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Hello, folks. So this morning, we’ve come
along to a very good language school in London because we want to have a look at what it’s
like to be a student in one of these schools. Come, and let’s find out. — Hi, Lee. — Hi, Ben. — So our viewers are learning English on
the Internet. What would be an advantage of coming to a language school for a time to
learn some English? — I think the key difference is that when
you’re at a language school, then you are part of a whole experience. If you’re learning
online, it’s great, but it’s for an hour or two, and that’s it. Whereas if you come to
the school, then you have complete immersion in a whole day of English if you like. If
you’re staying with a host family, you have English experience before you come to school.
All day, you’re speaking English, and if you take part in our social activities in the
evening, then you’re carrying on. So it’s constantly learning and taking in and processing
of new information. — Sure. So if someone was studying here and
staying with a host family, they might share meals with the family. — Yeah. — And I guess there are students coming from
many different countries. — Exactly. And of course, then you get this
interaction with loads and loads of different students from all over the world, which, again,
really challenges you in different ways when you’re learning English, I think. — And do students come here for a couple
of weeks? — Some do. Some students come for a couple
of weeks. Some students come for a year. It depends on what that student is looking for,
what they need, what their plans are. So it can be either-or. — And I guess it’s very exciting being here
in London. You know, we’ve got a lot of English culture around us. — Of course. I mean, the history, the art,
the literature, the theatre scene is just really advantageous to learning English. It’s
just an amazing city. So to come and study here is a really good thing, I think. — Yeah. I mean, I guess the student can learn
more the more they put themselves in an English environment, the more they speak. — Exactly. If you immerse yourself in something
completely, then you’re going to get more out of it, I think. — Cool. Well, is it possible to go and have
a look at a class this morning? — Yeah. Absolutely. I think Dan is waiting
for you upstairs. — Great. Thank you very much.
–You’re welcome. –Let’s go upstairs. So let’s go and have a quick look now at a
general English class and what that looks like in a language school. Okay. Come have
a look. — Hi, there, Dan. — Hi. — Hi. We’ve just come to have a look at your
general English class today. — Hello. — What exactly are you going to be doing
in class today? — Today, we’re looking at the difference
between literal and non-literal meanings of nine elements of vocabulary. I was just asking
Nir what he thought about the difference between “enough food” and “too much food”. So, sorry. — I think it depends. — Okay. In this meaning, do you think that
it’s — if there is “lots of”, is it good or bad? — Yeah. It’s good. — Good? Would you agree, guys? It’s good? — I think it’s bad. — Okay. Hands up if you think it’s good.
Nir, you stand alone, my friend. I’m sorry. Hands up if you think it’s bad. — In fact, that’s what I looked like last
night at about 10:30. But what other words? Fly. That’s what I’m looking for, “fly”. Read
the sentences with your partner. I want you to decide two things. No. 1, which sentence
is the literal meaning? Which sentence is the non-literal meaning. No. 2, what do you
think the non-literal meaning means in other languages? Okay. Good. So it’s a word. You
can use it, but it doesn’t mean what you think it means here. In this case, you mean “hard”,
not “hardly”. — “To question.” “Question” can be a verb? — Yes. Of course. “I question.” Yeah. Good
guess. Well done. So that was a great lesson from Dan. They’re
really engaging in the teaching, and the students were obviously enjoying it. We’re going to
go down to the lunch hall now and grab a bit of lunch. And then, we’ve got a couple of
students who we’ll be talking to. They’re from different parts of the world. So I’m
hungry. Let’s go and eat. [Crowd chatter] Well, that was a delicious lunch. And we enjoyed
having a look at Dan’s class. Now, we’ve got three students at the London School of English
here. And firstly, folks, could you tell me what course you’re doing and how long you
have learned English for? So starting with Takami. — I’m taking a Cambridge English examination
preparation course. It’s called FCE. So just this course I have studied three weeks. Yeah.
I have another five weeks. — Okay. And before, when you were in Japan,
how long did you learn? Like, one year, two years learning English? Or — — Honestly, no. Nothing. — Nothing at all? Okay. Wow. Very interesting.
Okay. Thanks. And Veronica? — I’ve done the general course for one month,
and then I’ve started three weeks ago the CAE course, which is the Cambridge Advanced
Exam. And that last — — Why did you choose this course? — The CAE? — Yeah. — Because I needed to get into university,
and I’ve also heard that this academy prepares very well students to pass the exams. And
I’ve been — — So you’re hoping to study in a university
in England? — No, not in England, in Switzerland. — Okay. — And they are asking for a B in CAE. And
yeah. They’ve told me that this academy really will help you to pass the exam successfully. — Good luck to you. — Thank you. — And Francis, tell me, how long have you
been learning English, and why did you decide to come and study in England? — I started English in secondary school and
some more in university. And I decided to come here because I want to improve my English
a lot. But only for pleasure. And for me, the best place to learn English is in London. — Sure. — So I come here, and I’m learning here in
this school. — Cool. Veronica, had you been studying in
Spain how to speak English? — I’ve studied English in Spain, but with
au pairs. At school as well, but the level in my school was pretty low. So yeah. The
au pairs have helped me to get this fluency. — And how do you find the teachers different
in London and in a language school compared to in a school where you’re from? — Well, I think that teachers here have more
experience, and they do really know which mistakes do students make. Whereas the teachers
in Spain, obviously, they are experienced as well, but not as much as a language teacher
would be. — So they’re more specific? — Yeah. More specific. They know the mistakes
that people from different countries make, and yeah. I think that’s the main reason,
I think. — So Takami, do you feel you’re improving
your English in a good way? — Yeah. Just getting better. But of course,
I need to more improve. But I feel that day by day getting my English better. — Cool. And so for all of you, it’s been
stimulating; it’s been an interesting time being here? You’re obviously making really
good friends here. Is it something you’d recommend to people? — Absolutely. You should go. — Yeah, definitely. Yeah. I’ve already spread
it all over. — You should come here. It’s a life experience.
You have to do it once at least in your life. I enjoy it a lot. I improve my English a lot.
I make a lot of friends from different parts of the world. So it is amazing. I enjoy it
a lot. — So guys, I’ve lived in London for six years.
And I feel I know it well, but for you coming to London, is it a good place to come to?
Is it easy for you to speak to people and practice English being here in London? — Yes. I met some very friendly people in
the pubs or wherever you are. And yeah. It’s very easy. For me, as I said, it’s a life
experience to be here. So London, for me, it’s the capital of the world. — Wow. — It’s not the United States; it’s not Washington.
It’s London. Very cosmopolitan. — London’s on the map. — Yeah. Absolutely. — And are there enough things for you to
do? — Definitely. — On the weekends, for example, are there
opportunities to do things? — Yeah. You won’t run out of chances or different
activities to do. One weekend, you can go and see a theatre play, a musical, and then
visit different areas from the city. It is a very versatile city. You can go to the north
of London, and it’s completely different from the south of London. So you won’t ever — — I feel like I’m in a different country
in some parts. — Yeah. It’s like a country. So you won’t
ever get bored of living here. — Great. So the best way for you guys to
learn English, is it from reading? Is it from listening? Is it a mixture? What’s the best
way? — I think it’s a mixture because you learn
the grammar basics in class. Then, afterwards, you can socialize at lunch. And then afterwards,
with the social program, you’re able to talk to everyone and get to know everybody and
talk about your country, their country. You learn different cultures. You — yeah. You
get to socialize. — Is it difficult for you to speak English
to someone from Spain? — Well, if we — — It was easy the first day that we met each
other, so it’s easy. Yeah. If you met someone and you start speaking English, it’s easy
to ongoing with that. — And if both of us want to speak English,
then it’s okay. Because I know other Spanish students here that they feel that they want
to speak Spanish with me, for example. But don’t do that because we are all here to improve
our English, and we are interested in learning English, not in speaking our native language. — It’s true. — And here, you have the possibility to speak
24 hours. — That’s why it’s the best way. — So after school, you can go to the pub. — No sleep. — Exactly. — We are trying to speak English even with
same country people. — That’s cool. — It’s important. — Well, thank you so much for coming in and
speaking today. It’s been really useful. And I hope there’s been something for you to learn
back home. Thank you, guys. — Thank you.

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