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Spanish language school in Granada @ Proyecto Español by Go! Go! España – Live & Study in Spain

Our Spanish classes are usually very dynamic We try to provide communicative teaching by combining grammar with activities because we think the best way to teach a language is by putting it in practice Students say that the strongest point of the school is that the teaching is very personalized Because the groups are very small, there aren’t many students per class It’s my third time at Proyecto Español in Granada The first time I chose the school because of the positive reviews online And now I do it because of my good experiences The staff is very kind, the teachers are very good and the family with whom I’m living is also very good and they take really good care of me. The school is located in the heart of the city, 3 minutes away from Granada’s cathedral They are well-equipped with internet access, video projectors, etc. Which allows the use of new technologies in order to teach Spanish. The school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes This is very beneficial for the students because they can be sure that, when they finish school They will have a certificate that can be easily recognized We consider each student as a person, more than students, they are people with their problems, concerns, and we treat them accordingly. We try to help them make the most out of their Spanish studies For that reason, it’s necessary to go out It’s important that the students experience the culture in the streets The activities that the school organizes can be, within Granada, they can be guided tours, visits to places of interest or historical places Outside the city, we do some day trips to some coastal towns Once a month, we organize a trip to Morocco. I chose Granada for learning Spanish because Granada has many World Heritage Sites Also, the locals are very kind, very openminded It’s a small city, very easy to live in pretty cheap compared to other Spanish cities It also has a youthful atmosphere there’s a lot of cultural opportunities for university students The Alhambra is probably the most beautiful building in the world My favorite food is paella, I love it! Granada is amazing, that’s why I think it’s the best city for learning Spanish I encourage you to come study Spanish at Proyecto Español in Granada Because you will have one of the best experiences of your life in this wonderful city Moreover, you will learn Spanish with the best teachers you could possibly have!

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