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Tampa Police Spokesperson on Fake Sign Language Interpreter: ‘I Let Her In’

it’s happened again another sign language interpreter accused of signing total gibberish this time it was at the police news conference announcing an arrest in the Tampa serial killings we will be charging four counts of first-degree murder standing off to the side apparently translating every word this woman we received over 5,000 tips in this case but it turns out much of what she was signing was nonsense she waved her arms around like she was singing jingle bells says one outraged sign language expert the woman identified as Durlan Roberts has a string of arrests for fraud so how did she come to be translating it last week’s high-profile police news conference I just didn’t ask enough questions Tampa Police public information officer Steve Haggerty told me the woman simply showed up out of the blue and offered her services my immediate reaction was I didn’t call for a sign language interpreter but that’s great that we have one here I let her in did this woman appear to know what she was doing to the untrained eye and that would include mine I didn’t see any problems this latest embarrassment comes three months after it was revealed that the sign language interpreter at hurricane Irma news conference also in Florida made no sense and time to act is now Haggerty is summing up latest gouf we won’t be using that woman again cops say this was not a crime but it was an ethical violation [Music]

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