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Thanksgiving, Swim Meet, And Little Gestures Of Support PLUS Swimming and Diving – s1e228

Alright, welcome to Episode 228. And I
always start every episode by saying “alright.” I guess we’re just going to live
with that for a while. I’ll try to think of something else. Um… so in this episode, we’ll start off with a little bit of a day-in-the-life thing,
and… and foremost there is a swim meet tonight, and I got my GoPro problem
worked out with the selfie pole so there’s gonna be some underwater
photography and there’s gonna be some underwater videography and there’s gonna be some swimmers wearing the GoPro. So… so… that’s kind of the day in the life
forecast for the the beginning of this episode. I also want to continue to
explore the concept of you know being the bee bee being that person who does
that little thing to get things started in a big way for it for other people and
I’m gonna talk about it out of my class a little bit his reddit handle is gnarly
Charley gnarly Charley has kind of started a little thing going on on
reddit by creating a sub page for me and that is that is turned into kind of a
little looks a little bit of excitement for the channel growth there’s there’s a
group of people who have subscribed to his subreddit and who are kind of kind
of prompting they want something else goofy and so that’s kind of in the work
so we’ll be talking about some of these things as the as this episode unfolds
there’s probably gonna be some food in here somewhere because I’m gonna stay
and and go on through to the swim meet so thanks for uh thanks for joining the
episode and I hope that you’ll stick around and in
enjoy the fun all right school’s out swim warm-ups they’re going
on I got some subway for dinner and I just realized the timing this video is
probably gonna come out on Thanksgiving Day so I think it is appropriate that I
would say Happy Thanksgiving to everybody and that that ought to have
some value so the reality of Thanksgiving I think if that means the
reality of Thanksgiving fail I got another idea missed mr. chair so that
there is Thanksgiving probably the day that this comes out I have so much to be
thankful I have the family decent health job I enjoy and don’t know how that
sounds I’m sure the the rustling of papers is is a be right back I’m told
you I’d be right back the rustling of paper I’m sure is a pleasant sound this
is wet from the divers and swimmers so one of the divers one of the divers pull
this up around the around the ribs still wet uh so I got that footage you
did so this is probably like the worst Thanksgiving segment in the history of
YouTube it’s not the first time I’ve had a terrible segment anyway I am besides
getting ready for the photo shoot very grateful for the the things I have in my
life all of those things so there’s no card in the camera but there’s a card
right there there’s also a card in the GoPro this is
gonna be fun I’m gonna do some good GoPro stuff and ready for swimming ISO
ISO max this the 25600 be the light in the pool area
not the greatest autofocus correct burst mode on high this way you can get like
that picture of the solder head didn’t to this side of the head and the other
side of the head and then there’s that picture where their mouth is open in the
water worst this is the worst segment in the
history of YouTube’s I covered a lot swimming Thanksgiving Subway GoPro all
right let’s bring this segment to a close I will catch up with you after the
swim meet I promise I will show you some footage
and a couple of couple of steals that I feel like I can share because I got all
this teenagers and all that stuff I got to be real careful about what I show but
I’ll I will definitely definitely share something if they even have to blur it
out all right end of segment all right the swim meet
is over pretty well and I struggle with the GoPro it’s just I can’t I can’t see
what you’re shooting and half the time I can’t quite see the settings and I think
there’s something wrong with part of the GoPro and anyway I struggled with it but
I got some good video I was trying to get a the stills but I got some pretty
good video I also got some good video off my phone the divers really nice
slow-mo and so it was a good good I think the guy from the Friday show is
gonna use some of it and then you know he’s the same guy that does your book so
some will appear in there but that’s it’s kind of enough for today however I do have to go to the store and
get some store stuff so I will spare you the interaction with my shopping we’ll
pick this up and wrap it up tomorrow let’s try to rap episode 228 up with
something that resembles and being sensible I feel like I can that last
you know clip and uh yeah guys kind of got crazy and very very distracted which
I was very very distracted because I was trying to do too many things at once and
then we’re not when I want to leave and was talking about the the swim meet I
had the iPhone on the the telephoto lens and not on the wide-angle lens and so
those clips were like super weird and close-up so try to wrap this up with a
little bit more sensibility and I also what you want to mention for tech techie
people I’ve shot this whole episode the entire episode on the 8 plus and I got
this this kaamika microphone it’s a CBM be 30 light I made a review video of it
and and it works with my iPhone and so I’m gonna try to see how it’s you know
stands up how I can work this into my video routine not not a replacement at
all for but for certain situations where you know be easier to run and gun on on
the iPhone so Thanksgiving episode I really do have a lot to be thankful for
I have a job that I joy I have students that are fun to be around and
interesting and for the most part respectful for the most part give it a
go and try things for the most part just generally good kids who you know trying
to be good kids and do what kids do so that’s be thankful for I have a family
that’s supportive and and that loves me and all the things that go with being
part of a family and my health is okay I’m done alright and yeah so all in all
I’ve got a lot of things to be to be very thankful for I also thankful for
all the supporters on YouTube all the subscribers I’m sitting right at the
cusp of 500 subscribers which is pretty exciting maybe by the time this video
goes up I’ll have ticked over there and that brings me to the the other thing I
want to talk about in this in this episode is is those little supports in
our life that go a long way and this is a motif that I said I was gonna be
following ever since the boom boom pal video when a few people did a few things
and started a domino effect one of the one of the things that’s going on in in
that vein is a guy in one of my classes actually in my 8th grade class his his
his reddit reddit user ID is gnarly charlie and he got the idea of starting
a subreddit and that has been a lot of fun and it’s brought a different angle
into the channel there’s some very active and enthusiastic viewers who are
who are connecting to the channel through through the hill Snodgrass
subreddit and that’s just a little gesture he did I don’t know he was it
was kind of I don’t know how he got the idea to start it but but it has become
one of those things that sort has grown and become something and there’s like a
little like a subgroup of YouTube subscribers who are interfacing through
reddit so that that’s kind of a cool thing and as also something I’m thankful
for is that level that level of supported interest with that said
Thanksgiving go spend some time with with your family make sure that and if
you’re watching this after Thanksgiving I hope you had a good one the rest of
the holiday season make sure I did a holiday video about keeping the holiday
priorities what they should be so make sure you do that go check that video out
it was a collab with Ashley Murphy so check that out as well bringing 228 to a
close thank you for watching subscribe to the channel sign up for notifications
leave me a comment question tell me how you spit your thanksgiving or plans you
have for the holidays that’s all I have for this one I will
see you in next

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