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The Daily Moth 1-6-20

Hello, welcome
to the Daily Moth. It’s Monday, January 6.
Ready for the news? Here are updates
on the situation in the Middle East after President
Trump ordered an airstrike that killed Iran’s top
general Qasem Soleimani. The first – there was a huge
funeral for Soleimani in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Tens or potentially hundreds
of thousands of people wore black clothing and many carried
photographs of Soleimani. There were some people who
burned a US and Israeli flag. On Friday, an Iranian general
said they have identified 35 targets in the Middle East
and Israel where they could attack Americans
or their allies. President Trump responded
on Saturday by saying the U.S. would hit 52
Iranian sites very hard if they were attacked. Trump said he would attack
sites that were important to Iranian culture. There was criticism towards
Trump’s remarks because it is considered a war crime or
violation of international agreements to target
historic and cultural sites. The Iraqi parliament passed
a resolution to expel more than 5,000 US troops
from their country. The resolution was nonbinding,
which means it can’t go into effect and is a symbolic act
— but it shows the feelings of Iraqi politicians. There were many Iraqi nationals
who marched in the streets and called for the US to leave. President Trump responded to
the vote by threatening economic sanctions on Iraq if they ask
them to leave and the repayment of billions of dollars
spent on an air base. He said the sanctions
would be worse than the ones imposed on Iran. The Washington Post reported
that the US military would reposition troops in
Iraq in preparation for a possible withdrawal. But other officials said it is
just movement of troops and it is not for withdrawal. So there was confusion on that. Iran said they are abandoning
a previous pledge to limit the production of nuclear fuel. But international nuclear
inspectors said they are still at work in Iran and
monitoring activity. The US military coalition in
Iraq said they are stopping their operations against
ISIS so they can focus more on protecting themselves. There were 3,000 additional
troops ordered to the Middle East and there could
be 4,500 more troops. CNN reported that the US
military will deploy six B-52 planes to a base in the Indian
Ocean to have them ready to respond to Iran if necessary. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
said they would introduce a “War Powers Resolution” to
limit Trump’s military actions regarding Iran. Here are three top news briefs. The first – Harvey Weinstein
was indicted on new sex crimes charges in Los Angeles. News broke about the charges
as he appeared in his first day trial in Manhattan for rape
and other sex crimes charges. He was on a walker because
of recent back surgery. Weinstein used to be a powerful
Hollywood producer until accusations and charges of
sexual misconduct against him sparked the #MeToo movement. He faces a maximum
of life in prison. The second news – former
national security adviser John Bolton said he would
testify in President Trump’s impeachment trial if
the Senate issued a subpoena. This is a big deal because
Bolton knew a lot about the relationship Trump had
with Ukraine and previously expressed concerns about it. He was fired by Trump
in September after they had several clashes. Senate leader Mitch McConnell
(R-Ky) has been resistant against calling
witnesses for the trial, so we’ll see what impact
Bolton’s willingness has on the process. The third news – three Americans
– a US service member and two contractors –
died on Sunday in an attack on a military base in Kenya. The Pentagon has
blamed the Shabab, an extremist organization
affiliated with Al Qaeda. The New York Times reported that
Shabab fighters used firearms to break into a base before
being driven back by Kenyan and American troops. The three Americans have
not been identified at the time of signing. There was a 5.8 magnitude
earthquake that hit Puerto Rico this morning. It caused a beautiful,
famous stone arch called Punta Ventana to collapse. Look at this before
and after photo – you can see that
the arch is gone. A local told the Miami Herald
that she is sad because she frequently visited the beach
as a child and that it was one of the biggest tourist
draws in Guayanilla, which is on the southern coast. A series of earthquakes have
hit southern Puerto Rico since December 28. Today’s earthquake caused
several homes to be knocked off their foundations
and caused rockslides, but there were no reports
of injuries or deaths. The bushfires in
Australia are still burning. At least 24 people have died
and over 6 million hectares (over 15 million acres)
have been burnt. A family with deaf parents
lost their home from the fires. Their names are Angus and
Steph Johnston and they have three daughters
who are hearing. They manage a dairy farm on
50 acres in a rural area in the southeastern part
of New South Wales, which is one of
the hardest-hit areas. The couple uses their voice to
communicate with hearing people. Angus said during
New Year’s Eve, there were fires that
approached his home and land. His wife and girls evacuated
while Angus and his father stayed behind to
defend the land. They used an ute (truck) and had
two spray guns and they used it to fight the fires for
themselves and their neighbors on New Year’s
Day until January 3. On January 4, it was
48 degrees Celsius (118 degrees Fahrenheit). Angus said his neighbors called
him to alert him there was a fire at the bottom of a hill. Angus and his father and
his neighbors fought it by taking turns until
they ran out of water. He said they thought
they had it under control, but the wind changed
and the fire started again. They rushed to get more
water and fought the fire by spraying water behind
the movement of the fire. He said there was thick
smoke that burnt his eyes. He had a mask on
to protect his lungs. He said he did think he had
a chance to save his home but the winds was going crazy
with changing directions. He said there were
multiple wildfire cyclones, that it was “super hot,”
and that he got split off from his father. The fires grew in size and Angus
said he couldn’t do anything, and had to leave. He said he couldn’t watch
his “dream place” burn so he told his neighbors
that he was “out of here” and for them to “get ready
to defend their place.” I will show you pictures
of their home after it burned down. Angus said he felt like he
failed and told his wife Steph that he was sorry, but Steph
said he did an amazing job and she is proud of him. She said she is glad
he is coming back to her because “a house and
contents can be replaced, but he cannot be.” I asked Angus why
he wanted to stay and defend his land while
others evacuated, that it must have
been a big risk. Angus said if he had
to do it again he would, that he was not afraid of fires
and thought they got lucky. He said this fire is
the worst he’s ever seen. Steph said the land around
their home and farm used to have green, lush grass, but there
was a drought since April 2019 that caused the land
to turn dry and brittle, which was “perfect for fires.” She said there was a bushfire
in 2018 that forced them to evacuate, but the fires this year
came “faster, stronger, and made their own
weather system.” Australia’s Bureau of
Meteorology explained in a graphic that bushfires
generate new clouds and storms, which cause unpredictable
changes in fire behavior by causing downbursts of
strong winds and/or lightning. The Johnstons said they have
a lot of support from their family and friends. They plan to rebuild and said
their family who have different talents will help them and
the new home will have things built in to help them fight
fires better in the future. Thank you for
sharing your story. We’re touched by it and
wish you the best of luck in the future with your recovery. The Daily Moth is in touch with
other deaf Australians who were impacted and we will share
their stories this week. That is all for today. See you tomorrow, and
stay with the light! Captioned by

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