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The Daily Moth 2-24-2020

Hello, welcome to The Daily Moth! It is Monday, February 24.
Ready for news? Bernie Sanders won big in
Nevada’s caucuses on Saturday with 47% of the popular vote. In second place is
Joe Biden with 20%, in third place is
Pete Buttigieg with 14%, and in fourth place is
Elizabeth Warren with 10%. Bernie received
14 delegates, Biden got four,
and Buttigieg got two. Warren did not
get any delegates. Bernie is now the leader in
the Democratic presidential nomination race, and many
political analysts say that he may be unstoppable
through Super Tuesday, in which 14 states vote. Bernie and Warren
have very similar liberal political leanings
and visions for America, but Bernie is
clearly more popular. He also had plenty of experience
with campaigning from when he lost the Democratic race
to Hillary Clinton in 2016. There is a “logjam” of
moderate Democrats – Biden, Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar,
and Michael Bloomberg – that seems to help Bernie
with standing out and maintaining his lead. Bernie also has, so far,
raised the most money out of all Democrats – not including
the self-funded billionaires Tom Steyer and Bloomberg. The next state to vote is
South Carolina on Saturday, February 29. There are 54 delegates
that are up for grabs. So far, Biden seems
to be the favorite to win the majority of
votes in the state. To win the
Democratic nomination, a candidate must have
at least 1,991 delegates by the Democratic National
Convention this summer. Bernie has 35 total delegates. In second place is
Buttigieg with 24. Biden has 10, Warren has 8,
and Klobuchar has 7. Bloomberg’s name has not
been on the ballot for any of the early states –
he will start competing on Super Tuesday on March 3. Harvey Weinstein was found
guilty by a jury on two out of five charges in his rape
trial in New York City. Weinstein is guilty of first
degree criminal sexual act and third degree rape. He was ordered to be detained
while he waits for his sentencing on March 11. He faces 5 to 25
years in prison. Weinstein was accused of sexual
assault by multiple women two years ago, which led to his
downfall from a top Hollywood movie producer and sparked
the #MeToo movement. Weinstein was acquitted of two
of the most serious charges – predatory sexual assault – which has a maximum sentence
of life in prison. Weinstein will still have to
face four charges of felony sexual assault in Los Angeles. Today there was a memorial
service to honor Kobe Bryant and her daughter Gianna at the
Staples Center in Los Angeles. Today’s date, 2-24 matches
with Kobe and Gianna’s basketball jerseys –
Kobe used No. 24 as a Laker and Gianna used No. 2
in her youth league games. Over 20,000 people were
in the stadium after they won a lottery
to purchase tickets. The proceeds went to
Kobe’s Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation. There were many
well-known celebrities, musicians, and notable figures
in the sporting world who attended. Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s wife,
gave an emotional speech. She said Gigi and Kobe naturally
gravitated towards each other. Vanessa said Gigi would have
made a huge difference for women’s basketball. Vanessa said Kobe was her
soulmate and was very romantic, especially on Valentine’s
Day or anniversaries. She said she didn’t
view Kobe as a celebrity or an incredible basketball player,
but as her sweet husband and the beautiful father
of their children. She closed by telling Kobe to
take care of Gigi in heaven, while she would
take care of Natalia, Bianca, and Capri on Earth,
and that they are still the best team. Beyonce, Alicia Keys,
and Christina Aguilera performed songs. Michael Jordan gave a speech and
tears streamed down his face as he described
their close relationship despite their rivalry. Shaquille O’Neal said he and
Kobe deeply respected each other despite their
complicated relationship. In separate but related news,
news reports said Vanessa Bryant filed a wrongful death lawsuit
against the company that operated the helicopter that
Kobe and Gianna were riding when they died along with
seven others when it crashed in foggy conditions
on January 26. All nine people,
including the pilot, died. The company is
“Island Express Helicopters.” President Trump visited India
and gave a speech at the Motera Stadium that was
filled with over 100,000 people. He was invited by India’s
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The two countries are
discussing a possible $3 billion military deal. It is clear that Trump
is very popular in India, as news images and video show
thousands of people lined up along a roadway waving
at Trump’s motorcade. There were massive posters of
Trump and Modi shaking hands. Trump also visited the ashram
where Mohandas Gandhi lived for 13 years and the Taj Mahal,
which is one of the most important cultural and
historical sites in India. Here is an interesting fact –
Trump used to own a hotel and casino named the “Trump Taj
Mahal” in Atlantic City before it filed for bankruptcy and was
sold to Hard Rock International. There are news reports of
violent and deadly protests in New Delhi, the capital city, but
they were not related to Trump. People were protesting about
India’s new citizenship law, which critics say discriminates
against Muslim individuals. A policeman was killed. It is the second time that Trump
and Modi had a rally together – the first was when Modi
visited Houston in September. Hello. It is Monday,
February 24. I’m here at the Lakeport
Courthouse and I’m here to film Mavrick
Fisher’s pretrial hearing, which was postponed
from two weeks ago. When it started, Mavrick and another
hearing inmates walked into and sat in the jury box. Right away, Mavrick’s
attorney called Mavrick and their interpreter to go into a
private room to have a meeting. After this, Mavrick went
back to his seat. Eventually a hearing inmate was
called to sit before the judge. But for some reason, the judge
asked to hold things up and asked for Mavrick’s attorney
and the District Attorney Susan (Krones) to approach him. Mavrick remained
seated at the jury box. The hearing male inmate
remained seated at the table where the lawyer and
the inmate usually sits at – he stayed there
as I was filming. I found it interesting
and continued filming. I’m Holly, interpreter #4008. So, I have a motion to continue. Yes, your honor. Susan Krones
for the People, we filed a motion to
continue (postpone). I have a copy, do you need it? Yes. Oh, my bad. I have it. Any objections? I have no disagreements. I am not yet prepared. Right now (Krones) has a lot
of information and papers. There’s a lot of paperwork. I haven’t had the opportunity
to look through it all… and she told me there is
more paperwork coming. There is also a lot
of investigation that is still ongoing. It means I can’t
oppose a continuation. There’s also a
general time waiver. For her reasons in the motion
and for his reasons, I have decided that
we will continue. Yes. Have both of you discussed
when is the next date? We had a brief discussion
for it to be at the end of May. Do you need more time? I do feel we can be ready
at the end of May. I would prefer early June. That’s fine. June 3rd or 10th? June 3rd is fine. After some deliberations, Susan (Krones) asked
for another postponement. The defense attorney said
he had talked with Mavrick and they would go forward
with moving it forward. They had discussions on if the
schedule worked for everyone, including the interpreter. The interpreter looked at her
phone and checked her calendar to confirm that the date worked. They decided on May 12th for
what seems to be a conference between the attorneys,
May 29th for a pretrial hearing that was supposed to be today
but was postponed again, and June 3rd for the trial. It’s scheduled. There were no Certified
Deaf Interpreters present. There was only one
hearing interpreter. This was interesting. There was no temporary barrier
set up, just like before. That is all for today. See you tomorrow
and stay with the light! Captioned by

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