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Syrupy Sweet Gesture [Girlfriend Roleplay] [Cute] [Short]

Mornin’! Sleepy head. Yep, still raining. You slept though the thunderstorm last night; it was crazy. I actually started to get worried. *chuckle* Whatever, you love it. I brought you breakfast in bed. Do I need an ulterior motive? I just wanted to surprise my darling with waffles. Yeah, with fruit. ‘Cause you’re a weirdo. I got you milk…unless…you’re going to drink the syrup. Hey! Don’t you dare- No! *laughs* Baby, you’re ridiculous. Give it- Give it here! Give it to me! *laughing* Can’t trust you with anything.

2 Replies to “Syrupy Sweet Gesture [Girlfriend Roleplay] [Cute] [Short]”

  • swoon Wowzers, mondo cutie vibes beamin' off a voice sweeter than hunny and twice as warm 👑🙏😊😊🍻🍯 ugh, crazy cool audio selection so far! You're a natural and the noise added into the background just kinda.. golly, what else can be said? Your creative charm and charisma is just psychedelic billybonkers in the grooviest way! 🙂😄🤗

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