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Sony VAIO E-Series – Gesture Control we have a Sony Vaio E-Series as we look here its powered by Intel Core i3 its come with 4gig RAM and 64bit Operating System which is Windows 7 as we look here the touch screen (touch pad actually) is multi touch please wait we can minimize it and maximize it its the multi touch this Sony Vaio also come with an Vaio Application as we look here..the application is more for media gallery and what that amaze of this app is it has a gesture control wait a while it will detect our gesture, as we can see i will try to increase the volume and i decrease the volume without touching physically at the laptop itself, just using a gesture this point will detect and see your gesture and know what you want to control maybe i to near, when it to near it will not detect i increase it back..the sound see the picture, it changing im just changing/sliding the picture that’s all that i can see now the technology from Sony one good application for the lazy people like me (hehe) we go back and see at music i like to show how the music changing right now we have 3 songs i’ll try to decrease the volume see..i’m changing to the next song i’m try to pause the song.. seem like unsuccessful ok..that the pause i will play it back that’s all technology from Sony Vaio E-Series one good software for me, which come with this laptop ok,thank you..

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