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How the Digestive System Works

KidsHealth presents “How the Body Works,” with Chloe and the Nurb. [MUSIC PLAYING] I see your gallstones and raise you four tonsils. Call. Whatcha got? Ha! Read ’em and weep– a pair of kidneys. Well, filter my trash. Too bad Read more…

Dirty Signs With Kristin – Santorum

Dirty Signs With Kristin – Santorum

Hi everyone! Dirty Signs With Kristin. My word for you tonight is “Santorum,” because politics are cool. Um, in case you’re not aware, “Santorum” is defined on the internet as “the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter as a Read more…

9 Weird Ways Animals Communicate

*Title Theme* You learned it in picture books and preschool. Cats meow, dogs bark and ducks quack. But not all animals use such obvious methods of communication. And some of them are downright weird. From ultrasound to head-banging to piles Read more…

“Language Barriers” | Russell Peters – The Green Card Tour

“Language Barriers” | Russell Peters – The Green Card Tour

>>Russell Peters: You’ll notice when you’re walking around any major city now, uhm, and I notice this here even, in England, which is ironic, that you find less and less people speaking English, nowadays. Like, even in America, I walk Read more…