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How To Learn Sign Language

Teaching Baby Sign Language – My Passion

das Kind trinkt ja
she’s drinking the child’s drinking
meet my 11 month old daughter and watch her communicate
with baby sign language cracker
bread bread
Trauben Wie geht das Zeichen für Trauben
Grapes very good grapes yeah
do you remember the sign for carrot? yeah good, carrot
cat eine Katze, ja
a cat Du has es toll gemacht
you’ve shown it well yes, you can’t get to your leg now, dog
Hund, wuff, that’s right we tap eine Blume
a flower yep
baby wie geht Baby
Baby ja wie geht das Zeichen für Buch
Buch, ok wollen wir’s noch mal anschauen was ist das hier
pok,pok, pok ein Huhn genau hier is the squirrel, das Eichhörnchen
das Eichhörnchen gut
Guck hier ist der Pinguin, Schatz, wie geht der Pinguin
Peguin der wackelt so Wie macht das Krokodil
Schnap, schnap, schnap ja Your baby can learn this too
I’m passionate about teaching baby sign language
Visit my website
and sign up for my free baby sign language discovery course

3 Replies to “Teaching Baby Sign Language – My Passion”

  • Are you teaching the German, English, and sign altogether? And is that so your baby will be bilingual? That's so cool!

  • She's 4 now and German and Dutch are her first languages. Her English vocabulary is quite impressive too. I was most amazed by the fact that she started writing at 3.5. She now knows over half of the letters of the alphabet by name, sound and how to write them. I love it

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