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Storytime Countdown: Christmas ABC’s – Day 1

[Music] Hello and welcome to Crafter’s Countdown’s
2017 Christmas Countdown. I’m Jessica Kringle. Of course, most of you know me as Mrs. Claus
and I get to help you count down the magical days until Christmas as we start off now is
December 1st. Now, I know last year we used Mr. Snowman as our, um, Advent Calendar, but this
year I wanted to show you the very first calendar I ever bought when I was quite young. Um,
I bought this for myself. This is my favorite advent calendar. I absolutely love it! And
what we do is… there’s a little magic star and you lift these poor little cardboard doors
that have been used so many years because you know how old I am. And you have a little
ornament inside. And then you use it to decorate your tree. And then, by December 25th we should
have our entire tree decorated. And then there’s a surprise on the very last day, on the twenty…
24th, on Christmas Eve. So I’m going to set this aside.
Now last year we did Crafting with Claus and I did a lot of fun and amazing projects and
those are still up on my YouTube channel, Crafter’s Countdown. So if you like to do
crafts then go ahead and check those out and you can follow along. But this year I decided,
since I talked last year about how important reading and books are, that we were going
to read a different Christmas story each day as we count down the days of December, until
we get to Christmas. The first book that I wanted to read to you
from is, um, it’s a collection of Little Golden Books. And I have other Little Golden Books
too. Those are the ones with the little, um, gold binding right here. But this one I got
in one of the craft stores. I absolutely love it. It’s a new book. And we’re going to read
The Christmas ABC. So I thought we could just get in the mood as we start counting down
to Christmas by looking at some of the things that, um, we use during Christmas time and
this special holiday season. Now I also did a video where I showed you some Christmas
sign language, so you can look for that on my YouTube channel as well. But as we go along
with these ABC’s, I want to show you the sign language alphabet once again. So we can follow
along and you can be learning to read, you can be learning your ABC’s and you can be
learning a little bit of sign language. Okay? So here we have The Christmas ABC.
A A is for Angels looking down from above. Guardians of Heaven that sing of God’s love.
B is for Bells that ring in the steeple, bearing glad tidings to us and all people.
C is for Christmas, a most joyful day. We celebrate Jesus in his warm bed of hay.
D D is for Dancer and the sleigh full of toys that Santa will bring to good girls and boys.
You’re making sure you’re staying on Santa’s Not Naughty List, right? His good list?
E This is how you do “E” in sign language. E is for Evergreen, so pretty to see when
it’s all dressed up as a fine Christmas tree. F F is for flower, bright as the star that
shepherds and wise men saw from afar. G Here’s “G”in sign language. Okay? G is for
giving of gifts to each other, a package for daddy and something for mother. And let’s
give a present to some girl or boy who surely would like a nice Christmas toy.
This is H. Okay? H is for Holly with berries so red to please little children wherever
it’s spread. I I is for Icicles that shine in the sun and
ice on the pond where skaters have fun. There’s lots of ice up here at the North Pole. Very
chilly! Here’s how you do “J”… you go like that.
It’s like you draw it with your finger. J J is for Jesus who was born Christmas Day,
the baby God sent us to teach us His way. There’s a nice nativity in this picture, very
pretty with Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus. Here’s “K”. K is for Kitten so warm and so
cozy when Santa comes in so jolly and rosy. This is “L”. L is for Lamp that glows oh so
bright. A welcome to those who pass in the night. Here’s “M”. Okay? M is for Mailbox the postman will fill with letters and cards all bearing
Goodwill. It’s the most exciting time to check your mailbox everyday, right? See what’s in
there. Okay, here’s “N”. It’s like “M” but with two
fingers instead of three. N is for neighbors who come over to say, “Merry Christmas to
all, what a joyous day!” Here’s O, Kind of hard to see because it’s
so decorative it looks like one of the ornaments, which starts with “O”. O is for Ornaments,
and here’s how to do that in sign language. You make a little “O”with your fingers. O
is for Ornaments that glitter so bright and make Christmas trees and most beautiful sight. Here’s P. The letter P. And you do this. Okay? For P, for sign language. P is for Plum Pudding
(there’s two “P”‘s in that one) a fine Christmas treat. There’ll be cranberries, turkey, and
nice things to eat. Okay, Q, here’s Q in sign language and there’s
the letter Q right there. Q is for quiet, not even a peep for Santa is waiting until
all are asleep. You have to go to bed early that night, right?
Okay, so here’s R, and this is how you do that in sign language, R, you cross your fingers
like that. R is for Ribbon. Tying bows is such fun. Christmas gifts look so pretty when
wrapping is done. Okay here’s S. You know what “S”is for, right?
S is for Santa Claus, stockings, and sleigh. (all those “S”‘s) and all of the things that
make Christmas Day gay. For Santa will come Christmas Eve, we all know, to fill all our
stockings, right down to the toe. Okay T. Here’s the letter “T”. Okay? There’s
the letter “T” here. T is for Trees full of tinsel and lights. Surely they’re one of our
Christmas delights. Have you put up your tree yet? We have, you can see it over here.
Here’s U. This is how you do it in sign language. Letter U. U is for Underwear, red flannel,
you know, to keep Santa warm from his head to his toe. Back home at the pole with his
feet near the fire, he wears his red flannels until it’s time to retire. I know that Santa,
sometimes when you visit him in the mall, if you don’t know what you want for Christmas
when he asks you, he’ll say, “Okay, I’ll bring you socks and underwear.” [Giggles] So underwear’s
a good thing for Christmas, right? Alright, here’s V. This is the letter V in
the sign language alphabet. V is for [sings] Voices of boys in the choir singing God’s
praises, in festive attire. And look, here’s some notes down here. Here’s W and here’s how you do that in sign language. W is for Wreath that we hang on the door,
like a crown for the king little children adore.
Okay and here’s X. And I love this “X”, it looks like two little Yule logs there. X is
for kisses when you write someone a letter, to send a few to Santa Claus to say you love
him better. Do you ever put X’s and O’s for kisses and hugs when you write a letter to
someone that you love? Letter Y is like this. Y is for Yultide, the
time for good cheer, when Santa and Presents and stockings appear.
And last but not least is the letter Z and here’s how you do that in sign language. You
draw out a “Z” in front of you. Z is for Zooming way up in the sky. Santa Claus and his reindeer
now bid you Goodbye. And it’s time for me to bid you goodbye tonight
as well. We’ve got so much here as we prepare for Christmas up at the North Pole we’re very
busy. But I’m going to take time out each day to read you a different Christmas story.
So I do hope that you’ll join me. Make sure that you subscribe to the YouTube channel
or you can find us on Facebook, Crafter’s Countdown, and we’ll continue to count down
these wonderful days of Christmas. Thanks so much for joining me today. Bye bye. [Music]

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  • Your video's are awesome Mrs Claus and I cannot thank you enough for using my music from album Key to Christmas Fluffy Snow. Thank you so much. Below is the link to the album

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