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Hello everyone I am Niharika and welcome back to
a new lesson. Today we are gonna look at five tips to improve your writing skills. Now strong
writing skills come with a lot of practice and determination. And not everyone is born
as a writer, well it’s important for you to look at improving your writing skills for
various reasons. Maybe you wanna do really good in a class or probably, you wanna write
good emails or even if you have to write or blog posts. So it’s important for you to improve
your writing skills, so here let’s get started with our tips to improve your writing skills. The first tip that I have for you is to start
practicing writing on daily basis, that’s pretty important. Now here I don’t mean to
say that just pick up a paper and pen and start writing. Well, form a habit, it should
come from within, something that you really look forward to do on daily basis. So pick
up a topic and start writing, don’t get stuck on the thought that, what am I gonna write
or what should I write? How should I write? Just ignore these thoughts and go ahead and
write about the things that you see, the things that you hear or probably just make up a story
and start writing. Also what you can do is, you can start commenting on Facebook status
or probably comment on different block posts. So this is the way you can practice writing
on daily basis. The second tip that I have for you to improve
your writing skills is, Use online resources to improve your grammar. Now yes I can imagine
grammar is a pain, but it’s alright to not know everything about grammar. It is okay
to go online and you know look at different websites, where you can clear your doubts,
if you have any about grammar. You can also watch our videos, because we have lot of videos
for you related to grammar. So go ahead, if in case you think that I am grammatically
incorrect, when you are writing something, please refer to online resources. The third tip that I have for you is, To improve
your vocabulary and spellings. Well, to express yourself successfully in writing you need
words and of course, you need lot of words. So how would you do that? Well, it’s important
for you to build a good vocabulary, in fact you can refer to our series of daily video
vocabulary. There you will find lots of new words and with examples, so that you get an
idea that how to use the word appropriately. Because it’s important for you to use the
words correctly, so that it definitely reflects in your writing. Now what you can also do
is once you learn a new word, please look at the right spelling and also the right meaning
and maybe you can also look at the opposite of it, so that you know you can build your
vocabulary in a better way. Also please check your spellings, when you’re writing, the reason
because any incorrect spellings would change your sentence completely. So make sure to
make a note of it. The fourth tip that I have for you is to improve
your reading skills. Well, of course to write better, you need to read well. So it’s important
for you to just pick up newspapers or magazines and start reading the articles that interest
you, because you don’t want learning to be boring. So pick up that you would really like
to read, because once you start reading, you would come across different styles of writing.
This would help you to write better, this would also help you to learn new words as
well, so get going, start reading. And fifth and the last point that I have for
you is to have a friend to edit your writing. Well, what’s the point, if you keep on writing
lot of stuff and there’s no one to correct you, so go ahead catch a friend of yours,
whose really good at English, who writes well and is very good with grammar too, he or she
can correct your writing, would edit it for you and you know tell you, what mistakes are
you making and that’s essential. You need to know what mistakes you make, so that you
get better. So please go ahead and get a friend to edit your writing. So this brings me to the end of this lesson.
Hope these tips are useful to you? And it will definitely improve your writing skills,
if you have any doubts or queries, please do write into us. I’ll be back with a new
lesson for you. Till then you take care.

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