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How To Learn Sign Language

“SLIPPERY FISH SONG”- Baby Sign Language- ASL (Portland Oregon)

Hi! I’m Shira with Tiny Talkers. I wanted
to sing a song for you today and it’s got a lot of ocean signs in it so we’ll
learn the signs first then I’ll sing the song and then be sure to stick around
for the end of the video. I’ve got some adorable students who want to show off
their signing skills and they’ve done a bunch of aquatic signs and it’s really
really cute you don’t want to miss it. Okay so we’re going to start with “FISH.” For fish just go like that. Just wiggle your hand like a fish and
then the fish goes “SWIMMING.” So swimming just like you would think
you look like you’re doing the breaststroke. Swimming in the water.
Water uses three fingers to make a W for water and then you tap it to your lips. Water. Then we are going to get to an
“OCTOPUS.” So an octopus is cute. You’re going to make the head of the octopus and then these are the legs and then you just wiggle that octopus. Sometimes I put it
in motion so it looks like it’s swimming. So that’s an octopus. Then we’ve got a “SHARK.” There are lots of different
ways to do it. I prefer this one just showing the fin and “WHALE”- you’re going to take your thumb and your pinky and you’re going to show the
whale’s tail going through the water. Now this is kind of a silly song. So “SILLY” is a thumb and a pinky, the same as the whale’s tail as you take it and you go
across your nose. Silly. This is a SILLY SONG– a silly song because all of these
things get EATEN! Oh No! So when you do “eaten” we’re just gonna do the sign for “EAT” and then you can say OH NO! Okay here’s how it goes. Are you ready? Let’s go… all right
[SINGING] slippery fish, slippery fish, swimming through the water. Slippery fish slippery
fish. Gulp, gulp, gulp! Oh no! It’s been eaten by an octopus an octopus swimming through the
water. An octopus and octopus Gulp, gulp, gulp! Oh no! It’s been eaten by a tuna fish a
tuna fish swimming through the water. A tuna fish a tuna fish. Gulp, gulp, gulp! Oh no it’s been eaten by a great white shark a great white shark swimming through the
water. A great white shark a great white shark. Gulp, gulp, gulp! oh no it’s been eaten by
humongous whale humongous whale swimming through the water. Humongous whale humongous whale. Gulp, gulp, gulp! BURP. Excuse me ! Because the whale is the
biggest thing! Nothing can eat the whale so it just goes “burp!” Excuse me! That is
silly! Alright well thank you for watching and
stick around for what’s next. It’s my students and they are going to show you
some signs. Thank you! [MOM ASKS] What’s the sign for FISH? What’s the sign for SHARK? What’s the sign for DOLPHIN? What’s the sign for WHALE?
What’s the sign for WATER? What’s the sign for OCEAN? What’s the
sign for BOAT? What’s the sign for… do you know OCTOPUS? … Yeah! Do you
remember TURTLE? What other ocean signs do we know? WATER like the ocean. Okay are we all done? [baby says bye bye] [MOM ASKS] Will you show me the sign for the ocean? Yes! Can you do TURTLE? What about
FISH? What about SHARK?
Do you know shark? Yes! What about DOLPHIN? What else
do you see at-at the ocean? Do you see BIRDS? is there SAND? Yes. [BABY SAYS ] BIG WHALE! [MOM SAYS] Yes it’s a big whale! [MOM SAYS] What’s the sign for FISH? Fishy fishy! you

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