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Learning To Use Mac Trackpad Gestures

Hi, this is Gary with If you’re a trackpad user like me, and most MacBook users are by default, then you probably know there’s some special gestures you can use to control your Mac. But have you taken the Read more…

7 Trackpad Gestures You Probably Aren’t Using (#1744)

Most Macs sold today are MacBooks. Even some of the desktop Macs sold today are sold with trackpads rather than a mouse. So that means most Mac users have access to a trackpad. You may think you know lots of Read more…

Use Gestures to Navigate a Drawing

Use Gestures to Navigate a Drawing

AutoCAD on the Mac supports gestures for both the trackpad and Magic Mouse. For example, to specify a command or select an object, use a one-finger click on the trackpad or a left click on Magic Mouse. To open a Read more…

Touch Gestures for Computer Trackpads

Touch Gestures for Computer Trackpads

– Hello. Today, I will demonstrate our gesture software for touch sensors on laptop track pad. Our breakthrough SDK enables creation of any gesture for use with any sensor in only a few minutes, without requiring any programming or training Read more…