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How languages evolve – Alex Gendler

How languages evolve – Alex Gendler

In the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, all of humanity once spoke a single language until they suddenly split into many groups unable to understand each other. We don’t really know if such an original language ever existed, Read more…

How long can a language last before it’s unrecognizable? – Dyirbal Glottochronology 2 of 2

Languages change over time, but how fast? Let’s say you fall into a coma hearing your language spoken all around you. You snap awake in the same place but at a different time. They’re still speaking your language, but you Read more…

The Hardest Language To Spell

I have this dream of doing a spelling bee on steroids. The contestants line up facing a wheel labeled with a bunch of the world’s languages. Step right up, spin that wheel and, wherever it happens to land, you have Read more…