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Swedish VS Norwegian – Language Challenge with Halla.Helle

All right you’ve been waiting for this
for a long time. Let’s do language challenge Swedish versus Norwegian, with Helle. And Niclas who is holding
the camera with his right hand, is going to read the first
sentence in English. The first sentence in English:
the cucumber has cancer. And I’m gonna say in Norwegian?
Yes. Little more Rs. I’m from Skåne. We don’t do Rs.
In Swedish. She’s from Halland. Okay next sentence.
Okay. It is terminal. Okay, last sentence.
The sadness is real. Bosnian was way easier. Cantonese was way easy.
It is so difficult. It should be said that I have like one of
the most common Norwegian accents as well. Which is very Swedish-like.
Yes. It’s not Bergensich.
It’s like you can do the Swedish versus Norwegian challenge forever because there
are so many dialects to choose from. So like one hour from where I grew up you
would get like a completely different thing. How would that sound then? Drammen. Or from Bergen like: Alright, thank you very much for watching
Swedish vs. well a very easy Norwegian. Yeah! Bye.

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