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Swift 1.2 Tutorial – Text Labels, Animations, Physics, and Gestures

– Hi, this is Paul Solt from iPhoneDev.TV. We’re gonna create our
very first iPhone app, and it’s gonna use physics and labels, just to get you started, to get you used to writing some code and learning to do a little
bit of the fancy stuff that, otherwise, you’d have
to wait forever to get to. So I wanna expose you to
it, and let’s jump right in. So, what I have here, and this is what we’re
gonna learn how to do in our first lesson,
is how to use gestures to create some really cool animation. So all I have to do is
tap on this iPhone app, and what it’s going to do is it’s gonna
animate these two labels. So I’ve positioned the
labels, and I’m animating them every time I click on my iPhone app. So you can sort of see
I’m incorporating physics, I’m incorporating the touch gestures, and it’s really starting to create a compelling user experience, and this is the foundation
for any type of app that’s gonna be touch-driven. So, learning to work with gestures and learning to work with
labels and animations, I think, is a really key way
to start your first iPhone app. So, let’s go ahead and get started. We’ll learn how to add
these labels in code first, then we’ll add the animations, and then we’ll learn how to repeat the animations using gestures. All right, let’s get started.

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