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Symonds Yat – Forest of Dean – Wye Valley – River Wye – Zip Wire – Chepstow – Glouchestershire

Look it’s moving Don’t do that Come to me, come to papa Hi there, hi guys, good morning We are currently in Chepstow right now Yes we are why are we here? To do the zip wire for 40 second long I am excited no actually, I am more nervous than excited to be honest Same here as always look at that man pose You need a little This is how you show love to other person, you just make a love puddle and then say I love you that reminds me of a kid that jumps in a puddle falls into deep puddle Look at that it is pretty over there Cloud looks stunning looking fine excited? No, yeah, i guess more nervous than excited yeah Look at me Okay, how about you? Excited! It is a long way init Yeah The dark cloud is coming up right? and we are next okay I am gonna capture you I am just going to capture her with it Yeah that is fine Hey Nicely done How are you feeling? Nervous! Okay She is the most nervous one you can do it we just finished our zip wire together Wait, I am going to let down my hair okay, I am ready Look at her hand, shaking Please stop making fun of me and that is the view from this end especially when you are coming down the view is just so nice and the air is so refreshing How was the experience? It was thats what you did Yeah look at the colour of that water man, look at that colour it is literally, bright as the sky today… You have a nice crib Jabina You think so yeah I build this myself It only took like 5 years Not bad not bad OMG, look it is a donation puppy look it’s moving Don’t do that It is so cool, look Jacket potatoes with… You should go there and play with barbie dolls I love it how they provide it with toys Right there? Yeah There is an xbox as well Xbox right Yep There is an eating area outside as well but we are staying inside feeling warm and cozy Hey guys, I am in front of Chepstow castle as you can see behind me apparently it is one of the most, oldest castle made out of stone so it is quite marvellous Rakesh I think you are enjoying it too much c’mon get out No No Okay alright I will give you another 5 minutes Now we are just gonna chill take a rest watch some movies yeah we will catch you guys tomorrow I will try double tapping alright so we are in Symonds Yat Rock and after a great walk we are just resting for a bit drinking some water yeah thats it It is cold but it is sunny Oh it flew the other one did not c’mon jump

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