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The Daily Moth 12-5-19

Hello, welcome to The Daily Moth!
It is Thursday, December 5. Ready for news? On Wednesday night at
the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, a sailor shot and killed
two civilian employees of the Defense Department,
then shot and killed himself. A fourth person was wounded. The sailor was identified as
Petty Officer Gabriel Romero (22) and he worked on
the submarine USS Columbia. He used his M4 military rifle
to shoot at others and then used his M9 pistol
to shoot himself. A witness told CBS News
that he was at his desk when he heard gunshots and
when he looked out the window, he saw three people
on the ground and the shooter shoot himself. The base, located in Hawaii, was
under lockdown for over an hour. The Navy is now
leading an investigation. It is not known
what the motive was. One of the victims was
identified as Vincent Kapoi Jr and he was 30. The shipyard is across
the harbor from the National Pearl
Harbor Memorial. This Saturday will be the 78th
anniversary of the attack from Japan during World War II. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
announced she wants the impeachment inquiry to
proceed with drafting articles of impeachment
against President Trump. Pelosi said Trump abused
his power for his own personal political benefit and
hurt our national security, and that Trump’s actions
have violated the Constitution and threatens our democracy. A reporter asked her
if she hates Trump. She criticized the reporter
and said she resents the word “hate” because
she doesn’t hate anyone and that she prays for
the President all the time. She said this is about
the Constitution and the President’s violation
of his oath of office. President Trump tweeted that
Democrats have gone crazy and if they are going to
impeach him, to do it now, fast, so they can have
a fair trial in the Senate. He said he would
call the Bidens, Pelosi, and Chairman
Schiff to testify. Yesterday (Wednesday) there was
a hearing by the House Judiciary Committee where four law
professors answered questions on if the evidence for Trump’s
alleged misconduct qualifies for impeachment. Three of the professors were
called as witnesses by Democrats and strongly criticized
Trump’s actions with Ukraine, saying they were impeachable. The fourth professor was
called by Republicans and he said the case is “woefully
inadequate” and trying to impeach him can be dangerous. The possible articles of
impeachment that would be brought before
a full House vote are 1) Abuse of Power and Bribery, 2) Obstruction of Congress, and 3) Obstruction of Justice. The first charge has to do with
Trump’s mixing of a request for an investigation on
Joe Biden’s son’s business dealings in Ukraine with $400
million in U.S. military aid, while the second and third
charges have to do with the White House refusing
to cooperate in the inquiry. The Senate is responsible
for the trial. To convict Trump and remove
him from the Oval Office, 67 out of 100 senators
would have to vote for it. The Senate is controlled by
Republicans and Senate leaders have defended Trump and said
the whole process is a sham. The Trump administration
announced that there would be changes
in the food stamp program – the Supplemental Nutrition
Assistance Program (SNAP). Current rules say that people
between the ages of 18 and 49 who do not have children and
are not disabled are required to work at least 20 hours a week
for more than three months in a three-year period to
qualify for food stamps. Some states can waive
this rule for areas with high unemployment,
but now the new rule will limit the waivers and only
allow it for areas that have a 6 percent unemployment
rate or higher. This means about 688,000 people
would lose their access to food stamps in 2021. It would save the government
$5.5 billion over five years. Approximately 36 million
Americans receive SNAP benefits. Officials from the USDA said
the program’s purpose is to help American citizens when
they go through tough times, and that it is not intended
to be a “way of life.” Democratic leaders said the rule
changes would hurt people who are struggling to
make ends meet or those who have unreliable,
seasonal work schedules. The Trump administration is
expected to make two more rule changes to the SNAP food
stamp program in the future. It doesn’t look like this will
have a significant impact on deaf people who
receive SNAP benefits, because of disability. A deaf and oral woman,
Sophie Humphrey, was in local news in
the California Bay Area because she witnessed
a fatal stabbing that happened in a BART train and tried to
help the victim before he died. This happened on November 19. I will summarize what happened
and then show you video clips of an interview with her. Sophie, who uses a wheelchair,
was on an elevator at the San Leandro BART station
between Oakland and Fremont. There was a man in the elevator
with no shoes named Jermaine J. Brim. He was acting strange. Sophie said she felt
nervous around him and when they got on the platform,
as Brim went into a BART car, Sophie went into
a different car. There were two cars. Brim went to one
and I went to the other. I went inside and
was sitting down. About five minutes later, Brim walked through
the door towards my car. I was watching him. Brim walked through
the door to her car and looked at people’s shoes. Brim approached a man
who was asleep. Brim tried to pry
his shoes from him. Another man, named
Oliver “Tyrone” Williams, told Brim to stop trying
to take his shoes. Sophie said Brim did
stop and left the car. But about three minutes later,
he came back and told Tyrone to give his shoes to him,
and when he said no, Brim started to throw punches. Sophie said Brim then grabbed
a knife and started to stab Tyrone in the neck
five to 10 times. There was a lot of blood. The attacker took a knife
and started stabbing five to ten times in his neck. He was bleeding. Several passengers
ran away from the car. When the train reached
the next station, Brim rushed out of the train. Sophie told a passenger to
please go to the conductor and tell him to stop the train. Sophie then got out of her
wheelchair and went to Tyrone, who was bleeding. She tried to stop the bleeding
by applying pressure to his neck. She had plastic gloves in her
bag because she is a nursing student at Ohlone College. I tried to stop the bleeding
by applying pressure. Sophie said she used
a text relay service to call 911 and that it took a while
for paramedics to arrive. When emergency crews arrived,
Sophie moved to a different place to give
comments to police. Paramedics later informed
her that Tyrone died. Brim was arrested a short time
later after he allegedly tried to steal a car from a dealership
and fought with a man there. The San Francisco Chronicle
reported that authorities said prior to the train incident,
Brim walked away from a hospital in San Leandro and was listed
as a missing person at risk. The knife belonged to Tyrone. Brim was able to
get it somehow and allegedly used it to kill him. Brim was charged
with murder, carjacking, and attempted robbery and made
his first court appearance in a courtroom in
Dublin two weeks ago. Tyrone was 49 years old and
was honored by his friends and family as a hero
and a father. His family started a GoFundMe
for his family that has reached over $10,000 in donations. Sophie said she met with
Tyrone’s family and that they thanked her because
Tyrone did not die alone. His family told me,
“Thank you.” They thanked me because
the victim did not die alone. She will be going to
his funeral on Saturday. I asked Sophie if
she was scared. She said she thought
about the victim and that she had no time to be scared. She also said she wanted
to be sure to tell the police that Tyrone did
not start the fight. Sophie wants to be
a nurse in the future. I asked her if she was scared to
ride BART trains in the future. She no, that
she still rides on it. Here is a video comment. I know that the world
have evil people. But I know they are few
as there are more people who are beautiful humans. Thank you, Sophie,
for your time. That is all for today. See you
tomorrow and stay with the light! Captioned by

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