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Sucker – The Jonas Brothers (American Sign Language Cover)

*singing*I haven’t filmed an outro in a really long time.
how did these things go again? It’s been two months. okay *clap* hi guys thank you for
watching my video don’t forget to like and share and subscribe and all that
stuff I’m supposed to say make sure to check the description down below. All of
my social medias will be there as well as any mistakes I might have made Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. My Twitter i s different and
Instagram I’ve just been using a lot so since my posts have been kind of
sporadic on YouTube, that’s the best place to find me and contact me and just
know what’s up. make sure to follow me on tik-tok if you are looking for more song
covers and ASL content. I put more over there than I do here on YouTube so
definitely go follow me on TikTok Make sure you’re following me on you-now. I go live every Sunday slash Monday if I forget on Sunday. Sorry I went MIA for
like a hot second… I’ve been busy yeah I think that’s it. I haven’t made an outro in a while this was kind of everywhere I’m rusty! Thank you for watching
love you guys! Bye! I haven’t been on youtube in a while. It’s so weird. Alright leggo!

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