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The Best Way to Learn English – A Check-In – How is it going?

Hi, Bob the Canadian here. Do you remember a few weeks
ago I made a video called The Best Way to Learn English? If you haven’t watched it yet, I’ll put a link up there
that you can click. You should watch that video
before you watch this one. Anyways, I made a video called The Best Way to Learn English. And in that video, I gave you a plan for you to help organize how
you study the English language. And the basis of the
plan was that on Mondays you would do a lot of English reading. On Tuesdays, you would
do some English writing. On Wednesdays you would do some
English listening practice. On Thursdays, you would do
some English speaking practice. And on Fridays, you
would basically practice all of the vocabulary that you had learned earlier in the week. Well, I thought today would be a good day to check in with you, it would be a good day to
see how things are going with your English learning. I know some of you are using that plan. I know some of you have your own plan. But I thought today would be a good day just to come out here for a walk and to kinda ask you how things are going. And the reason I want to
ask you how things are going is because I really want to know; I would love it if you could
answer in the comments below. But I think other English learners who are watching this
video would love to know some of the things that
you have figured out, some of the things that you
do to help you learn English. So, let’s talk through each
of the five days of the week. Let’s talk through reading, writing, listening, speaking, and
learning new vocabulary. And if everyone could let
us know in the comments the things that they do in
order to do those things well, that would be great. So, let’s start with reading. I would be curious to know
what books you have found to practice your English reading. I know that some of you
are beginner-level readers, some of you are
intermediate-level readers, and some of you are
advanced-level readers. But I would be curious to
know what books you have read since this past January or which books you have started reading, and I’m sure a lot of other
people would be curious as well. So, please let us know
in the comments below the title, the author, and what
level you think the book is that you have read in the
past month-and-a-half. I think that it would be very useful for all us here on this
channel, including myself, to know what books you have found and what books you are reading. As well, when it comes to reading, I would be curious to know where else are you reading English? Do you read an English newspaper? Have you found a really good website where you can find really nice and easy-to-read English
articles, news articles or others? We would be curious and
we would love to know. So, again, please post
that in the comments below. What are you doing to read, what books have you been reading, and what else have you
been reading in English? So, let’s talk about writing. I would be really curious to know what you have been doing to
practice your English writing. And again, I’m sure everyone
else who is watching this video would love to know as well. So, again, share what you are
doing in the comments below. That would be really
helpful for all of us. So, what have you been doing to practice your English writing? I know some of you have
been leaving comments on my YouTube videos. That’s a great way to
practice your English writing. But maybe you have found a pen pal who you write to in English. Maybe you have found an English friend that you can write emails too. I would be curious to know and I’m sure everyone
else would love to know what have you been doing to
practice your English writing? It’s not the easiest thing to practice. It’s always easier to
practice your reading and your listening. Writing requires that not
only you do some writing but sometimes that you find
someone who you can write to who will read what you have written and kind of give you some feedback on it. So, anyways, let all of us
know in the comments below what you have been doing to
practice your English writing. So, the next thing you’ve been practicing, maybe on Wednesdays, is
your English listening, and this is usually everyone’s
favorite thing to do when they are learning a language, I think, because it’s the easiest thing to do. So, I would be curious, and please let us know
in the comments below, what songs have you been
listening to in English? That’s always the one that I’m the most
interested in knowing about. What songs have you been listening to? I know, for myself, I
have been listening to a lot of Post Malone’s song Circles. It’s on my playlist. I know I’m not learning English, but it’s still one of my
favorite songs right now. But what songs have you been
listening to in English? And please, again, let us
know in the comments below. And what television shows
have you been watching? What television shows, whether they are new shows or older shows, have you found and what
shows have you been watching and enjoying over the last few weeks? I’d be really curious to know and so would a lot of other people. And then, lastly, what movies
have you watched in English? Have you gone out to the theater? Have you watched some
on Netflix or online? Let us know what movies you
have been watching in English and how they have been helping
you improve your vocabulary and how they have been helping you improve your English listening skills. Yes, we’re definitely outside. Part of your listening skills today are being improved by
hearing some wild birds. I’m not sure, that bird sounds
a little bit angry with me. Anyways, let us know in the comments what you have been listening to and what you have been watching. So, in my previous video, I challenged you to practice
your speaking on Thursdays. So, whether you are
practicing your speaking on Thursdays or not, maybe you’re practicing it
on another day of the week, I’m curious to know
what ways have you found to practice your English speaking? Have you signed up for an account on a webpage or an app like Preply? There’s a link in the
description below, by the way. Have you used italki or Cambly? Have you simply been talking
out loud to yourself? Again, I am curious. I would love to know and I’m sure many other
watchers of this video would love to know what you are doing to practice your English speaking. By the way, I’m going to try to respond to all the comments on this
video for the first 48 hours. Normally, I can only respond to comments for about the first day and then there are just too many comments for me to respond to all of them. But I am truly curious and
very interested to know what you are doing to
practice your English reading, writing, listening, and speaking,
so please do let me know and let others know in the comments below. But we’re not quite done yet. We have one more thing to talk about, and that’s how are you practicing and learning new English vocabulary? What are you doing to
make sure those words and phrases stick in your mind? In the original video, I suggested that you use
a webpage like Quizlet. There’s also an app for that. It’s a free webpage. It lets you make flashcard sets and play games with new vocabulary. But maybe you have other methods. I know that some of you have
found really interesting and unique ways to practice
your new vocabulary. So, again, in the original plan, I suggested that every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday you should be learning new vocabulary, and then on the Friday you
should be spending time practicing that new vocabulary so that it sticks in your
brain really, really well. Sorry for the camera shake today. It is a little bit windy out here. And as I’m walking and talking, my camera is moving a little bit more than I would like it to. And of course, there was
the bird singing as well. I think you call that singing. Maybe it’s more like chirping. So, anyways, how are you
learning new vocabulary? How are you practicing new vocabulary? What new little tricks
and tips do you have that you can share with
us in the comments below, just ways that you have been able to learn and practice new vocabulary in a way that it sticks
in your brain for good? So, those of you that watch
my live English lessons know that I’m kind of
like a broken record. When we say that someone’s like
a broken record in English, it means that they say the same
things over and over again. And I am often saying that in
order to improve your English, you need to be reading,
you need to be writing, you need to be listening,
you need to be speaking, and you need to be learning
and practicing new vocabulary. So, again, that’s what I
said in that last video. If you didn’t watch it yet,
there is a link up there. You can go have a look at it. It might be helpful for you. But I hope for those of
you that are using my plan or a modified version of
that plan or your own plan, I hope that things are going well and that you’re learning a
ton of new English every day. Anyways, Bob the Canadian here, and you’re learning English
with me here on YouTube. And I really hope you’re
having a great day and I will see you in the next video.

100 Replies to “The Best Way to Learn English – A Check-In – How is it going?”

  • Well. About me
    Actually I m old enough
    I finished my high school many years ago after that I joined an english institute but I didn't finish all levels in it caused of some situations then I got pause
    And now as u see
    I m trying learn again to improve my english skills by watching youtube channel videos like yours and other teachers
    Sometimes I watch movies and English news on t.v
    We don't have english newspaper here in my country but we can get some books and also I read some of comments even they've some mistakes but I m sure much of them are useful
    Thank u so much Bob
    I like your videos they're useful and interesting
    My best wishes
    By the way
    I liked the natural view behind u and the wild birds songs as well

  • Firstly, reading. I started to read the Hitchhiking guide to the Galaxy, but then I realized that it's not interesting for me and I believe that book is pretty advanced. So I came back to my night book, Goosebumps.
    Next, writing. I'm preparing for taking an IELTS so I am re-writing letters and essays. Also I have a chat with my wife only on English.
    Listening. It's the easiest part 😉. Podcasts (Voice of America, All Ears English and others). It also includes YouTube videos, videogames, movies, TV shows. Now I am watching Pokemons. I assume that English in Pokemons is difficult enough to understand 100% of it.
    Speaking. Shadowing and TPRS method. I found out a cool guy AJ Hoge and his lessons Powerful English. It really helped me with speaking.

  • I haven't been reading any book in English lately. But I've read some books in English and it helped me improving my vocabulary and grammar too.
    As for as movies, I love a movie called 'a walk to remember' and I've wached it in English many many times.
    I really like watching contents in English on YouTube.
    I try to practice my speaking and writing skills as much as possible.
    Greetings from Brazil, Bob.

  • Hi Sir Bob.For starters I want to say that I adore your channel.It is just the best.What can I say more?

    Back to the topic and my adventure with learning English.Aha.One more thing.Sorry in advance for my mistakes.Ok,so let's start from the begennig.I've been learning English for a year.Currently I use 2 applications which called "Supermemo Olive Green" and "eTutor".I use them every day.I also watch(listen) your videos,Sir Bob,during my way to work.When I have free time at home I watch your other channel and add the phrases to AnkiDroid.'s a website where I read news from the world from time to time.And the last one is Blabu.I bought there conversations with natives recently.Blabu is very user-friendly because you can buy even 15min conversation.I'm going to start speaking eventually,beacause it's my weakpoint.Looks like I've finished.I'm very curious how many mistakes I did.I hope it is understandeble.

    Greetings from Poland Sir Bob!!

  • Hi, Bob. I have read five books in this year. These are 1. Chronicles Of Narnia Conqueror of the dawn by Clive Lewis. 2. Stories by Jack London. 3. If I stay by Geil Forman. 4. Post office by Charles Bukovsky. 5. Chronicles Of Narnia Silver chair. Now, I have been reading Ten litttle Indians by Agatha Christie.

  • Hello Bob, I start almost every morning by watching one of your short English lessons and write a repetition in a notebook. I like to do this 🙂

  • Hello Bob
    In this month I watched all of your videos, except live streams.
    Actually to learn new vocabulary I use kinaesthetic method which is primarly about movement and relating words with moving your body, facial expression, and gestures. I have found out that this method fit to me. Regarding reading, last three months I did read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. their level were high but I did enjoyed. Lastly about series or movies , I prefer and use eliminating subtitle in order to pay your most attention to the speech in order to learn like a child.
    Love you Bob😍

  • Hello, Bob!
    For this one and a half month I’d already read “Heidi” by J.Spyri, “Five on a treasure island” by E.Blyton and now I am reading “Inkheart” by C.Funke (these is just kid’s books and it pretty easy to read but I like them in my native language). Every morning before I’m going to work I watching cartoons or listening to music. Lately I like Sia’s songs as Elastic Heart, Don’t give up; and one of my favorite music band – Three Days Grace (I fond of all their songs). For improve my writing skills I use Duolingo app and one a week I write little post in my Instagram. As for me speaking is the most difficult part, I’ve trying to talk to myself telling what I’ve done during last few days or planning what I suppose to do at next weekends.
    I want to say you thanks, for everything you do for helping us learning English! Thanks a lot!!!

  • Hello! Bob Canadian it’s really cool idea so what I was doing since last month is staring from my writing I did couple essay in my school also I wrote for comment which is gonna be countable coz its written too funny also I did read nothing about books but I read some comments of other the people. I listened your videos which was so amazing so yeah thank you so much Bob you are such amazing Teacher.

  • Hi, Bob! Thanks a lot for all your videos! They are really helpful.
    I' m sorry for writing my request in this video, but I don't know where else I can address to you.
    I' d really appreciate if you made a video about having a picnic. ( I think it would be useful as soon as spring is coming)
    Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Bob, how are you doing? I just want to thank you for all of your time that you have been spending teaching us. You have been making our English learning easier.

  • I like to read the collection "chicken soup for the soul"..there are short true stories. The levei is advanced but I prefer to listen to interviews and videos like yours. Thank you Bob for your help.

  • You get me a very useful plan for learning English and I try to use it every week. One of the most big problems for me it's writing. Sometimes I make comments, sometimes I chat we people in tandem app but I wish you would make a video about patterns for writing, maybe for different situation or different essays.

  • If we talk about listerning and watching. I like watch your videos. When I watch your video I can get the special ability to talk for fluency and my listerning skills improves. I like watch shorts video on YouTube from the daily show they have slogan if you don't know now you know. They speak clear. Of course not so clear as you but it's good too.

  • The last problem it's vocabulary, because I did not anoth time for it. But sometimes a work with the quizlet where you can lear special cards and I think it's very good idea. If you have good ideas about voc please told me. Thanks a lot for your work. Great Bob)))

  • I'm reading "Peter Pan" by J.Barrie : I have only discovered your courses for two weeks, and I want to thank you very very much; in a short time I discover that I can understand and begin to speak and think in English. Beautifu the landscapes of your countryside! Your nice face is interesting too: maybe I'll make you a portrait to thank you! greetings from Italy

  • I've been studied a lot Bob and I'm reading many articles and I've seen your videos too. I'm practicing some things that you taught. I would like to thank you for the excellent work.

    Have a nice week.

  • Currently I'm reading The Maze Runner from James Dashner, I found it very interesting and suprisingly I can almost understand everything in spite of that I have only level B2 knowledge. I'm planning to read the other parts of The Maze Runner in the future. For listening I watch every single movie in english that I like or I used to like. As I see, the most difficult part of my english learning is the speaking, unfortunately since I had my english language exam in December I haven't talked in english with natives.

  • A good way that use to improve speaking and reading is a social media called "Quora". It´s a place where people make questions and others answer them. I've been using it for a while already, even before your video. So I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for improving English skills.

  • I red The call of the wild and begin another one, it is Shantaram. Also I read every day at least two articles on news site. I did not practice writing, but tomorrow I am going to write something. I listen a lot, last song was Ed sheeran’s someting, podcasts too. We are start watching Suits, and this show I already like from the first episode. I have some problem with speaking practice, because I am a lazy pig:) but I must to do it, to be valuable on a job market. So I have to do it. I use notes and write every new word in it manually, I found that if I do it by hand I memorize it instantly.

  • Ok, so on Mondays and Thursdays I learn deeply from the series Friends, in here I focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, i try to shadow characters. On Thuesdays, Fridays and Sundays I learn using your videos or videos from: Learn English with TV Series, I use both of them alternately. On Wednesdays and Saturdays I learn reading from articles from the website Screen Rant. Mostly articles related with movies/series. Everyday I create short sentences using new known words/phrases/expressions and I put them into Anki app. Tha schedule I described here I do in 30 minutes everyday, moreover for another 30 min I put together sentences I have in my Anki app, just let's say I choose word from some sentence and some phrase and I put my own sentence together. That's my way to learn speaking and all I have in Anki. So basically I learn not so much daily – 1 hour, I'd want more but I have examans this year and I need to focus on it, but when I will be after that I will be learning minimum 2 hours and more if I will be enough patient 🙂 All the best

    I've started reading "The Lottie project" written by Jacqueline Wilson 😃 I'm fluent as native speaker who's 5 y.o. so it suits me well haha. What's the correct way to say: 'I'm already on page 30" or "I' ve already read 30 pages"? Thanx!

    I keep a diary! Every day I write about what I've done in this day before going to bed.

    I'm a big fan of "Gravity Falls" so easy to guess that I've started watching it in English + I watch ur channel that really help me to improve my listening skills.

    Currently I live and work in UK so there is no challenge 🙂 but English people r not friendly, not open to chat..

  • Hello, Bob!
    I am from Russia. In last time, I am trying to write not only on the keyboard, but and to use pen into the my copybook. And I noticed that I can write without looking up in the text. I am listening the podcasts, watching YouTube (Joe Rogan). I am reading a book called "The Subtle art …." Mark Manson. Else I use such apps as Duolingo and Linguoleo together. I turn over page my life to English environment. And I am not going to stop!

  • Hey Bob, just to improve my english skills, I’m used to read and listening different sorts articles from TED. My favorite tv channel is INFOWAR.COM and BBC World News. If you allowed me a suggestion, what about talk of “reductions”. Thanks a lot, and have a nice day.

  • Hi Bob. Firstly I want to greet you and let you know that you are the best english teacher I've ever met. Coming back to the topic of the video… I usually practice my listening skills (expecially with your videos) and your videos are very very useful to increase my vocabulary as well. I do some speaking practice once a week with a mothertongue teacher. The practise I do less is writing, so I'm very glad to write you this message and I really hope that you answer to me. Bye. You are the best. Mattia from Italy

  • Hello. My reading practice is in reading news and my son's book s about everything like national geographic, how it made… My listening skills I improve by listening video on YouTube like Bob the Canadian channels video, spotlight, audio books, my favorite show is fluffy, Showtime, show Oprah Winfrey.

  • A couple of weeks ago I decided to refresh and improve my knowledge of English. I began to watch daily video lessons of three teachers on You Tube. Two of them speak British English and one speaks American. Bob, no need to say that you're one of these teachers. Watching their videos helps me to improve my oral comprehension skills and to enrich my vocabulary. To tell the truth, I don't even try to remember all the words I just enjoy the process of learning smth new. But every day I make up sentences with new words in written form and write comments. To remember the words easier I imagine the situation in which I can use them. When l have some free time I can read, listen or watch any kind of news, TV shows, films and music. I often watch The Ellen Show. But last week I watched a number of videos about Frida Kahlo. I also love videos about animals and nature. Music is my favourite kind of arts. So I can listen to any music and any singer. Some time ago I listened a lot to Eminem and Celine Dion. I found one channel where I can follow the words of the song on the video while listening to it. There's no one to talk to in English by my side, so I speak out loud to myself and read extracts from books and articles aloud. I began to read the book "A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It's easy to read as this book is for children. But it turned out to be a kind and moving story, so I gonna read it till the end. I even found the audio version on You Tube. Thus, first I read the book and look for the unknown words in the dictionary, and then read and listen to the text on the video. It helps to improve pronunciation and spelling skills. Sometimes when I'm in mood I work on my pronunciation with the help of tongue twisters. From my own experience I can say that learning rhymes, poems, dialogues and texts by heart can be very helpful too. If I'm not sure about any grammar points I consult Grammar books or look for the rules in the net.

  • Hi Bob! I really appreciate you for your teaching! Neither other English-teaching channel made me took everyday actions to learn English like this does.

    Now let’s talk about studying plan. A lot of activities described in plan I have already done for some period (such as reading, listening and watching TV series), so I use it to make my studying more structured.

    1. Reading.

    I tried to read a lot and here is my daily reading routine:
    – In the morning I’m reading the article of the day on Wikipedia
    – During a break on my job I’m reading some book. I’m already read “Charlotte's Web” by E. B. White (beginner level), “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl (beginner level), “The Headless Horseman” by Mayne Reid (something between intermediate and advanced level) and the last one is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill (intermediate level).
    – Before putting my son to bed I read for him few pages from “Winnie-the-Pooh” by A. A. Milne (beginner level).
    – Then, before going to bed myself, I continue to read my current book.
    – And during the day, I read some technical instructions on my job or look for something on Wikipedia (description of the movie, someone biography, etc.)

    2. Writing.

    The biggest move in this direction was finding a pen pal. Here is a recommendation for the other students – you can try to find someone to talk with on reddit there are a lot of Subreddits where people seeking for long-term conversation.
    By the way, if someone wants to start pan paling with me, feel free to text me via reddit. Here is my nickname: wonder_raccoon.

    3. Listening.

    It is the easiest one. I’m listening podcasts from, different streams (especially Bob’s one) and audio versions of books which I’m reading at the moment on my way to work or home, and sometimes during the work day.
    In the evening I watch 1 episode of some TV show. The last once was “Fringe”.

    4. Speaking.

    It’s totally opposite to listening. I mean the toughest once. All my speaking is a bit reading and describing my everyday life out loud.
    I don't talk to people yet. Maybe it’s because of lack of time, or maybe because I’m shy of my accent and poor vocabulary, and low speed of speech.
    I’m planning to gain some confidence and start to visit local english-speaking club.

    5. Vocabulary.

    I found that all these games and apps doesn’t work for me, so I use some old school notebook.

  • My tips to learning vocabulary and speaking are to watch english teaching videos,tv shows, then i'm gonna take note any of these phrases,idioms,etc … down to my note book.
    Next,i'm gonna be recording my voice to those things and send them to at least 5 friends on my Facebook friend list.
    And it really works for me,i can remember them so well.
    So what is your way of learning,please share me down here

  • I'm playing Pokemon Sun, This is my progress: Vast Poni Canyou, Play time: 49:56; My experience is that I don't need to understand every sentence, otherwise I will quickly lose interest.

  • Hello, teacher Bob!

    I am a pharmacist.

    I often talk about health care with online English teachers.

    Through these conversations, I can get new specialized vocabularies and expressions about medicine.

    I'm a beginner at English, but recently I started my YOUTUBE channel in English.

    It is videos about medicine.

    I need scripts for these videos.

    But when I write the script, I can study English writing.

    After that, I ask my online English teacher to check the script that I wrote.

    Through these processes, I can acquire new vocabularies and expressions, and I can also study writing, speaking, reading, etc.

  • Hi ,teacher Bob .I love your videos.I use two ways to practice my listening .One is listening to part of an article and write down everything I hear then I check it in .In the end, I listen to it again and focus on my mistakes .The other is listening to your videos ,in this process I try my best to catch the main idea .About 3 days later ,I watch it again ,then try to retell it on my own ,this is my way of learn new vocabulary ,phrases and native expressions .Teacher Bob ,I have a question about learning English ,I can understand most of your video,about 90%,how can I what my level is ,what should I do next ?If you are free ,I hope I can receive your suggestion ,I appreciate your help .Thanks .❤️❤️

  • In my opinion the easiest thing in English to learn is new vocabulary. When I don't have enough time for studying, I do some vocabulary. Then It's reading and I have more problem with listening a speaking. I've tried to listen to your last podcast about Acronyms and I hadn't seen the video before. It's more difficult to listen to something without straight contact. So, I'll go on. I have a personal teacher for speaking. I have one or two lessons in a week. I 've read Penguin readers books for practicing my reading skillz. I love studying English outside when I go for a walk. I have a plan to study about 10 words every day but nowdays I don't do it because I'm lazy. 😁 I do the words from the topic I've studied or I take down some words that I have written in my notes. And I practice the words for 4 days. I still go through them and after one week again and after 1 month again. Sometimes I forget them so I put them down again. Anyway, I know, I should invest more time into it. If I don't study English for more than 3 days, I forget too much and it takes me other several days I get in. P.S. I have another teacher, native British speaker, at school. I forgot to mean that. 😁

  • Thank you Bob for the advices, I really appreciate it. I believe it will be a helpful plan to learn new vocabulary and make the practice, so I will start to do it this week. I learnt many vocabulary, but I forgot most of them because I don't talk too much. Actually, I am working to learn interview vocabulary because it will help me for behavioral questions. Thank you.

  • Hello Bob. I've already read The adventures of Pinocchio. I was surprised seeing the difference between the Walt Disney interpretation of the plot.

  • I am reading 2 books. One is called 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. the other is called 'The Ice Monster' by David Walliams–a children's fiction…

  • 1) I read
    the great gatsby
    meiko's treasure
    The secret garden
    Stars my destination alfred bester
    The mist Stephen king

    2) I really didn't this, well, i'm right now in a English course and I write all saturdays and in Facebook, YouTube and all that, even in word to make homeworks so.

    3) Listening.
    This is my strongest part, i usually hear CCR, SOAD, Eminem, ABBA, Bob Marley since many years so I ever hear english and podcast and Bob's channel, even more english channels to learn more vocabulary, i ever hear english every day, at least 1 to 3 hours at day, AND your videos helps a lot.
    4) this is the most dificcult part cause I only can talk with prople in the course and with my self, i usually speak to my dog on English and to my self when i'm at home making stuff and all that you know
    5) Reading and Speaking, specially Reading and watching videos is for me the Best way to learn NEW vocabulary, ever, dude i looked for job, sports, felling, techincal, good, AND a lot more kind of vocabulary, even when I read Isaac Isimov Books I learn NEW words, i could say that I learn NEW words each day.

    Personally what make a strong difference in my learmign was READING, Watching videos bout NEW vocabulary and some structure, watching móvies, Listening songs of course But Reading is in first place dude.

    I dont even knew that "restless" was a way to express.
    AND my weaker part is Speaking cause I need to practice fluency in a normal convesation you know.

  • I believe that the great way to learn English is watching movies. I watched “Wish Man “ at Netflix and I loved!

  • I'm reading news in Google, I'm writing in YouTube comments like this, I want to start reading "The graet Gatsby" and I've been trying to practice speaking with a workmate, It's all that I've been doing for improve my English.

    Thank you for your videos, they are very useful

  • Hi Bob! I have read “White Fang” and “The Ghost That Came Alive”. This week I am going to the library to look for a new book. What is your recommendation?

  • Hello Bob. Im from VietNam. Im just beginning to learn English. I am your fan. And you are the best teacher i have ever met. I try to improve my English everyday. I always watch your videos. I listen without subtitles. And i read which you write in decription. Maybay i have watched any videos from you. But i wanna watch them again in order to repeat to your pronouciation and loud out myself. I read learners' comments in your posts. And i put a comment in your post to improve Writing skill. I think the way which you teach very exactly heplful. But im in VietNam so i dont know about English books or tv show in English. Can you recommend for me some of them? Thank you a lot. Have a nice day.

  • I really like your video. They help me for studying. You can share me a tip to can remember the new words ? My memory is not good. Thanks Bob

  • I often get in front of the mirror and start talking to myself, also I usually think and create some interesting situations on my mind to brush up my knowledge 😅😅

  • I watch serial Brooklyn 9-9, Family Guy, Rick and Morty. I use italky for speaking, I read really funny articles or motivation articles.

  • To learn new vocabulary, I've used a tool named BurningVocabulary(a chrome extension) to help. I always use google webpage to reading&listening and mark and save new words while I read English reading materials and listening materials. also use BurningVocabulary's flashcards to practice my saved new words.

  • Hi, Bob. this is my first time to watch your video. I think your your video is very easy to understand when I close the subtitle. I hope your video can really improve my English skill!! I am looking forward!!

  • Hi Bob, I started reading a book a month ago named as "Influence , The Psychology of Persuasion", but after 1 week I quit reading and stopped your plan. I think I am lazy enough to follow a plan.

  • Hi Bob,
    I try to list my answers as clearly as possible:

    #1 READING
    My last book 📖
    – Matt Haig – How To Stop Time (advanced level)

    – BBC Learning English – News website with app

    #2 WRITING
    I have found an reliable English pen pal to write with. We help each other in return. 📃✏

    Instead of listening to music I listen to English stories, conversations and podcasts. 🎶🎧😊

    – BOB The Canadian podcasts
    – English audio books
    – Audios from "Spotlight Verlag"
    Last Movie:
    – Hidden Figures – Netflix

    – Daily shadowing
    Instead of listening to music or the radio I SURROUND MYSELF WITH THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. (I do it because I enjoy it. Not because I need to.)
    I shadow the speaker as much as possible with a slight delay and without pausing the track. This helpes me enormously to speak fluently! Also in terms of pronunciation. My family laughed at me in the beginning. But now they see the result… 😇😉

    – Weekly video calls with my friend from Australia.
      We speak half the time German and English each.

    – I use HelloTalk.
    But beginners should be careful with language apps like HelloTalk, Italki, Tandem,…  There are way too many scammers who pretend to be English native speakers. But they don't want to learn a language at all!!! 🤔

    – I use my beautiful notebook for useful words and expressions and read them from time to time. 😍
    Because of the shadowing technique I learn them much easier.


    I enjoy learning languages. 💕😊 Thank you so much for your channels Bob! I really appreciate your effort! 🙇‍♀️🌻

  • Hello to everybody! Thank you, Bob, for these really great lessons. I appreciate this warm and welcoming atmosphere of your lessons! I teach English in Russia and I get tons of useful tips from your videos. We can find grammar in school books, but we'd never find this real vivid speaking language there! I'm recommending your lessons to some of my students this week as a way to improve listening. Hope, they'll get hooked on the videos instead of all that trash.☺ Do what you do and love it as you do now! 🇨🇵 I've got a question: Have you thought of making some kind of the same videos for French-learning students? I'm learning French and would be eager to practice it here. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  • Hi Bob! How are you? Unfortunately I have not participated in your lives due to my work, but I'm always following you…

    Lately, I have read and wrote some papers in English, it's being my first experience to write something like that in English, and I hope they be accepted. I have exercising my writing too leaving comments in the best English Learning Youtube channel!!

    In my daily routine, I have practice my reading, and listening though Biblegateway website. Over there, there are a lot of languages versions of the bible, and in particular English NVI with dramatized audio. It's awesome!! My speaking, maybe you think I'm crazy, but to try practice, I talk by my self, and sometimes I imagine myself talking to you!!! It's very funny!!! But… I have worked!

    Big hug my friend, and keep doing your brilliant work. God bless you!!

  • One year ago, I started reading adapted books on, there are many books and audio books there. Now I am reading non-adapted books for children and adolescents. Two days ago, I read book called "In My Thoughts" by Sharon M. Draper.

    I choose which book to read on, it has a special list of books, for example, the list of "Best books for adults." I have been reading the book on my old iPad and Kindle E-Reader all the time. Now more and more I prefer to read books on the ipad, although the Kindle has a more convenient dictionary in which I can quickly search for words.

    I only read e-books because it allows me to quickly determine the meaning of a word and not waste time searching for a word in a paper dictionary.

  • Now adays Novel 'Little Women' which has been released as movie as well in last december
    Songs Zayn malik's
    Shows jimmy fallon
    Movie I like the most is Lovely bones of Soairse Ronan

  • For reading I strongly recomend to read daily news articles, provided through The articles introduce related vocab and friendly stories which are interesting and cover all fields. The learners can choose their level even. I believe many of english learners already know about this though.


  • Hi, Bob ,I come form China. I've seen your channel for a long time ,but this is my first time to sent messages. I just want to thank you. I'm reading a book calls 'FLIPPED'. And i really like Robbie Williams' songs. I don't usually to write something use english. So this comment costs me about 25 minutes. It's so bed for me. I really like to speak with english to improve my speaker skill. But don't have many native speaker to talking with me. That's annoy.

  • Hi Bob!
    I have read "Among the hidden". I think it's for beginners good. It's the novel about a fictional future for teenagers. Also, I like to read Sidney Sheldon, hi writes in simple language. Thanks for your video, it's very useful for me.

  • Hi teacher Bob, can you give me a penpal so i can practice my English.Thank you if you can find me somebody to be my penpal.

  • Hi Bob, I'm Hungarian. I live in Singapore now. I love your videos. Unfortunately I have trouble memorizing words. I recently started learning English. What advice do you have for choosing a book?

  • Hi Bob, I love your channel, it’s amazing, in my opinion you’re the bestest teacher in the world.

  • Hey bob.
    I'm from Viet Nam
    I very happy to know you ! .
    When i have known you, I think my English can improve than before. Especially, listening skills. I have many problem with listening skills..
    I hope you will create more video.

  • You need to be reading
    You need to be writing
    You need to be listening
    You need to be speaking an d learning
    💛💚💜 come on

  • I've been reading a book called The Adventure Of Tom Sawyer, but it's very dificult to understand to me, it uses words and phrases that not find, I don't know, I thought that was a easy history.
    Does anyone know why is a dificult book?

  • Hi Bob! I follow you a long time but I am not sure that the first time I leave a comment on your channel. I try to practice English every day as possible as I have time to do it. I think maybe it is hard to learn something is not my first language like English but your channel, have been a part of learning English for me. I am from Thailand.

  • I was a bit sick yesterday so I just crashed into the bed after work so I can listen your lesson only today. I get an English magazine every month and I read this magazine to improve my English reading skills. I also practice my English writing skills by writing several articles out of this magazine. I practice to improve my English listening skills listening your English videos but I also watch InteractiveEnglish and mmmenglish. And I watch Mojo and a few videos about my favorite American films in English. Speaking? I have no big chance to practice, I do it alone rarely.

  • I'm reading Find another dream by Maysoon Zayid. I use to read the press also. My English writing is the less I do, only e-mail in my job. About music I've been listening the Beatles. I also have been watching TV with English subtitles, ID channel television series. Speaking is not easy to make it, but I try to do it by phone calling to my colleagues in US.

  • I always use "Reddit" for practicing my reading and writing skills. With "reddit" you learn live language, you can comment and get feedback. In little less than a year I increased my language level. It became way better.

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