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Sexism and the English language | The Economist

Sexism and the English language | The Economist

Women and men face double standards. No, I don’t mean just the gender pay gap, I’m also talking about the different words we use to describe men and women with the same characteristics. While he is described as charismatic, she’s Read more…

How long can a language last before it’s unrecognizable? – Dyirbal Glottochronology 2 of 2

Languages change over time, but how fast? Let’s say you fall into a coma hearing your language spoken all around you. You snap awake in the same place but at a different time. They’re still speaking your language, but you Read more…

The Hardest Language To Spell

I have this dream of doing a spelling bee on steroids. The contestants line up facing a wheel labeled with a bunch of the world’s languages. Step right up, spin that wheel and, wherever it happens to land, you have Read more…