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The Corpus language, with Better Name Pending

Today we will be learning about the Corpus
language. Now every minor tiny faction, every little
mongoloid trading post in Warframe has its own alphabet, for some reason, but they are
still capable of speaking English with a few ethnical words thrown in. “Swazdo-lah, offworlder!” The Grineer seem to have developed a really
fucked up version of English where the pronounciation of words changed to better suit their degenerated
articulation. Now, the Corpus? “yuykiyiouy” I have no idea what happened here. You must’ve seen Corpus writing around – that
is actual English only without the letter X, Q and different pronounciation of the letter
C. The spoken version however is really curious. By doing this we effectively eliminated 13
letters, half the sounds, from the alphabet. This creates a few problems to say the least. For example, when we to say yes we say yey Which okay that sounds fun but the problem
is when we want to say say we say yay If we want to say yay we say yay If we want to say sassy we say yayyy If we want to say case we say yaye Are you starting to see the potential problem? Additionally, because of the limited pool
of different sounds more complex words sound absolutely unpronouncable and nobody has an
idea how they should say them. Just listen to two different people they’re supposed to be saying the same thing, okay? Like what the fuck
I think it’s either some regional Neptune dialect or the second person speaking is high
on narcotics. Maybe both. Damn, the Corpus have really low recruitment
standards these days. That’s how I got in. Anyhow, because the Corpus language is really
confusing to a newcomer I will teach you some commonly used phrases which I gathered from
your comments for this purpose. Pay attention now, here we go Yotkuy pip topkitj jtotj Corpus did nothing wrong Uttotputapepy jatttase.eke kay ypokkep jotkitj Unfortunately warframe.exe has stopped working Yee you, ykayetitta See you, spaceninja Tapkippy! Pesse ysayk Valkitty! Lemme smash Tij Atooy kay pke Tij Jay. Big Anoos has the Big Gay. OjO you aoj tejy tij UjU tubbipb tupjy jupjy
RjR yoo tiij OwO you aow vewy big UwU nuzzilz bulgy wulgy
QwQ soo biig yea It pite jitey you jtojpk atp ktotip, sake
jtotip. If life gives you growth and profit, make
grofit. Teep yout toip pesot totsa pkey yaip, ip jipp
te tut pkey yaip Feed your void demon forma they said, it will
be fun they said Yeep sy seap, Yapaypyys Yeet my meat, Cataclysm that – that’s one is my favourite personally, good job POOK TTOPKETY, pipy. LOOK BROTHERS, tits. Yjijjipy Yjoopy, I as yositj tot Seya’y toopy Swiggity Swooty, I am coming for Mesa’s booty” And of course, finally Pook ap pkes, pkey yose po pkiy kpaye jket
pkey ktoj pkey ate top kute. Petto uye pke keyy, tup pkey ate sete pteykayyety. Otpy I, Tot, ktoj pke ptue kojet ot pke Toip. I jay yup it kapt, peyptoyep, tup pktoujk
ipy Tatuy Key, pke Toip yappep po se. Ip ttoujkp se kete atp kete I jay tetott. Je yattop tpase pkeye yteaputey, pkey ate
teitj pep ty a tapye ktokkep, at iskoypot jko ktojy top pke yeytepy ot pke Toip. Tekopp pke Petto, yose po yyatetje atp peyeytape
pkiy yaytep teaps. Sy ttopkety, pip I top pepp ot pkiy pay? Pip I top ktokkeyibe pkiy sosetp? Toj, I jipp ypok pkes. Toj I as ykatjep, tetott pktoujk pke etetjy
ot pke Tatuy Key. Totetet toutp po pke Toip. Pep ip te ktojt, it pke Petto jatp ptue yaptapiot,
pkey jipp pay pojt pkeit atsy, atp jaip tot pke takpiys ot sy Tatuy key. Ip iy pise. I jipp peayk pkeye pteykayyety pke tepeskpite
kojet ot sy Tatuy key. Pkey jipp peatt ipy yiskpe ptupk. Pke Petto ate poyp, atp pkey jipp teyiyp. Tup I, Tot, jipp ypeatye pkiy kpaye ot pkeit

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