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Stories for Kids in Sign Language | The Fox and The Crow | Short Stories in Sign Language

The Fox And The Crow One day a hungry fox was
searching for food. He searched and
searched everywhere, but he could find
nothing to eat! Then he saw a crow, flying with a fine piece of
cheese in her beak! “That cheese is for me”
said the fox and he started following
the crow. The crow sat on a branch, and was about to
eat the cheese, when the fox shouted
from below. “Good day mistress Crow” The crow was surprised, and looked down
at the fox. The cunning fox said
to the crow “How well you are
looking today!” “How fine your feathers are” “How bright is your eye!” “What exquisite beauty”
exclaimed the fox! Then the fox said, “Please let me hear
your voice, which I’m sure will surpass
all the others” “Then I will declare you the
queen of birds” The crow was truly delighted
by the compliments, and the foolish crow even thought that her
voice was beautiful! The crow lifted up her head, and began to caw her best! But the moment she
opened her mouth, the cheese fell down, and it was snapped up
by the fox! Then the fox said, “You foolish crow, you should never trust
flatterers! The crow realized his mistake, and the fox then
walked away!

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