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The Daily Moth 12-9-19

Hello, welcome to
The Daily Moth! It is Monday, December 9. I’m going to do several top
news briefs from here in Italy as I cover the 2019
Winter Deaflympics. I will be doing that
during the weekdays. The first news – there was
a volcanic eruption on Monday afternoon in New Zealand’s
White Island that have killed at least five people with 8
people missing and feared dead. White Volcano, as known as
Whakaari in the Maori language, is an active volcano that
is also a popular tourist destination. CNN reported that
when it erupted, there were up to 50 people who
were on or near the volcano, including around 30 passengers
from a Royal Caribbean cruise. 31 people were hospitalized,
some with serious burns. There are now search
and rescue operations, but New Zealand’s prime
minister said there have been no signs of life so far. The island is full
of volcanic ash. There were tourists from
the United States and around the world who were
visiting the island. The second news – the Justice
Department’s Inspector General released a report that said
the origins of the 2016 investigation into Russia,
that started under the Obama administration,
was not influenced by political bias or
improper motivation. Trump’s Attorney General
Bill Barr has already launched his own investigation
on the origins of the Russia investigation. He said he does not agree
with all of what the inspector general concluded. The third news – the World
Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) agreed to ban Russia from participating
from major international sports for the next four years
over reports that there was a cheating scheme during the
2014 (hearing) Winter Olympics in Sochi in which urine samples
were replaced to bypass anti-doping tests. I want to be clear I’m talking
about the “hearing Olympics” and hearing sports here. Russian athletes can still
compete if they appear in neutral uniforms – like during
the 2018 Winter Olympics in which individual
athletes were named “Olympic Athlete
from Russia (OAR).” They can’t raise
the Russian flag. The prime minister of Russia
said Russian officials should appeal and that the ban
felt like a continuation of anti-Russia hysteria. This ban would affect
the 2020 Summer Olympics and the 2022 World Cup (soccer). The fourth news – Pete Frates,
a former Boston College baseball player was diagnosed with
ALS disease when he was 27 – and helped to spread the viral
“ice bucket challenge” in 2014 that raised over $115
million – passed away today. He was 34. He is hailed as someone
who gave hope for all. That is all the top
stories for today. I will see you tomorrow. Stay with the light! Captioned by

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