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THE BREADWINNER: Animating Life’s Little Gestures | TIFF 2018

When I went to start directing The
Breadwinner I wanted to make sure that the arc of the performances of the
characters were consistent – so the physicality of that was very important for our film. “But we’ve never even met them. How do you know they will help? We need food now.” Especially Parvana – at the beginning of the film, you know, as this young girl in her space trying to disappear… becoming something
that was much more self-possessed and becoming somebody who belonged in the landscape that she inhabited and to then intensify things into
facial expressions – into the gaze. Even how you hold a gaze, you know, is
different because to hold the gaze might be considered confrontational. So, again, to try and find ways to make a face cinematic and let the audience come
and be part of a facial expression but at the same time to respect the culture and try and be authentic. We were dancing in and around cultural differences but at the end of the day we spent a lot of time trying to find the things that make us all human – the little things, the little scratches, the little gestures that we all, you know, we all share in common. I think that it was a very interesting journey to find the specific and the universal

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