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Swami Nityananda Starts His own Country

Nityananda was born in Tamil Nadu and he would give spiritual sermons. In Bengaluru he had a Ashram where lot of people would come to hear his famous sermons. He had many followers who really liked his teachings. They said he was just like the famous Osho. In 2010, a sex tape of Nithyananda and a famous actress started circulating and got viral. After this many women came forward and said that he has raped and assaulted them. A woman said that he raped her at his ashram while he was giving her spiritual teachings. Gujarat police filed a case against Nityananda. When they tried to catch him, he ran away. They tried to find him but he was no where to be found. The police continued their search but they still could not find him. The police wondered how he managed to leave India as his passport had expired. Nityananda would beat and rape poor children. He even forced them to beg and collect money for the ashram. Nityananda was missing for a long time. However now on tuesday 3rd December 2019 Nityananda was found when he released a video on his YouTube channel in which he was giving a sermon. The police traced the video to Trinidad and Tobago. After further investigation it was found that there is a island near Ecuador named ‘Kailaasa’. It was called a Hindu country. Just like India is a country so is the Kailaasa. They have created their own website, passport and flag. Just like we have our own currency in India, they have created their own currency as well. Nityananda said that all those who believe in Hinduism are welcome. They will provide free facilities such as food, healthcare, etc. Nithyananda is also trying to have the United Nations recognize ‘Kailaasa’ as a nation. This is because, just like India, Sri Lanka, etc are countries recognised by the UN he wants Kailaasa to be recognised by the UN as well. Nityananda said that people are welcome to the country, to hold Ministerial positions like those in India. The police are trying to find them.

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