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The ASL Challenge | ASL

[Intro screen writing “RIKKI POYNTER”] [Pokemon game sound] Yes, I am currently filming in a new area. I’m in northern California right now. We’re going to do a fun video today, nothing serious. We’re going to be doing some ASL challenges. I did these before on Facebook with iPhone videos but I figured I’d do it again here on a much nicer camera. Let’s see if I’ve improved any since then. There’s four challenges. Let’s start! The ABC challenge, regular way. [signs the alphabet, gets Y and Z mixed up in the process] Uh, no. Let’s do that again. I got Y and Z backwards. [signs alphabet, messes up] I’m trying not to focus on this too much. That was um.. Okay. Now I’m going to do the alphabet again, but backwards. I need to look at a list since I don’t know the alphabet backwards. This is a hard challenge for me. That wasn’t too terrible. Now I want to try the regular one again. Now I’ll do the alphabet with my left hand. I write with my left hand, but I sign with my right. I can’t sign very well with my left hand for some reason. Uh, I think that was actually better with this hand. Okay then. Alright, last one. Spelling “cat” and “dog” at the same time on different hands. Yeah? No? Okay, switching. Okay, alphabet one more time because it’s frustrating me. Okay, I’m just getting worse at this instead of improving. Alright, that’s it! That was fun. I believe there are more challenges, but I can’t think of them specifically at the moment. If you want to try these, you’re more than welcome to upload your own videos to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. If you want to follow me on all of my social media, links to that will be down below. If you want to support my work, you can do so via Patreon or Kofi. Both links are down below. I upload every Monday and Thursday and I will see you later. Bye.

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  • this video was so cute. the faces you made while trying to fingerspell the alphabet were adorable 😍
    and i also write with my left hand, but fingerspell with my right hand.

  • I always forget the sign for p. I learned the alphabet in preschool when I was learning to write it and still that sign always flies out of my head.

  • You got the sign for camera right. I am noticing the difference between signs and the captions. I really need to just turn them off to work on sign recognition comprehension. Thats where I am lacking. also asl numbers is a good one to do. we play like a game of "pass the sign". where one person starts with A then next person signs B, and so on. til someone messes up. that person is out. and the next person starts at A again.. its kinda fun but everyone groans over it.

  • Hi Rikki thanks for sharing Yes SAME write with Left hand well can with both but im Lefty in writing Really haha but ASL For sone reason Right hand . 😄😎🙈😂😂 thanks i enjoyed this at work busy day needed a laugh haha. Good job wave hands not easy :))

  • Same for me rikki but opposite!!! I right with my right hand but I sign with my left hand I can’t sing good with my right

  • What are you doing in California?
    You mentioned various social media platforms. Are there unique ASL-signs for these or are they spelled out?

  • You always film in the cutest places! I love watching asl videos so that I can practice my comprehension I guess. It helps me somewhow. I don't know.

  • I like yo shirt cuz it says pretty and you so pretty!!! Teehee I think on the left handed alphabet one you signed "A" instead of "S" at one point, but yeah, it might have been better than your other side haha idk. It looks like you had fun though even though you were a bit frustrated with yourself. TBH I probs would be too haha.

  • I'm a relatively new subscriber. I saw you on Jimmy's channel. For the last month, I've been watching your videos, and i must say your ASL videos are my favorite. I was forced to take a language in college so I chose ASL. I actually really loved the language and the culture. I haven't taken ASL in many years, but watching your videos made me want to learn again. Thank you, please keep making videos like these!

  • I have biggest a story for I am hard hearing aid and I don't know to how I can do.. Because I am living with hard this why my life me upset always. (Sorry for English is not good..)

  • Made me smile. I need to work more on my signing. I'm an Aspie so I'm gonna have trouble with reading expressions from someone else. I can do expressions but I don't know what they are through. I can sign the alphabet with both hands without much difficulty. I enjoy watching your videos Rikki, keep them up. Cheers!

  • Great episode. You are way more advanced than I am. Try this one. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. It uses all the letters in the alpabet in one sentance. Keep up the great work.

  • Lol the annoying thing is that the CAT/DOG thing isn't even sign language. I asked my ASL linguistics teacher about it last year and she explained that it breaks language rules, and people who can do it aren't actually signing, but producing these movements from a lot of practice

  • I normally sign in german sign language. Our spelling is almost the same just the “t” is different. Omg I tried to spell cat and dog at the same time. It is SO hard 😂 I also struggled with the alphabet backwards 😅

  • The ASL alphabet looks so difficult to read distinctly. I'd have so much trouble. I'm used to Auslan where all the signs look really different, and are two-handed.

  • New subscriber here. Found you on Molly Burke’s channel. I learned some ASL as a child and learned to finger spell. In college I took two semesters of it but sadly I have the hardest time remembering the signs and always choking up when trying to help a deaf person at my grocery store job. Not sure if it’s related to my ADD or not. Currently though, I’m working on a third book in a series where the main character adopts a toddler who has just received cochlear implants. I know there’s a huge debate on that subject. We talked a lot about it in ASL. Anyways, I’m really enjoying your content. ASL has always fascinated me and I will keep learning.

  • I just found your channel and you seem so cool. I am currently trying to learn Auslan(I live in Australia so that is what I learn for deaf or hearing impaired people who use sign language here)

  • I found that using my non dominate hand when finger spelling makes my brain slow down and possess each letter working with my brain instead of my brain getting ahead of my hand

  • For some strange reason I never manage to get my thumb bent all the way for B. For some reason, my other fingers always want to bend downward when I try to do it.

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