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Star Wars Deaf (FanFilm) Full Movie

???? I can’t see it. ???? You failed. Get up! ???? I can’t see read it. You’re very old. 25 years. You’re almost broken. You’re fix fail. I lost lightsaber. Waste. I don’t have one. I can’t find shops anywhere. It’s your fault. I will get one droid. I will find best droid. I don’t need you anymore. Lord Vader. Who are you? I’m new imperial. Where’s other old? He’s dead. What happened? You killed him. You choked him. Oh, I remember. I have news about eSpace. Today someone buy droid
for free. That’s use the Force? Yes! This is must a Jedi. What kind of droid? BB Unit. BB? Yes, my Lord. Lord Vader, I have a plan. Hello, Master Grant. Cool! Hi. You’re best droid! What can I anything you… Master Grant? My lightsaber’s broken. My old droid’s fault. Waste twice. I wish fix it’s works. You can fix it? I will fix for you, my master. [SNEEZE] You did it!
Good. Fix all better. Thank you so much! Applause. I can’t thank you enough. You’re welcome, Master Grant. I love you. Give me my kiss back! I’ve decide. You will put on recycling. You’re finished. I’ll break you. I will miss you.
25 years. My old lightsaber. I’m not seen this long time
5 years. I think about it. I need more time. You’re not going anywhere. Stay there. [LAUGH] Funny. Good work. I will ready to fight. Hello, Grant. I look good? You look beautiful. Thank you. [SCREAM] Leia! Leia. Hello, Mr Brown. Where’s my girlfriend? Lord Vader message me… …you must face him. Let me see her. Grant! – Leia!
– Help! Help! Don’t worry.
I’ll get you. I’ll be there. Help! What do you want? You must come to the Death Star. You coming or
your girlfriend will die. If you hurt her,
I’ll kill you. Leia. I must go this Death Star. I don’t know how going in it. I can open it. You can open it? I don’t have a ship. My friend have one. I will ask her. – Hello. How are you?
– Great. Hello, Grant. Hello, Angel. That’s your new droid? Yeah, this is best droid. Cute ball. She’s beautiful. Yeah, she’s beautiful. What happened to your old droid? That’s old.
It’s finished. You came here
about need my ships? Yes.
I need fly in space. Where? The Death Star? That’s danger!
They’re kill you. I know. I must. Why do you going
to the Death Star? They took my girlfriend. Leia? I’m going rescue her. Impossible.
No one in the Death Star. My droid can open it. You can’t.
Lots of people there. You’re outnumbered. My droid told me
everyone’s sleep. No one watch it. Okay. Be careful. I know. Don’t break my ship.
I’ll kill you. Okay.
I won’t break your ship. I promise. Why not need it? I have others. I’ll find them. I don’t have boots. Not matter. Lord Vader, the Jedi is
coming in our Death Star. Send Stormtroopers. Yes, my Lord. I’ll get Stormtroopers. Stupid ball! Kill him! Grant. I feel before you around. I don’t remember you. I remember you. Grant! Leia. Let’s go home. One seat? I forget two seats. We lost the Jedi. Kill the girl. The girl is gone. What?! The Jedi rescued her. Impossible. I saw the Jedi in the ship. He’s alone. I think the girl in it. Why don’t you tell me? I’m telling you now. You wanted to see me? You didn’t watch the girl? Where were you? I… I… Aah! Aah! I– I– I– Ooh! [STORMTROOPER SCREAM] I had to go to the toilet. Aah! [THUD] Stupid toilet. [VADER GROWLS] Aah! Aah! Where is he? I don’t know. It’s beautiful. Photo that. Okay. What’s wrong? Nothing. Again. Hurry. Use photo. I can’t. Aah! [BOTH SCREAM] Leia? What’s they shot at me? Leia! Are you okay? Aah! You got lightsaber. Cool! Man! Thanks. I wanna fight. You don’t have a lightsaber. I have one. I love black. You’re black too. Fight me. No thanks, kid. Chicken! All right! Let’s dance! You can the Force… I can’t. You’re cheating. Why? No cheating. Okay, whatever. Grant? Sara? I haven’t seen you
since 10 years ago. You were little cute girl. Aged 8. You’re all grown up. That’s your black boyfriend? [GUNSHOT] You’re lucky have the Force. Thanks, kid. I need your help… about Darth Vader. Rid of him. I can’t. You must kill him. I tried.
He’s too powerful. Not matter. You’ve met him? Yeah. We want him dead. If you run away from him. He will destroy our world. Okay. I’ll try kill him. I’ll go with you. You can’t. You don’t know how to the Force. My lightsaber’s broken. I don’t have one. I’m sorry, man. I’m sorry for pushing you, kid. I did break your lightsaber. This is my cousin’s lightsaber. Not black, blue. Darth Vader killed my cousin. If you don’t have lightsaber… How? I’ll see. Be careful. [FOOTSTEPS] R2D2? Where’s R2D2? Hello, Mr Brown. Tell Vader I meet him
in the city on Friday. Fine, I’ll tell Lord Vader. I’m sorry, I must. I was dream about Vader. Vader will kill this town. I know Vader beat me. Great idea! My lightsaber’s broken. [FARTS] You breaking my ship?! Calm down. You can have this. But I need ship. No.
I don’t want another ships, going the Death Star again? No.
I need ride my idea. What is your idea? I’m going kill
Darth Vader on ship. Kill Vader? Are you kidding? No, I’m serious. Fine. Which ship? The Falcon. Sorry, I sold it. And other ship? Need big ship. I don’t have one. Okay. Who’s taken the Falcon? Hello, Grant! Hello, Oranant! It’s good see you long time. Me too. How are you? Good. You want a beer? You’re kidding. I know. How’s Leia? She’s good. So… you message me
from Spacebook. What is it? Yeah. Angel told me
you got ship called… “The Falcon.” My Falcon ship? Yes.
I need ride. What?
Angel has enough ships. I know.
But it’s special ship. Only the Falcon. My Falcon ship not for sale. It’s mine. I know. Just ride. You mean I pick you to
anywhere from my ship? Yes. No. Just ride, outside
I stand top on your ship. What?
Like fun surf? Yes! That’s it! I like surf. You pay me, I’ll pick you… ride whatever. Okay. How much? $10,000. $10,000? Sorry. Why? Money gas and I drive. Okay. I’ll be anything you want. Anything I want? Yeah, anything. Okay. You will wash my ship… Fine. With pink girl clothes. You mean I wear pink girl
clothes and wash your ship? Yes! And… I want Wonder Woman’s
costume from the movies. You mean steel? Yes. That’s it. I can’t how to make. Fine.
Just wash and clothes. Deal? Deal. So… why you want
to be Wonder Woman? I… I like Wonder Woman,
you know. I was dreaming about
Wonder Woman fight against TIE Fighters. Oh, okay. So… why you need ship for? I’m going kill this man. Darth Vader. Darth Vader?! Yes. I had meet him. Not first time. I feel him before. I can’t remember him. Darth Vader killed my cousin and the Jedi Knights
15 years ago. I’m not there. I need your help. I can’t.
I can’t help you. Why? I don’t want Vader gonna kill me. No. I’ll kill him. Why do you want ship? My idea. What’s your idea? I can’t beat him. My idea fight him on ship. Oh, I see. I’m sorry.
I can’t help you. Wait! You’re Grant’s droid? What’s up? ???? I can’t see read it. You want ship going
to the Death Star? I will tell my friend
pick you up going there. I love you. I can’t believe
I’m in the Death Star! Where are you going? I’ll going with you. Stupid robot! Who are you? Grant… I’m your cousin. Liar! Ani? I’m very powerful! Hello, Grant! Oranant? Need a ride? Wait! If you push me,
will fall off this ship. You’re very hard find me. Clever, cuz. Hello. Hello, Raian. Not fake, it’s real photo. Bull! I’m serious. What do you think it’s fake? I believe you. Hi bro. Hi bro. You can’t beat me. Oops. Whoa! [GRANT AND VADER SCREAMS] Sorry, Grant. Thank you, Oranant. I lost lightsaber! You’re not going to
kill your own cousin? You’re right.
I’m not going to kill you. Ha ha ha! Other will kill you. Who? It’s not who. It. [VADER SCREAMS] [SPLASH] Sorry, Grant. Thank you, Oranant. What’s your hurry? I’m glad you help me. No problem.
Thank me? Thank you… Wonder Woman. I killed Darth Vader. I killed Vader too. You’re not. I had help you kill him,
remember? Fine. You too. I promise you about
you want anything. Wash your ship with clothes. No wash. My mind. What’s your mind? I want that Vader’s helmet. He’s my cousin. Are you serious? Yes. You said your cousin
was killed by Darth Vader. Yeah.
I have no idea he’s Darth Vader. How do you know
it’s your cousin? He take off his helmet himself. You’re not seen him
since 15 years. I look that face
look same my cousin. He said I’m your cousin. Really? Okay. I will take helmet
or wash with clothes. Okay. [CRIES] Mr Brown, you killed
my sweet Darth Vader. You’re dead now!
And your town. [RED ALERT] Oops! Death Star’s gone. No more Star War III
is over now. Don’t tell everyone. I will write post in Spacebook. Whatever. I need jacket. Get your jacket. I don’t have jacket at home. Please. Next time get your jacket. [PHONE BEEPS] You taken BB-8’s thing? Look better. I’m sorry. Always you’re my best friend. I never leave you. Grant!

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