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A few years ago we had the chance to work
on a Kiosk application for an optometry store. The goal of the application was to allow interaction
without a mouse and keyboard. To implement this we used Leap Motion to allow
for gesture controls but the technology was early and had its own limitations. This morning I saw a video on a product called
Soli, now this is the next evolution of this product and it’s coming out of Google’s Advanced
Technology and Research Projects (ATAP) Soli is a new device that allows for touchless
interactions using radar to detect gestures. It is capable of detecting submillimeter motion
with high speed and great accuracy through most materials. By using intuitive gestures you can control
different aspects of an application. Now imagine rubbing your fingers together
to control a volume knob. Sliding your fingers to move a slider pressing
a button by bringing your fingers together. Now imagine bringing all this together into
a VR training app which can be used to simulate a cockpit and Soli used to interact with all
the switches and dials. How else could you integrate Soli into your
existing applications to improve accessibility or efficiency by allowing your users to use
more natural gestures through their workday? Let me know in the comments below

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