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The 7 most useful languages to learn in 2019 (apart from English)

Have you have a wondered which languages apart from English are the most useful to know? Here we go! While Spanish has become the de facto language to learn for many, Portuguese is rising in importance. The eighth strongest economy, Brazil has seen rapid growth and has become a major trading partner with the U.S. and Europe. Portuguese is not only spoken in Portugal and Brazil, but also in several African countries like Angola. Arabic’s importance is clear in that it’s the third most common language with more than 300 million native speakers. The Arab region is considered to be one of the wealthiest regions in the world. Knowing Arabic means the ability to enter into the Middle Eastern economy, which has grown by 120 percent in the last five years. Japanese is spoken by 122 million native speakers, making it one of the most spoken languages in the world. Japan is the third biggest producer of automobiles and makes up one of the biggest producers of mobile technology. Due to the increasing global role of the Pacific Rim and Asia, as well as the economic ties between the U.S. and Japan, learning Japanese is incredibly valuable financially. German is a language to learn if you want to earn the big bucks! Most people would assume a more common language such as Spanish or Mandarin would benefit them financially, however Germany is a European powerhouse and one of the strongest economies in the world. Thus, knowing German as a second language puts you in a special niche, allowing you to earn more money. More than a 1080 million people speak Mandarin Chinese, making it the most spoken language around the world. With its growing population and its stronghold on exports in the U.S. and the U.K., China has undeniably become a massive presence in the world. If you want to work in international business or banking, learning a Chinese language like Mandarin could definitely help to beef up your resumé. Spoken by more than 290 million people in 29 countries French has truly become a global language. Not only does France dominate in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and energy production, French is also the official language of NATO, the United Nations, the Red Cross and other international organizations. Last but not least, French is one of the fastest-growing languages and could become very important in the future. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world after English and Mandarin Chinese. It’s the native language of more than 400 million people across 44 countries, which makes it one of the most useful languages to know – especially for job seekers! [Music]

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  • French is declining more and more quickly, because its great weakness is that it is spoken mainly in France only !!!!

  • They're all pretty amazing languages.

    "Colonial languages" like Spanish, Portuguese and French are huge art, diplomacy, music, dance, theatre and literary languages as well as for modern film and tv and websites. Tourism in Franco, Luso and Hispano regions is also huge with all encompassing geographically large and diverse regions from the Americas, parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, and of course Europe. Their impact can be seen so far and wide that literally tens of millions are learning them right this minute.

    Arabic is a wonder and with so many countries speaking it as well as the literary, religious, artistic, musical and political importance it holds it's odd more people don't learn it in the US. This language is also the key to understanding the giant that is Islam as well as wondrous cities like Dubai and Casablanca.

    Chinese has become such a business language that for that career path you might as well start studying. In addition, the export of Chinese especially to Southeast Asia and some major cities in the Americas has spread it far beyond the Chinese homeland. Plus Chinese culture despite being mostly limited to East Asia is very unique and renowned around the world.

    Languages like Japanese, Korean and German are quite geographically limited (with German having a minor presence in the Central US, Southern Brazil and Namibia) but they are unique and are the languages of very economically powerful nations. Japanese and Korean pop culture have been exported around the world in recent years and the ancient traditions of each country are fascinating. German however is invaluable in science and if one wants to discover so much music, literature, architecture, psychological theories and foods native to the countries Germany, Switzerland, Austria.

    Russian: Romantic music. Ballet. Haunting literature. Political theory. Figure Skating. Orthodox Christianity. The real question is why not to learn Russian as its contributions are too immense to name.

    Hindustani: The Indian/Pakistani diasporas have brought this as a minority language to the Guyanas, the Persian Gulf States, Fiji and the Anglosphere, but it is largely still tied to its homeland in South Asia. The language of Bollywood and tied largely to Hinduism, it is growing with the rise of India as an economic power.

    Others with lots of cultural, economic or political output: Swahili: Spoken by around 100 m in East Africa + diaspora in Anglosphere
    Malay: Spoken by over 250 m in Southeast Asia as a lingua franca
    Persian: Spoken by around 75 million in Middle East and Central Asia as a lingua franca + diaspora
    Italian: Spoken by around 80 million in Southern Europe as well as diaspora populations in the Americas, Australia and South Africa.

  • I just watch videos like this to stroke my own ego. I know French and German (also Swedish as my native) and I just started to learn Spanish!

  • "The Arab region is one of the wealthiest regions in the world" wtf im Jordanian and im as shocked as discovering santa is not real

  • you guys are not thinking clearly even if you learned these "useful languages" also just means that when you get a job there's going to be less demand if you study a language like Korean (me) there's going to be a grantee for a job because it would be higher demand. Korean is a useful language just not spoken by tones of people. So when your thinking about learning certain language's don't just think about it being useful because alot of people speak it.

  • l'espagnol est seulement parler en Amérique Latine , Espagne et guinée equatorial
    espagnol ne merite la première place

  • If you learn portuguese you can understand spanish too, nows that a deal! And usually doesn't work the other way around.

    Just in case this is meant as a joke too.

  • In my point of view the most useful 7 languages are

    1.. English
    2.. Spanish
    3.. French
    4.. Chinese
    5.. Russian
    6.. Arabic
    7.. Portuguese

  • Dont lie that Spanish is the third most spoken language its the second.
    French is of no use.
    Only a handful of people understand French and Japanese.
    Learn Hindi and Russian instead of Japanese and French!!!

  • Most useful language is language which i am writing and which is also used in making this video of most useful languages.😂
    Language popularity depends on number of its native speakers. Here the correct order-
    4)Hindi (India)
    5)Urdu (Arab countries)
    Source- Wikipedia.

  • I first learned to speak Spanish first because I am a native speaker. From there I learned English from going to school. Next I learned Mandarin Chinese in just thirty minutes by watching a video on Youtube. Right now I am learning French. From there I will learn Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Italian, German, French, Esperanto, Afrikaans, Russian, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, and Japanese.

  • I’m bilingual, I’m learning French. I also plan to learn Japanese because I was exposed to the language in my childhood (animes.. and actually some sentence and words but, the knowledge is gradually decreasing because I’m learning a French and ai love the language)

  • A language is important when it is spoken in many countries, not because it has many speakers in the same place.
    Today, it is a culturally and scientifically evolved civilization that can propagate its language in the world, once it was above all territorial conquest that did so.
    For example – Hindi will never be spoken elsewhere and will disappear in a few centuries even if hundreds of millions of people are currently using it in only one country.

  • For those French haters out there. French is spoken on every continent, (yes even in South America surprisingly), in 29 countries it’s the official language. But it is used as a mandatory non de jure (de facto) language for business, education, and government in another 4 [Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria]. Also it is used as a government language in the former french Indo-China, however not as often as it is in the other 4.

  • Fyi i visited china mainland last year. If you want to ask something to them and you cant speak mandarin fluently (if they dont understand you) they will ask you to go away or speak louder. Very very impolite.

  • I think that if you had said French 100 years ago it would have been a true statement. Looking at stats. French has been in a declining sate since then dispute the population growth. I would take it off the top 10 list bit leave it on the top 20. Put Russian at number 7 and I think your list would be farely accurate.

  • All the languages in this world are great in its own sphere . Its all up to you , how you utilize that language .By the way , I speak English and Spanish and now i 'm learning french and German .

  • My mother tongue is Portuguese, I understand Spanish, I speak german, English and french. I want to leaen Japanese so bad but it's so hard… :/

  • Yeah you Just gotta learn that language to a point where you can understand high formal/work language which (depending on language) can be very different to the normal language especially in management or business

  • Legit every Japanese sentence comes with 80% Chinese characters. So if you people wanna learn Japanese well, might as well master Chinese first. Ya’All got the order wrong lol.

  • I am fluent in English and Spanish, which I believe are the two most useful languages to know. This is from both academic and social perspectives. I have been learning Thai since 2016 and it is a challenge learning the tones and cluster consonants etc. In Thailand there are a number of languages. Issan is Lao or Khmer whereas Northern Thai people speak local dialect and read/write in Bangkok Thai. Many countries have a variety of dialects and in poorer ones, illiteracy is high too. In southern Thai they speak fisherman Thai or Burmese due to all the hospitality workers being Burmese. They don't speak Thai. Either way, knowing more than one language is great for travel and your brain. Gracias amigos😊

  • Apart from English (the language of everything that everyone will learn), languages should be ranked more by the GDP of their countries rather than population.

  • Rankings of the most powerful languages on Earth –
    1. English 2. Mandarin Chinese 3. Spanish … (by 2050)
    If we consider Mandarin a dialect of Chinese, then we have to conclude that the Chinese language (used not only in China as many people believe but everywhere in the Far East from Japan to SE Asia) is even more powerful than what's stated in the paper.

  • Bullshit! Arabic should be at #2 after spanish. Theres too much muslims in this world and theres a lot of arab countries. Common sense my friend.. common sense!😇

  • For those who just want to know how the video ranks them:

    7. Portuguese
    6. Arabic
    5. Japanese
    4. German
    3. Mandarin
    2. French
    1. Spanish

  • 1.English



    #Only One Country

  • Guys believe me portuguese is not an important language, if someone who speaks portuguese can't speak english don't bother them

  • After English. So do I Spanish, Portuguese,German and French I agree but, Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese so hard. This World change Hindi grow your importance too. All language is great.

  • They played a video of Shibuya, Tokyo (the scramble where Hachiko is) when they were talking about Arabic😂

  • With English and French you can talk to the whole world : African countries, african immigrants. The same with Chinese, but when you know English it is easier to learn French and Spanish than Chinese obviously, or even German. Both languages are useful for work and business, but also to communicate with people from so many places.


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