
that French has reached out to the North Carolina Deaf and
Hard of Hearing Services to schedule a training session
for his department. There was another interpreter
parody video on social media by a social media comedian named
“Kitchen aka FatandFunny” who created a video of him in
a PIP screen “interpreting” for an emergency announcement. He made gibberish arm
movements and dance moves. Efron posted on Facebook that
there is a big difference with the second video because
he is a comedian and not a 911 operator,
as far as she knows. A Deaf woman from
Oklahoma, Rachel Hollis, was denied service at
a Burger King drive-thru on August 21 in Oklahoma City. She filmed employees
telling her to come inside because they were too busy. A Burger King employee
dialed 911 on her and a police officer was sent. Hollis said her children
were in the car with her. Hollis is now working
with an attorney, Cameron Spradling,
and the Oklahoma Disability Law Center to sue Burger King. The attorney Spradling provided
“The Daily Moth” with a video of a Burger King manager,
handing Hollis a note saying, “I can’t do a full order
at the window – Too Busy!” Hollis did not move her car
and after more than a minute, the same employee opened
the window, gestured for her to come in, and
appeared to mouth “police.” He continued to speak. KFOR 4 News said
the man said, “It has nothing to do
with your disability, I have a disability too.” After the manager
slammed the window, Hollis’ video shows a female
employee on a cellphone. Spradling said
this is the 911 call. He provided me with
the audio of the call and I got it transcribed. I will show you
two portions of it. After about a minute and a half,
another Burger King employee by the window speaks
briefly with Hollis before the video cuts off. Hollis said she mouthed
the words, “Can you help me?,” and that the window
employee mouthed, “I don’t know… I think so.
Okay, what is your order?” Hollis stopped recording at
this point so she could use her phone to display the order. The window employee typed
down the price of the order on Hollis’ phone, $13.09,
then informed her that police was called. Hollis was able to get her order
and drove away at the same time a police cruiser pulled up. Hollis said she was not sure
if the officers followed her, but she went home
without any incidents. Spradling said Hollis never
received a receipt for the order and that Burger King has
never said that she was served. He suspects the window employee
never rang it up and served her so that Hollis could leave
before she was arrested. Spradling said the time Burger
King spent denying her service and calling the police could
have simply been used to be kind and serve her an order. NBC’s Today received
a statement from Burger King that said
the restaurant owner has reached out to the guest
and her family to apologize, has terminated
the employee (apparently the manager),
and that all the employees at that location will undergo
additional training. Hollis told “The Daily Moth”
that she is grateful that her story has been on news
outlets around the world, but is disheartened
by people’s cruel and prejudiced comments. She said she was accused of
setting up the whole thing just to get money. Hollis said Burger King has
not apologized to her directly. Hollis said the franchise
owner, Switchgrass, called her sister to explain
they have fired the (manager), but did not
contact her directly. Hollis and attorney said
they have not heard from Burger King since
they sent their letter about their intentions
to take legal action. Spradling, in the letter
to Burger King, said they would pursue
all available remedies including injunctive
relief, actual damages, punitive damages,
and attorneys’ fees. That is all for this week. Thanks for watching
The Daily Moth. Have a wonderful weekend
and stay with the light! Captioned by

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