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Sylvia Cast Introduction

My name is Garrett Zuercher (name sign) My name is Amelia. This is my sign name. My name is Darren Fudenske but I’m known as Dax (name sign), D-A-X. My name is Kim Hale. My name is Mary Hould (name sign). My role for this show, Sylvia, is the director. I play Sylvia (sign name) in the show. She’s acted as a dog. Well, half human. You’ll have to decide, human or dog! In the show, I play Greg (sign name). My character’s name is Kate (sign name). I play three different characters. There’s Tom (man), Phl, sorry, wrong spelling, Phyllis (name sign) and Leslie. Complicated 2. Real 3. Life (spells life) Energetic, smart, sneaky. If I had to describe Sylvia in three words…. fun, crazy, sweet! I would say funny, connection between the deaf and hearing, with really talented actors. Connection, communication, playful would be my three. Tickets on sale! Check it out at

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