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The Daily Moth 12-6-19

Hello, welcome to The Daily Moth! It is Friday, December 6.
Ready for news? Here are three
top news briefs. The first –
there was a shooting at the Naval Air Station
in Pensacola, Florida. A gunman shot and killed three
people in a classroom building. He also injured
seven other people. Two deputies from the Escambia
County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and got
in a firefight with the gunman before shooting and killing him. Both deputies were shot, one in the arm and
the other in the knee. Both are expected to survive. The suspected gunman is
reported to be a Saudi national who was in a Saudi military
training program. Investigators will look to
see if it is terror-related. It is the second shooting
at a military base in two days. On Wednesday, a sailor shot
and killed two people before killing himself at the Pearl
Harbor Naval Shipyard. The second news –
on Thursday night in southern Florida, two armed robbers who were
dressed as U.S. postal workers stole from a jewelry
store in Coral Gables. One of them fired
a bullet that hit the floor, causing it to ricochet upwards
and hit a female employee in the forehead. She had a minor wound
and will survive. The owner of the store shot at
the robbers and they escaped from the store and then
hijacked a UPS truck and drove it off with the UPS
driver still inside. There was a car chase
on I-75 that was broadcast by news helicopters that
ended with a massive firefight between multiple
police officers and the robbers. Four people died –
both robbers, the UPS driver, and a person who was
driving a car near the scene of the firefight. The UPS driver’s name
is Frank Ordonez, who was a father
of two young girls. The FBI is leading
the investigation and did not say last night whether
the two innocent victims died from the robbers or
from police bullets. He said it is a very
complicated crime scene. The Miami-Dade police union
said 11 officers opened fire after they were shot
at by the robbers. The third news –
on Thursday night, the state of Tennessee executed
a death row inmate named Lee Hall by using
an electric chair. Hall was 53 and was
legally blind from glaucoma that he developed in prison. He is the second blind person
to be executed since 1976. He chose to die by
electric chair rather than lethal injection. A reporter said there were two
jolts of electricity and that there was a small plume
of smoke or steam that appeared above his head. He was sentenced
to death in 1991 for murdering his ex-girlfriend,
Traci Crozier, by pouring gasoline on her
while she sat in her car and setting her on fire. Crozier’s family said
they now have peace because this monster’s
life is ended. Tennessee is one of six states
that allows inmates to choose the electric chair. A job posting for a full-time
ASL teacher at Fallbrook Union High School, located between
Los Angeles and San Diego, requires applicants
to be able to “conduct verbal conversation”
and to be able to “hear normal range
verbal conversation (approximately 60 decibels.” Look at the screenshots
from the job posting. The discriminatory job posting
caused an online uproar with several deaf people. A deaf alumni of Fallbrook,
Krystill Brown, posted on her Facebook wall
a call of action for members of the deaf community
to stand up to this “blatant discrimination.” She is encouraging people
to show up to a board meeting scheduled on December 16. A deaf professor at
the University of California, San Diego (UCSD),
Dr. Rain Bosworth, tweeted that the job posting
was ableist against those who use wheelchairs because
the job requires the teacher to be able to walk. The posting also requires
the teacher to be able to see handwritten
or typed documents, which excludes
Deafblind individuals. I reached out to
the person-of-contact on the job posting,
Jean Proctor, via email and asked her about
the discriminatory language, but have not
received a response. The links to the job posting
and social media reactions are below. The Washington Post reported on
Tuesday that a Prince George’s County police officer was
charged with breaking into the Dawes House building at
Gallaudet University on Sunday, November 24. The Post said according
to charing documents, P.G. Officer Robert Grimes
broke a first-floor window during early morning hours
and destroyed property inside including a plastic globe,
flags, and a door. The Post said someone who
patrolled the campus heard the glass break shortly
before 3 a.m. and found Grimes without a shirt
on and injures to his wrist, shoulder, and stomach. He said he was “sorry”
several times and put his hands behind his back. He was highly intoxicated
and he said he didn’t know what happened or how
he got into Dawes House. A bloody shirt that is believed
to be his was found in a second-floor bathroom. Grimes was charged with
second-degree burglary and destruction of property. He has pleaded not
guilty and was released. His next court appearance
is on December 30. The P.G. County Police’s
internal affairs division has started an investigation. Grimes worked for the police
department for three years and was off-duty at the time
of the alleged break-in. WTOP News reported that
Grimes is now suspended. Dawes House is one of
the oldest buildings on campus. It was designed by
deaf architect Olof Hanson and built in 1895. It is located close to
a Gallaudet Department of Public Safety kiosk on
the campus’ main entrance. The Daily Moth reached out to
Gallaudet for official comment, and they said
they have no comment because this is a pending
law enforcement matter. Dawes House was originally
a dormitory for boys attending Kendall School
and today it is used for several academic offices. It is the home of Gallaudet’s
Office of Research Support and International Affairs. Yesterday, at
Deaf Austin Theatre, they just gave the first major
performance in Austin, Texas. That performance was
called “Next to Normal”. It’s a collaboration project
where they worked with another group called
Ground Floor Theatre. I’m a part of the DAT,
Deaf Austin Theatre, as one of
the Board of Directors. We wanted to team up with
the Ground Floor Theatre here in Austin, Texas. Austin has a rather
large deaf community so where are the theatres
that include hearing and deaf actors? I’m not talking about
ASL interpreting shows. I’m talking about
actual actors. We just thought, “Why not go for it,
without workshops, without experimenting
or test piloting. We just jumped in and
now that we did our opening, we did great with our show. We got a great response
from the audience and they were grieving,
laughing and crying. We need more of that, we need more stories
that are authentic and real. We’re just getting
started and we have many more to
produce including you! This experience has
been the most intense. It’s deep, wonderfully done
and beautiful to behold. This is a great
comeback gig for me because I haven’t
done this for awhile. To come back to Austin and
to get rolling with this project and even the story
itself has been amazing! I’ve made deep connections
and I’ve seen people sobbing, grieving and connecting
with the storyline, myself included! I highly recommend everyone
to come and see this play. Working with DAT and
Ground Floor Theatre has been incredible! We connected so well and
this shows how hearing and deaf people can work together
as one entity making meaningful impact on both worlds. That’s just a beautiful thing. I really, really enjoyed this
experience so I hope that you all will come and see us! In this play, there’s heavy
emphasis on the topic of mental health. I learned a lot
about mental health. I learned that grief
has no time limit. I learned this the hard way
when I used to push people to go see the doctor when I should
have been supportive instead of pushing people to move on. With this experience, I would apply that approach
to my real life scenarios where I’ll be supportive of
my friends instead of pushing them to
see their doctor. That’s made a lot
of impact on me. The show has 2 directors:
Brian Cheslik and Lisa Schepps. Brain is from the DAT
while Lisa is a part of the Ground Floor Theatre. I did ask Brian to share
a brief statement on film about his experience. Lisa sent me her statement
through a text message that I will show you. We truly appreciate
this opportunity. Deaf Austin Theatre (DAT) is
a new company here in Austin. It’s about 2 years old, this is our first
major production and it’s an enormous undertaking. We’ve done a few tv
shows and a few online, Facebook Live shows
among other platforms. This is the first time that
we’ve done a full show and I’m so glad that we got
to collaborate with such an amazing theatre company
like Ground Floor Theatre. So, our partnership, the process
of selecting our actors has been and giving our all to Austin
has been one beautiful story. Austin, Texas has never seen
a show like this one before. So, this will set the tone
for future DAT productions and there will be more coming! I just watched the show
and wow, what a champ show! All the acting and
the language blended well into a really amazing show! It’s a must-watch! It was very, very heartfelt. The family and really everything
about that show is definitely something you would
not expect, you know? The production has hearing
and deaf actors included in the show and just wow! After coming here to
see the production, I thought this was
an amazing show! The show was above and
beyond any performance that I’ve ever seen. Really, that show was
very raw and authentic. There was plenty
of clarity and it’s a really emotional
experience too. So, it’s worth it for
you to come out here to see this performance. You simply must! The show has already been
sold out for this weekend. However, in the next weekend
and the weekend after that, they still have tickets
available for purchase. What really stands out for me
is seeing how these deaf and hearing actors
worked with each other. Typically, there would be
hearing actors in the lead role with deaf actors stepping in
as supporting roles to shadow, mirror or whatever you call
it, with the hearing actors. That’s a nice thing to have
such accommodations, but this show was different. I’m seeing more and more
deaf actors out in the front. Now, it’s becoming more common
to the hearing actors behind the deaf actors while signing
and assuming more of supporting roles. I think this is amazing and
it gives me goosebumps seeing these moments. It’s a very good show and
I would definitely recommend that you watch the show
when you can! That is all for this week. Tomorrow I will be going to Italy to cover the
2019 Winter Deaflympics with a team and working in partnership with USADSF. We will still cover top stories from there.
See you next time from Italy. Stay with the light! Captioned by

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