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Teddy Geiger on Coming Out as Transgender: “I Want People to See Just Who I Am’ | Billboard

♪ My heart, no, it’s never gonna shake ♪ ♪ Never gonna break, never
gonna get that right ♪ ♪ My heart, no ♪ – I’ve done a lot of
writing for other people, other projects, and what I tried to do with the music I’m putting out for myself is kind of keep it like,
where I’m doing everything. And so it’s very much
so not a collaboration and just kind of what I like
and where my tastes my lean, and kind of a reflection
of me and only like, me. If I’m just kind of left alone in a room, what am I gonna make? And that’s what this project is. Working with Shawn from the beginning has just been so awesome to see
him like, grow as an artist. And, you know, when I first met him, he had just like, learned
to play the guitar. And it’s been crazy to see him like, from his first steps doing that, he’s just really such an amazing talent, and it’s been such a
pleasure to see that grow and to be a part of growing
with him through his career and, I don’t know, just be
there every step of the way and like, see him continually push himself to grow and learn new
things and all of that. Being open with my fans and
everybody that I work with and everything is just, I mean,
as I’m going through this, I didn’t want to, I don’t know. I just kinda want everyone to be with me, and to know what’s up, ’cause, well, A, there’s no reason not to,
and people wanted to know, and they were asking questions. And so I just kinda came
out with everything, and was like, this is
what’s gonna be happening and this is what’s going on. And then it let everyone I
was working with know as well, so it’s like, ’cause I
was showing up to sessions like wearing makeup and
stuff and, it just like, cleared the air, I was like, cool, by the way, this is what’s going on. Like, if I show up and I seem like I’m exploring some other
stuff, that’s what that is. In 2018, I want people
to see just who I am and give them that window into like, what I’ve been through, and how this all unfolds, I guess.

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