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Taking You To The First Deaf Gaming Convention (American Sign Language) | Rikki Poynter

(INTRO MUSIC) The arrival. (BEEP) Good morning. I’m currently on my
way to the airport. I’m flying to Aut… Again. Austun. In. I’m flying to Austin. In Texas. I’m heading over to a
convention called MazzCon. It’s the first deaf gaming convention. Well, for video games. I’ll be on an accessibility panel. It’ll be me and two other people. I think. I’m excited but also nervous. The panel is two hours
long and all in ASL. So I’m like… oh dear. It’s gonna be my first
panel all in ASL. And for two hours! Wow, wow, wow. (CLICK SOUND) Bump, bump, bump. The car is bumpy- oh! My flight is at…1:07. I arrive around 2:50. I’ll be there Thursday
through Monday morning, and then I fly back to Charlotte. I’ll see you soon at the airport. (MUSIC) (MUSIC) I’m on the plane now. I was given the window seat. I prefer the aisle seat since
I have to pee more often now. Oh well. So I haven’t had any drink
since that one coffee. Try not to pee as much. Try not to need to pee as much. There’s a really cute cat on this flight. Also, just to let you know, preboarding for disabled
people is fantastic. Okay, here’s to hopefully
a safe flight. (MUSIC) Day one. First day of MazzCon! (MUSIC) Good morning. We’re here now at Evos. Evos Esports Arena. Fingerspelling is not my strong suit. Everyone’s setting up right now. What time is it?
It’s- wait, no. It’s 8:53 in the morning. Convention starts at 10. So we have a little over
an hour left to setup. So my accessibility panel
has two other people. I don’t know where they are. So I’m just watching
everyone setup. I’m just here for the panel. And then after the
panel is over, I have an interview with
the National Deaf Center here. Then I can do whatever I want. But there is a Fortnite tournament. So that might be fun to watch. (MUSIC) Getting ready to open. (MUSIC) Hi! We’re here at MazzCon. Come see what we have this weekend. It’ll be exciting. (MUSIC) Finished with the panel! I’ll talk more about that later. But now we’re finished
with the interview! It was with the National Deaf
Center here in Austin, Texas. That’s exciting. Now I don’t need to do anything. My work is finished. But I think the conference
is still happening right now. Just some kids playing Fortnite now. Tomorrow is a Fornite competition. Now to just do whatever. PSA: Please take care of
your belongings. See why in this new clip. (MUSIC) I always do awkward things like that. (MUSIC) Rainbow Six Siege was
actually today’s game. (MUSIC) Accessibility workshop. (MUSIC) Hello. Day one is over. Four of us, all the girls,
are back home resting. We came home just
to be able to rest. Everyone else seems
to be at the bar. It’s been an incredibly long day. So perhaps tomorrow we’ll drink. Tomorrow will be really busy too. I think there’s cosplay, maybe? I forgot what day. And then the Fortnite tournament. See you tomorrow. Day two. Good morning. It’s day two and we’re
already having problems! So normally Evos opens at 10. But because the convention
is happening now, we have to open earlier. It’s about 8:10 in the
morning right now. No one is here to open right now. But we need it opened to set up. We had to make big changes last night because of some feedback we
made and received. Because today’s tournament
is all about Fortnite, we have to update all the
computers for season 10. But no one’s here.
What the eff? So we wait. We got in about 20 minutes later. (MUSIC) Fortnite tournament. (MUSIC) Awards for today. (MUSIC) Day three. Good morning.
It’s day three. I forgot my vlogging camera. It’s fine, whatever. Not gonna worry about it. Hey. Hey. HELLO! Hi! Today is actually cosplay day. I don’t know if that’s after-
whatever. After the game. It’s 8 now.
We open at 10. And then… yeah. (MUSIC) Cosplay workshop. (MUSIC) Tournament begins. (MUSIC) I left early due to
some other plans, but here are some clips
from the livestream. These are the giveaways
and goodbyes. (MUSIC) Thank you, MazzCon. See you next year. (OUTRO MUSIC)

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