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Slavic Languages Comparison | Polish vs. Czech | Guess The Person Game

This week in our Slavic languages comparison
series we’re going to put my Czech teacher Vit to a test. As requested in the comments. Vir doesn’t speak any Polish but he will
have to guess 6 personalities that I’ll be telling him about in Polish. The last one turned out to be particularly
difficult for him to guess. My Czech is very limited, of course you know
that if you’ve been following my Czech learning series on this channel. So it’s also gonna be about testing mutual
intelligibility in general. Coming up!

28 Replies to “Slavic Languages Comparison | Polish vs. Czech | Guess The Person Game”

  • Polish Czech Conversation 🇵🇱💬🇨🇿- Comparing Instruments 🎻🎹🎺→ 😎
    🤓You can navigate the current video with the following TIME STAMPS:
    1. Personality – 0:42
    2. Personality – 2:32
    3. Personality – 5:04
    4. Personality – 8:54
    5. Personality – 11:14
    6. Personality – 16:35

  • Вы , как мы с Украиной языки разные совсем, но понимаем друг друга.

  • I think it would be better if Vit was using standard Czech in these videos. He is using Bohemian dialekt while the subs use standard Czech. It's not very different, but it should be the same with the subs..

  • It would be great if you got someone on from Trinec as they speak a mixture of Czech and Polish called… ponasemu (sorry for my spelling). Also, around Hlucin and Kravare they speak Prajska. All older people can understand almost every word of Polish as they watched Polish TV during the communist era.
    Thx guys again. Great stuff.

  • I'm doing this kind of conversations with my Polish colleague (I'm Czech), we can understand each other more or less, but I thought it's weird! 😀 Thank you for these videos, it's bardzo ciekawe and maybe in the future I would be able to speak Polish! 😀 🙂

  • Regarding Batman bin Suparman. Bin means "son of", so that second part of the name is a patronymic.

    The passport is Singaporean. But it's also written there that his ethnicity is Javanese (ethnic group from Central and East Java, Indonesia)
    Suparman IS a very common Javanese name, it means something like manly or powerful.

    Batman, on the other hand, is not a real name in Javanese. I think it's some sort of pun made by his dad.

    Btw, if one day i would learn Czech, it would be cause of you guys! Your friend has such a pleasant voice and accent. Thanks for the vid

  • Musi Pan zwracac uwage na swoj akcent. Duzo sie nauCZYlismy dzisiaj. Warto by sie podszkolic w tym, skoro jest Pan nauczycielem jezyka polskiego.

  • Мне, как русскому, намного понятнее польский, чем чешский

  • That Czech person spoke weird, lot slower to normal i think, maybe he has some russian accent too so it was a bit weird (im Czech too)

  • Heta prosta nievierahodna! Ja z Biełarusi, vałodaju biełaruskaju, ukrainskaju i rasijskaju movami i ja zrazumieŭ 100 adsotkaŭ polskaj i niedzie z 60 adsotkaŭ češskaj. Užo bačyŭ videa z biełarusam, ale pa-biełarusku jon razmaŭlaŭ nia duža dobra, pa praŭdzie kažučy. Chaciełasia b pabačyć bolš videa z biełarusami. Dziakuj za vašuju pracu, reśpiektuju!

  • Zabawny był moment, kiedy zapytał o Kolumba i powiedział, że „szuka” drogi do Indii, po prostu wiem, co to jest po czesku „szuka”)))

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