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Sign Language Smart Translation Glove

Peace Be upon You This is A Graduation Project in 2017 Held in The High institute of Engineering and Technology in Al-arish The Main Idea of The Project is To Translate The Egyptian sign Language Into Sound and and Text Read more…

Bright Sign Glove – A glove that translates sign language

My background is in design and I specialise in digital design. I was frustrated with the softwares available and that didn’t do what I wanted it to do, so I decided to go behind the computer and learn how it Read more…

MECH 423 Sign Language Interpreter Glove

MECH 423 Sign Language Interpreter Glove

Our MECH 423 project is the Sign Language Interpreter Glove. The objective of our design is to provide a device that will allow people who are speech or hearing impaired to more easily communication with the general public. Our device Read more…