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How To Learn Sign Language

Study the Bachelor of Linguistics and Language Sciences

SPEAKER: Ever wondered who taught Siri
how to talk? Or where Dothraki or Elvish languages
came from? Or even how dormant languages
can be awoken? Linguistics is the scientific study
of language. Macquarie’s Bachelor of Linguistics
and Language Sciences will develop your understanding of language
and how it’s used in different cultures, with different people,
in different places. You’ll explore the structure of language,
how children acquired it, and how it’s processed in the brain. You’ll build critical thinking
and research skills, and you’ll learn from
world-leading academics. You’ll also get access to our cutting-edge
language sciences research facilities. This degree will prepare you
for a wide range of careers like forensic linguistics,
language preservation and revitalisation, organisational communication or
language analysis for technical innovation. You can also double the Bachelor of
Linguistics and Language Sciences with any other degree
to build an exciting career. Like teaching robots to talk,
using language to ignite passion, or helping refugees find their voice.
Changing the way you understand the world. That’s you, to the power of us.

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  • "you can also double it with any other degree" 
    Is this really true? – because I was told the same at open day, which was exciting, but then I was also told online that I could not combine it with B of Primary Ed.

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