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Chinese – The Sinitic Languages

Follow Langfocus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Err…what should we do today? Today let’s talk about Chinese. No, let’s talk about written Chinese. No, let’s talk about classical Chinese. Or, maybe standard Chinese. No, no, we’re gonna talk about various Read more…

The Japanese Language

The Japanese Language

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Langfocus channel, and my name is Paul. Today’s topic is, The Japanese language. Or ❝Nihongo (日本語)❞ as it’s called in Japanese. Japanese has around 126 million native speakers. Making it the 9th most spoken language Read more…

The Korean Language

The Korean Language

hello everyone welcome to the Laing focused Channel and my name is Paul today’s topic is the Korean language or handle mail as it’s called in Korean and actually in North Korea it’s called Chosun my Korean is one of Read more…

How Similar Are Chinese and Japanese?

Learning a language ? Have a look at our partner website italki where you can meet language exchange partners for free or learn at home with convenient online lessons. Buy your first lesson and get your second lesson free. Check Read more…