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The Daily Moth 2-18-2020

Hello, welcome to The Daily Moth!
It is Tuesday, February 18. Ready for news? Here are three top news briefs. Jeff Bezos announced
on Instagram that he has pledged $10 billion
to fight climate change, which he called the
“biggest threat to our planet.” He said he would establish
a “Bezos Earth Fund” and starting this summer, issue
grants to fund scientists, activists, and nonprofits
to “help preserve and protect the natural world.” Apple announced yesterday that
the coronavirus epidemic in China has affected their revenue
and production abilities. Apple said there were
“global supply constraints” for iPhones and that there is lower
Chinese demand for iPhones. Michael Bloomberg qualified for
the Democratic debate tomorrow night in Nevada after
he received 19% in a national poll by
NPR/PBS/Marist. He is in second place. The leader is Sen.
Bernie Sanders with 31%. It will be America’s first
time seeing Bloomberg on the debate stage. Ryan Newman, a NASCAR driver,
was in a very serious crash on the final lap of the
Daytona 500 last night. He was hospitalized and
his team announced that he is in “serious condition”
but that his injuries were not life threatening. The Daytona 500 race
started on Sunday, but was stopped and postponed
to Monday because of rain. During the final turn and the
stretch towards the finish line, Newman’s #6 car
was in the lead. It moved to block another car,
but it suddenly turned 90 degrees, rammed
head-on into the wall, went airborne and
landed on its roof, then was T-boned by
another car, which sent it for another airborne flip. Newman’s car landed hard on
the pavement and skidded for a long time with metal sparks
before it stopped with its back end in flames. Emergency crews quickly put out
the fire and Newman was brought by ambulance to the
Halifax Medical Center. President Trump, who visited
the Daytona 500 on Sunday and took a lap in his presidential
limo before officially starting the race, tweeted that he was
praying for Newman. Newman is from South Bend,
Indiana – the same city that Pete Buttigieg is from
and served as a mayor. Pete tweeted that
he was praying for him. The crash brought back
memories of racing legend Dale Earnhardt’s death in
2001 when he was killed after turning and crashing head-on
against the wall during the final lap at
the Daytona 500. During that time there were
no foam SAFER barriers around the road,
only concrete barriers. Earnhardt’s death led to
new safety regulations and many on social media felt
like Earnhardt “saved” Newman’s life. A man from Kentucky,
Bennie Hart, won a lawsuit against Kentucky
transportation officials after they denied his request to
have a license plate that read, “IM GOD.” Hart lived in Ohio for
more than a decade before he moved to Kentucky and
had the “IM GOD” plate with no issues. In 2016, he moved
to Kenton County, near Cincinnati, and requested
for the same words to be on his new license
plate, but was denied. Kentucky officials said “IM GOD”
was “vulgar or obscene.” Hart, with the help
of two organizations, filed a federal lawsuit. In November 2019, a court
in Kentucky ruled that Hart’s First Amendment rights
to freedom of speech was violated and allowed him
to use the “IM GOD” plate. On February 10, a federal judge
ruled that Kentucky officials had to pay Hart $151,206
in attorneys’ fees and expenses related to the lawsuit. The court wrote in an opinion
and order that personalized messages on license plates,
as known as vanity plates, are considered private speech. Hart is a retired postal worker
and told FOX 19 that he is an atheist and that the license
plate is “his way to spread a political and philosophical
message that faith is susceptible to
individualized interpretation.” He said according to the
American Heritage Dictionary, one of the six definitions of
“God” is a very handsome man, and that his wife says
he is a very handsome man and nobody argues with his wife. CTV News said the money from
the lawsuit will go towards Hart’s lawyers
from the ACLU and the Freedom from
Religion Foundation. President Trump announced
that he has commuted former Illinois Gov.
Rod Blagojevich (D)’s 14-year prison sentence
for corruption, ending the last four
years of his sentence. He was convicted in 2010
on charges related to his attempts to “sell”
Barack Obama’s Senate seat after he became president. Trump said his sentence was
ridiculous and that he will be able to go back home with
his family after serving eight years in jail. Blagojevich was
a former contestant in “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2010. Illinois state congressional
Republicans asked Trump in 2018 to not commute
Blagojevich’s sentence because it would send
a damaging message. In separate but related news,
Trump pardoned former San Francisco 49ers
owner Edward DeBartolo, who was convicted in 1998 on
gambling fraud charges related to a $400,000 bribe he paid to
Louisiana’s former governor Edwin Edwards to get
a riverboat casino license. Trump also pardoned former
NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik, who was convicted of tax crimes
related to his accepting loans worth hundreds of thousands of
dollars without reporting it. Trump also pardoned
financier Michael Milken, who pleaded guilty to securities
and tax violations in 1990 and served 22 months in prison. Amie Harwick, who was
a family and sex therapist in Los Angeles,
a former Playboy model, and was and once engaged
to “The Price is Right” host Drew Carey – died of an apparent
murder at her home in Hollywood Hills. Police said Harwick’s roommate
alerted them early Saturday that Harwick was being
assaulted inside of her home. When police went to the home,
they found Harwick unresponsive with injuries consistent
with a fall. Her body was under
a third-floor balcony. She was brought to
a hospital but died. She was 38. Police said they have arrested
Harwick’s ex-boyfriend, Gareth Pursehouse, and he is in
custody on a $2 million bail. Police said Harwick recently
said she was afraid of her former boyfriend and
had filed a restraining order against Pursehouse
that had expired. Drew Carey tweeted a tribute to
Harwick with a short video loop of them sitting together. He said “I hope you’re lucky
enough to have someone in your life that loves
as much as she did.” Vulture reported that
“The Price is Right” has postponed taping for this week. Hi. Deaf Bing… The filter is blocking me How can I sign? That Deaf Bing! That is all for today. See you tomorrow
and stay with the light! Captioned by

4 Replies to “The Daily Moth 2-18-2020”

  • Deaf bing person is lazy sign language when you say yes by using nose 👃it wiggy means tell you that mean yes instead for not using hand or arm because lazy. Lolol Bec your arms or hands are tired . 😅

  • I’m a hardcore Earnhardt fan and I watched his death on TV live, Feb 2001. I was high school student at that time.

    Yep he saved many lives in nascar and all type of the racing.

    I met Dale Jr last two years ago and had him signed my hat and 1/64 Dale Jr’s last race die cast.

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