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Teaching Peers to Respond to Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Session 1

We can sit down right here on the blue carpet. [child vocalization] Yeah we have all kinds of instruments today. And we’re going to get to work for treats too. I see you looking at my picture. This is my friend Elijah. And guess what? Elijah’s name begins with an E. E for Elijah. Who else’s name starts with an E? [gasp] Both of you have a name that starts with an E! That’s so cool! And guess what else about my friend Elijah? Yeah. He uses this super cool talker to talk to his friends. Have you ever seen something like this before? Yeah. You have? Cool! So he can push all these different buttons to ask his friends for things and his friends help him out and they go and get the things he asked for. Do you want to try it and see how it works? Which one do you want to push? [child vocalization] Try it again. Here, push really hard right in the middle. There you go! Sticks! You asked for sticks! Here you go. We’re rubbing our sticks together. We’re rubbing our sticks. Can we go up high? Yeah! We can go down low! Nice! I’m going to turn up the volume on this thing. It’s really quiet. There we go. You want to pick a different one? Hmm I wonder which one she’s going to pick. AAC: Drum. Drum. Here’s the drum. I like that idea to use our sticks on our drums. So cool! We’re jamming out like a rock band. I like how you used your stick to press the on button. Do you want to pick another one? Yeah. Alright. I can’t wait to see what you pick next. AAC: Piano. Piano. Here’s the piano! And on this one, you can push the buttons up here to make music. That music makes me want to dance! [laughs] Nice! Speaking of dancing, there’s some songs on my DynaVox too. All the pink ones are different songs that we can sing. Do you want to pick one of the songs? Yeah. You want to pick a different one? AAC: Guitar. We can do the guitar. Sure. [music plays] [laughs] [music continues to play] AAC: Sticks. Sticks! Here are the sticks. While we play with sticks, I’m going to sing the Ants Go Marching. [singing Ants Go Marching] What song should we sing next while we do our sticks? We can do Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, Happy and You Know It, or Twinkle Twinkle. AAC: Twinkle Twinkle. Twinkle Twinkle, I love it! [singing Twinkle Twinkle] Nice! What’s this? Oh what a great question! This is our token board. And today you get to work for some treats. Do you want to work for jelly beans, goldfish, or M&M’s? Jelly beans! You can put it right there. Awesome! So now What is this? That’s how we’re going to get our tokens! This is a picture of my friend Elijah and I’m going to pretend to be Elijah and every time I ask for something, if you help me get it, you’ll get a token. Okay. So if I ask for the drum, you could bring the drum. If I press Twinkle Twinkle, you can sing to me. Does that sound good? Yeah. Alright, let’s give it a try. Alright I’m going to ask for… AAC: Guitar. Wow! Nice job, you brought me the guitar! You get a token! Nice job! [music plays] Hmm next I’m going to ask for AAC: Maracas. Maracas. Whoa! Thank you Elizabeth, you brought me the maracas! I like how you’re playing with me too. I think I want to sing a song while we play the maracas. I’m going to ask for… AAC: Twinkle Twinkle. What should we do? AAC: Ants Go Marching. Oh I asked for… AAC: Twinkle Twinkle. Can you help me sing it? Yeah. [singing Twinkle Twinkle] Awesome! You helped me sing! Thanks so much! Hmmm I want… AAC: Piano. Great job! Thanks for helping me get the piano. Will you play with me? Yeah. [music plays] I’m going to play a song too. [music continues playing] We’re jamming out. [music continues playing] When you help Elijah, you can play with him with the instruments too. It’s always more fun to play together. Alright I’m going to ask for my last one. AAC: Clap. [clapping] Nice job! Do you want to work for a bonus token too? Yeah. Alright. You clapped with me, awesome! Hmmm AAC: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Do you know that one? Yeah. Alright, let’s sing it together. [singing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes] Nice job! You even got a bonus token, high five! Check it out. You earned all your tokens. Yeah. So how many treats do you get? Three. Three jelly beans! Nice work. You got tokens for helping your friend get the things that he asked for. So later today, you’ll get to meet my friend Elijah and we’ll practice again. And next time, any time he asks, you can help him get it and get more tokens. What colors do you want? Purple, green, and purple! Nice job! Thanks for helping me and responding to my talking on the talker. You did an awesome job.

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