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Sthira Explanation and the importance of Sthira Hastak or Hand gesture in Kathak | Lesson 31/222

‘Sthir’ The word ‘Sthir’ is synonymous with Something that is stable Preferably, a freeze The ‘Mudras’ that we use here are ‘Patakas’ Changed to ‘Aralas’ Put your position here in ‘Pataka’ And then make it into ‘Arala’ with your left And the right again a ‘Pataka’ And a Arala then This the posture that you have in ‘Sthir’ When on your right the same thing done on your left ‘Pataka’ turned into ‘Arala’ A ‘Pataka’ turned into ‘Arala’ The chin coordinates with the hand that is down So if the left is down The chin is going to connect Invisibly to this hand and if it is on your right it connects to the right This is ‘Sthir’ Make sure that the body is ‘Sthir’ or stable or in a freeze that gives the person the idea that here is a freeze Almost like a picture perfect pose Normally we use a ‘Sthir’ before taking an entry Or in the middle of a performance when we are giving an opportunity to somebody else to play the instrument or to go ahead and dance Often before we take an entry we are in ‘Sthir’ position and then we take our entry in whichever way the dance has been choreographed or designed Take a ‘Sthir’ And the minute your piece comes And You move So ‘Sthir’ is almost like a full-stop Begin A full stop And begin This is ‘Sthir’ In the middle When you’re doing a piece and you take a ‘Sum’ and the ‘ Sumum’ stops here but you still have time then you often take a ‘ Sthir’ That means that your freeze to be focused and frozen for the moment till your movement starts again So remember ‘Sthir’ is to be stable I hope you enjoyed this lesson I will be uploading a new video every Wednesday So, subscribe to this channel and stay connected You can also like, comment, share and send your feedback Happy Dancing

8 Replies to “Sthira Explanation and the importance of Sthira Hastak or Hand gesture in Kathak | Lesson 31/222”

  • Hello Pali Chandra, me encanta sus clases y espero aprender cada dia más!!! un afectuoso saludo desde Perú 😊

  • (1) So does this mean that one arm outstretched and the other in utpatti constitute the sthir hastak?
    (2) During the demonstration, your one foot was in nupur pada, one foot behind the other on toes. Can sthir hastak be performed with feet in sama pada or any other pada?

  • that's great ma'am 10,000 subscribers means all are soon to become kathakaars.
    Also I have so many questions about Kathak. it important to give Kathak exam before doing diploma or some other course in Kathak.
    2. what is the career in it.

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